New Moon Cancer Eclipse – Sins of Our Fathers

When the sins of my father
Weigh down in my soul
And the pain of my mother
Will not let me go
Well I know there can come fire from the sky
To refine the purest of kings
And even though
I know this fire brings me pain
Even so
And just the same
Make it rain”Foy Vance, Make it Rain

New Moon Cancer:  July 12, 2018-July 13, 2018

Major aspects of this moon:  Moon Opposite Pluto, Grand Water Trine (Moon/Sun, Neptune Rx, Jupiter DIRECT), Grand Earth Trine (Venus, Saturn Rx, Uranus), T-Square (Mecury, Mars, Jupiter Trigger)

This piece is dedicated to the incredible Cancerian Philly Abe, who departed this world under the Full Moon Cancer six months prior to this New Moon.

I had a dream right before this full moon that a woman was going around persuading everyone around me that they didn’t have the power – magick- the ability of influence.  Once they believed this, the woman proceeded to strangle them to death.  A friend of mine who passed appeared in the dream looked me dead in the eyes and told me, “Don’t you forget.”

As is generally inherent in a Cancer moon, emotions and intuition are at an all-time high right now. If you can succumb to them, you will be able to clearly see the magick of every moment. There is influence all around us, emitting from our hearts to others. Truly opening to this empathy can cause great transformation, great molting that is only possible through the power of Cancer.  This New Moon Eclipse is especially powerful and full of great potential.  With two grand trines in water and in earth, we are granted with the ability to mold something new out of this clay.  We are granted the cutting ability of a T-Square between the intellectual Jupiter and Mercury, and the industrious Mars.  Jupiter has finally gone direct in Scorpio, bringing with him the lessons we learned from the past few months of underworld travel.  What have you brought back from the shadows?

While we are dealing with the crushing darkness within us – emotional springs gushing during this time and emotions raging – tribalism is also being inflamed. Cancer rules over the tribe, and unfortunately, from the shaman mama, her children are further dividing and skirmishing amongst themselves. Instead of banding together like the Full Moon Capricorn urged us, we have continued to fight amongst our brothers and sisters. We hate our friends who disagree with us on tiny details with the fervor that we hate our “greater” enemies.  There is a sense of desperation in the air. Even small acts of heroism are spat upon. What can we do in a world that is struggling to breathe, suffocating under the clenched fist of disbelief, victimhood, constant talk of being oppressed?

While one side is being divided, the other side is banding together throught he powerful use of symbolism. You’ll see a lot of Neo Nazi groups throwing up the Othala symbol, and you might be wondering what the Norse letter has to do with anything.  You see, Othala is the sacred rune of blood.  It is your ancestral lot, your DNA, what you have inherited in your flesh, your loaded gun – your spiritual power.

Since 2016 (quite a significant year in many of our spiritual journies), this symbol replaced the Swastica (another loaded symbol) for the Neo Nazi’s.  What symbolic power does Othala have for the movement, and what does any of this have to do with the New Moon Cancer Eclipse?  Cancer is our ability to molt, our traditions, our past influences come to change us.  Like the moon’s invisible pull on the oceans, our past has strings attached to our present. Othala is their ancestral worship because they fear that their myths will be erased. They fear, although they will never admit it, that the sins of their fathers cannot be washed away and they as their children must suffer the punishment. Instead of realizing that they can heal, they go into attack mode to protect themselves. Instead of meeting people who they consider the enemy who is willing to commit to painfully connecting with them, they would rather run from the act of healing.

Before there were any religions on this planet, there was ancestor worship. We intrinsically knew we carried the traditions, habits, enlightenment of the past in our bones.  In worshipping our ancestors, we worshipped the transformation of ourselves, like an undulating snake from the dawn of humanity, through the worshipper, to the future selves.  While this happens for our individual family lines, it also happens with the whole of humanity as well.  There are molting, death and rebirth periods, of the serpent of humanity as well.

