New Moon Aries – Sacrificial Lambs

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.”
― S. Kelley Harrell, Gift of the Dreamtime

New Moon Aries:  March 24, 2020-March 26, 2020

This is a war moon. Dark moons steal away the light of the sun, leaving us alone with our own intuition.  They allow us to make movements where others can’t see them.  This means this moon is fantastic for covert activities, rituals, receiving messages, hunting for your prey, and shady dealings.  The energy is auspicious. Keep an eye out for the things underneath the main news cycle. Everything is moving at warp speed right now with this charging Sun in Aries.

The New Moon’s energy will be cast upon us for 2 and a half days, but will reverberate until the Full Moon Libra in 2 weeks. During this time the individual will learn to understand their importance even in apparent isolation.

When life shows you hardship, it is your individual choice to react how you see fit. How you react to this incredible collective threat right now determines everything. It will be those of us who have made peace with suffering that will be more apt to respond. It will be those of us who have forgiven our fellow humans that will be able to think outside of our personal survival.  For the survival of the individual, this special case has forced us to care for the survival of the collective.  This moon mirrors back this important knot that must be untied – we are not alone.

Conjunct Chiron in Aries – The Wounded Hero

The machine is calling for sacrificial lambs; those willing to die for the beast we feed.  The ones who are protecting us during this Pandemic are left with very few weapons.  We are at war with an invisible invader and our most apt to deal with the crisis are nowhere near ready to take on this fight. Our healers are throwing themselves into the fire daily in order to keep the virus at bay; a brave soul rushing in to save other individuals is big Chiron in Aries energy.

We are learning that we are all one. That the individual being a separate entity is a myth.  This virus attacking us simply spreads from contact, and we know more than ever now that no man is an island. Some of your neighbors are panicking, because deep down they do not trust that others will care for them.  They believe they are alone. This is the Chiron in Aries wound. They believe that if it came down to it, the government and their neighbors would not feed them. On one account, they are right. The capitalist beast we worship does not care for life. It grows from a steady flow of death. It is at this very moment demanding, on the media and through the mouthpiece of our president, that those most vulnerable in our country should offer themselves up as sacrificial lambs for their starving god.

There is fire in each of us that is telling us to start fighting, but not everyone is willing to take up arms. This isolation is bringing up demons that we have not dealt with in our own individual psyches, let alone the demons of the collective lurking outside our doors.  But, there are those of us who will be touched immensely by this moon.  There are those of us that have been waiting for this very moment to shine.

We have been so wounded about the idea of acting individually, have forgotten our own individual power to such an extend that we just sit here screaming in place.  The collective events right now are forcing our hand; we must act to survive. You’ll see more and more people rebelling and casting off shackles from government and business. It is time for all of us to start working for the common good, because Saturn just went into Aquarius and he demands it…

Sextile Mars in Capricorn / Saturn in Aquarius / Jupiter in Capricorn / Pluto in Capricorn  Stellium – The Collapse of the Tower

The failure of government is very apparent as Saturn ravages through Aquarius, coming back like a wrecking ball in 3 months to destroy the tower via the final months of Saturn in Capricorn and the presidential election in the United States.

You all need to dig into your neighborhoods, your friends, the hive minds all across the internet, and find the resources we need.  If it has not occurred to you yet, we have been abandoned. This is a frightening idea, I know, but we asked for it. We asked to have our shackles cut, and we had plenty of warning time about this. And now when the moment comes to take back what is ours, we are shaking in our boots.  Thankfully we have the Moon and Sun in Aries giving us some much needed kick in the ass.  Do or die.  Do or allow them more control over you.

In the macro political sphere and because of the failure of our government, Governors and Mayors will begin rebelling and calling their own shots. This will mostly play out as a reflection of congress and partisan politics, splitting our country further into a rift.  The irony doesn’t escape me.  Saturn in Aquarius is telling us that we all need to work together to eradicate this collective threat, but our country was more divided than ever before this virus hit.

And don’t forget what you see right now, friends, and watch closely.  And write it all down.  Make art. This is history in the making, and they will twist the words that they said. They will make you forget how you felt when you were drowning and they wouldn’t cast down the line.

These next 3 months of Saturn in Aquarius, chaos will rule.  But remember, chaos is a ladder.  This gives us the perfect opportunity to take back our power; to take back our world. In the Chaos, we see how others react when the species is under attack.  Some will do whatever it takes to protect the collective, others will use it as an opportunity to bolster already wealthy elites and the god of Capitalism. This is another thing you should remember.  We have the ability to change things, to re-evaluate what we actually need as a society.

This challenge from mother earth right now is not a challenge our system was built for.  The old system will crumble before our feet. It does not know how to deal with a creature that, if we are honest, is a direct reflection of the system itself.  A virus. A type of entity that is not truly even a living organism sustaining itself with flesh and sweat.

Here is Saturn in Aquarius’ question, friends: Is the system, the ideology, the idea more valuable than the life of the community?

“This is what it means to be alone: everyone is connected to everyone else, their bodies are a bright liquid life flowing around you, sharing a single heart that drives them to move all together. If the shark comes they will all escape, and leave you to be eaten.”― Barbara Kingsolver



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