Full Moon Capricorn – Call of the Wild

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the pack.” – Rudyard Kipling

Full Moon Capricorn:  June 28, 2018

The absolute most interesting thing about this full moon is that it is conjunct the star Facies (meaning Saturn and Pluto are also conjunct Facies).  And you probably guessed it, Facies has a connection to “Fascist.”  Derived from the Italian language, “Fascio” means bundle of rods, which the official symbol of Fascism itself.

Now, what does a bundle of rods have to do with radical authoritarians?  The idea goes that a single rod is very easily broken. But when many rods come together, they form a Fascio – which is very powerful and rigid. Like a collective police baton, the fascio beats decent to a pulp.  There is a proper and perfect way of living, and the Fascio will make sure of it. In order to enact their ideology of a perfect world, fascists must become an authority (Capricorn/Saturn)- aka absolutely right. If an outside “truth” exists, it must be exterminated.  This is where Neptune and Uranus playing a role in this full moon come in.  We must learn to adapt, to change, to play in the illusion, that rigidity of “truth” doesn’t allow for freedom.  That rigidity of “truth” actually pulls us further away from reality.

Things are much harder to break when entities are acting as a unit, and fascism demands a “family” or “tribe” mentality in order for dominance of the outside world (we see this particular dynamic in the Capricorn/Cancer dichotomy, which is the tribe and the authority, the mother and the father respectively).  You see, as a primary principle of fascism, “war,” “imperialism,” and “violence are not inherently evil.  In fact, war, violence, and imperialism are natural modes or rejuvenation for the state and peoples. To them, they are fighting for truth and justice.  Are “truth” and “justice” wrong to fight for?  The fact that these terms are so ambiguous makes it interesting that humans are constantly fighting over ambiguous things when all of the things we should truly value – our resources – are being plundered. It almost seems like a purposeful distraction, doesn’t it?

People fight to protect their tribe, to fight for truth, to bring justice into the world, but don’t realize that the war is actually pushing us further and further away from the natural balance. This is where the holy adversary comes in;  something to fight against, something to struggle against.  That is the great and holy cycle.  Over and over we chase each other in a world where we must eat living things in order to live ourselves.

Now let’s flip it and reverse it, friends.  Like Medusa with Perseus’ head instead, we must learn how to become a respectable adversary. In nature, there is no pacificity.  You fight, or you die. You eat, or are you are eaten.  As is common for the Starks to say in Game of Thrones, in the winter the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Humans have traditionally banded together in order to feed themselves and protect themselves. We do not have fangs or claws, but we do have minds built for cooperation and strategy.  It seems our minds have been quelled and we have come to believe that we are truly isolated beings.  Because we do not have a jungle of other creatures to fight against, we have begun to fight and compete for resources with one another.

An ideology, a virus has infected the world, and because of it, our home is being destroyed.  The only thing that keeps us from the death of space, this world is being siphoned off while we cow to a far superior predator.  It is time to learn to adapt to our adversary and prune it down like an invasive species come to destroy our eco-system.

Every planet that is interacting with this full moon is in retrograde, meaning we are in quite the time of chaos.  Mars in Aquarius has also gone retrograde just 2 days prior, causing a rumbling rebellion to be shaking the collective unconscious.  It seems war drums are on the horizon and we are more fiercely than ever being called to act.  Like wolves in the tundra, we must learn that we need each other – we need our family unit – our fascio.  This is an idea that our enemies have already realized.  To wipe out entire groups of people, you need to create a manic tribe out of one particular class.  An idea of “superiority.”

From this idea of superiority, the fascist ideas of war, violence, and colonialism in order to create the ideal world come quite easily.  If one truly believes that their worldview is perfect, that ideas such as “idealism” can actually exist in reality, they will do anything to obtain this truth.  We are all seeking the ever-elusive idea of “truth,” and sometimes it can be a bloody game trying to get there.  Some, in order to cleanse themselves of the fear of the unknown, construct castles in the sky in order to shield themselves from the true chaos of life.

This moon is a dichotomy.  On one end we have order (moon Capricorn conjunct Saturn Capricorn), yet on the other side we have the planet of Maya (Neptune) and the planet of Chaos (Uranus) trining the full moon during an extremely heavy retrograde season. There is order within chaos and chaos within order.  But also the freedom in the boundaries, the rigidity in ambiguousness.  Quite the paradox isn’t it?

In order to obtain this fascio, a family unit must have its own language and mythology to string them together. In a country where we are taught pure independence, we have a hard time learning the necessity of community.  We live vapid and empty lives, working and drinking, falling asleep and repeating.  The missing element of the community and our role in it (Capricorn) is replaced with vocation and career.  We do not actually serve our community, we serve a bureaucrat or a capitalist.  We do not serve our neighbors, we serve the false idol of money and the idea of profit as God of Power.

Ah, but power does not come from any of this.  Power is the bones of the world (Saturn/Capricorn).  It is the reality of the situation.  All false towers, like our current corrupt predicament in the world, come to fall.  As long as it has an adversary.  When animals are in a jungle, if one overpopulates and is taking far more resources than is needed, sapping the echo system, a predator naturally develops in the environment.  We must become that predictor.  The wild is calling, and the Thunder Moon with it.  Will you join with your community to fight the coming winter, or will we all die alone – isolated by propaganda, divided and conquered by the enemy, the ideological virus from within?

There is a beautiful grand trine in water going on during this full moon that gifts us with a unique ability to perform acts of magick in the world.  There is a natural emotional connection with all of those around you, and it doesn’t take that much hard work to tap into it.  This is the energy which forges tribes. Channel the honesty of Saturn.  Harness the power of the tribal mother that is Cancer.  Inherit the transformative raw power of Pluto.  We can choose to say “no” to this paradigm manifesting, this virus infecting our world.  When our mother is at stake, we must band up the tribe of life and fight rigid perfection.  With want for “perfection” comes the desire for immortality, for godhood, and the innate fear of death.  Trust me, friends, it is death that they fear most, but we know the cycle of life and it’s necessity. We know life only comes from death. Mother is calling; the call of the wild. Get hungry, wolfpack.

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