We play this seesaw game with our own psychological evolution (the moon) and the influences of our inheritance (Pluto). The world of shadows, the influence cast up to us from the past, feels like puppet strings for a lot of us. The past has enslaved whole groups of people and these pains are inherited through the bloodline of those families. As above so below, the future generations feel the pain from the past outside and inside themselves.  In their environment and in their genetics. They inherit (Pluto) their emotional pain.

But the children of their oppressors inherit pain as well.  A whole different type of pain.

This is a tale I have told very few people.  My father once told me a story of my great-grandfather, who had been recruited during World War II by the Nazi military.  You see, they had invaded my family’s impoverished Eastern European village, and they had rounded up all the handsome, intelligent, blonde hair, blue-eyed boys. They had given them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

I don’t know my great grandfather’s personal feelings about becoming a Nazi Officer. The only real information I have to go on is that after a quite a while – something in my great grandfather snapped. You see, my great-grandfather was a train conductor by trade, so the Nazi’s tasked him with transporting prisoners from Eastern Europe. One night – according to my father – he released the prisoners he was tasked with transporting – colluding with his fellow Albanian officers to commit the “crime” of releasing them.  You see, Albanians have been occupied by countless empires, and to survive as a people – they put their kind before others. Therefore, the Albanian officers had more of a bond with each other than they did with the Italian Nazis they served. Keep in mind that all of these men who helped my GGF literally risked their lives, the lives of the prisoners, and the lives of their families by performing this act.

My great-grandfather, although a hero, still carried out horrible acts. He did have a hand in transporting prisoners for the Nazi for at least some time.  He could have refused, taken a bullet to the head, had his family raped and pillaged. But he chose to play the game, and in playing the game he had to commit many atrocities before he could commit his act of heroism. How many nightmares did my grandfather have to suffer through?  How many nights of feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, before he forced himself, like an erupting volcano, to believe in himself. But in the end, was his heroism and great transformation negated by his prior actions?

In order to heal, transform, you must be prepared to not have anything at all.  You must prepare to lose it all.  By clutching onto the little threads that we have around us, the comforts that keep us here, we commit atrocities every day. By risking our own comfort, we begin to molt – the sacred teaching of Cancer. Epigenetics tells us that our choices now can change our DNA, that changing our behavior can change our inheritance.  We can cleanse our past with the fire of transformation. Make it rain.

Are the ancestors of those who committed heinous crimes in the past responsible to bear the crosses of the forefathers? Should we all sit here to be flagellated by punishment, or can we all molt, can we transform, can we become something more now that their ancestors descending into those deep layers of hell?  These are the questions we are asking right now in the macro. Can people have redemption?  Can they change? Or are they forever shackled to their past actions. But better yet… Can you forgive?  Can you teach? Can you help transform?

Before we cast judgment, may we be without sin. As we can see from wonderous epigenetics, none of us are free from the sins of the past.  And by committing similar sins in the present, by oppressing who we believe is the oppressor instead of attempting to heal their ancestral pain, we are not correcting the atrocities of the past.  By punishing the children instead of teaching them, we are hardening their resolve.

Division and war, objectification and imprisonment, these are the shadows that re-emerge day by day, inherited diseases we can’t seem to shake. We condemn violence yet dish it out. We attempt to use the master’s tools to dismantle his house, but those tools are merely building the house further. By oppressing who we perceive to be the oppressor, by casting more division instead of threads of empathy, we are tearing open the wound further – creating an endless chasm; acts of violence crescendoing into infinity.

Will we suffocate under the grip of disbelief, or will we see the power within ourselves and the rest of humanity to transform?  Through the grand trine in water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), we learn that we must let go in order to change. We must not be scared to lose, for we lose if we stay where we are. We must jump into action, and do what needs to be done.

The crab’s world is destroyed every time a giant wave comes crashing down, but that does not stop them from trying again… and again… and again.  If this moon plants a seed of anything inside of us, it is an emotional resilience, it is an ability to change the past by the act of choice in the present.

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