Full Moon Libra – Mirror Mirror

“What has mood to do with it? You fight when the necessity arises—no matter the mood! Mood’s a thing for cattle or making love or playing the baliset. It’s not for fighting.”

Frank Herbert, Dune

Full Moon Aries:
  April 7, 2020-April 9, 2020

Let me start out with the light, because it would be rude of me to send you down this tunnel without a torch to keep you warm and oriented.  Venus is creating a lovely aspect to Mars/Saturn during this time, bringing great sexual energy into the mix.  There is much fertility in this chaos, and you should begin sowing seeds.  Plant your garden, begin your network, ready the battle plans. We are being reminded of who we can trust, that walking the talk is absolutely necessary for survival, and that we must depend on each other to survive.

As you walk around in the world, soon all you will see is eyes. Those who are covering their mouths are reflecting back at each other. The faceless other all around us emulating our very own characteristics. To save ourselves, we must save the whole.  A lover, an enemy, a stranger, it is all a reflection of your very core.  Under this moon we must marry our own needs with those of the collective.

Mercury is also Sextile Mars/Saturn, so you’ll be able to articulate all of these intense and intoxicating feelings – and you should.  This is great love and grace given by good friends, this is information passed along to you by trusted confidants. There will be surprising messages and wonderful conversations if you stay open to revealing your vulnerabilities.  The Libra full moon and Venus in Gemini are a romance whispering around each corner, even in strange times where we are all so very separate. Our love is deeper if it can be taken away at any moment. This is a reminder of just how purposefully interlinked we all are.  This is a reminder of just who we are fighting for, and why this fight matters.

There will be plenty of people who will get in our way, but the obstacles are the way, friends.  In order to destroy those parts within ourselves, we must face them in others.  We must look into the meat of why that behavior exists in our own self before we can take down the hydra of that behavior in someone else.  We are all living labyrinths that mirror one another. Libra not only rules over lovers, but it rules over open enemies as well.  They mirror back the very things inside of ourselves that we hate. And in order to nullify them of their power, we must learn to unravel that trait within ourselves first.

As if the internal difficulties we are all working to unknot aren’t enough, there is an intense T-Square in the sky bombarding us with ruthless emotional energy.  There are blatant injustices done toward us, and there is no lying to ourselves anymore.  We may believe we deserve our circumstances – that we must bear with the constant whipping with a smile. That everything that has happened to us is because of our own failures, but this is merely projecting our own insecurities into the equation.

We cannot bond our personality to that of the departed and the dying.  This world is dying, and a lot of the constructs and relationships that were inherent to that world are dying as well.  It is time for all of us to evolve, to see the urgent call to action that is vibrating through our bones.  You are feeling restless because you are being called to act against injustice during this electrifying Libra super full moon. You are being told to finally get the fuck up by the gods of war and love respectively.  

As impatient as you want to be while this Aries sun is beating down, you must be aware that there are some sinister under currents going on right now.  You must act, yes, but you must act with your head and your heart in tune. One miss-step and we walk on a mine in these waters.  We’ve all been slapped in the face this week, and every pour in our body is vehemently opposed to turning the other cheek.

In this T-Square, Sun Aries and Moon Libra are facing off – the head and the heart. The demand here is to find harmony between these two elements while each in turn gets relentlessly pummeled by Jupiter/Pluto’s atomic bomb of death and transformation. In an opposition, we almost always take sides.  Which one do you think you have been emulating?  The god of Love or the god of War?  Whichever one is easier for you to digest, the other turns into the projection of your enemy in the outer world. The solution always lies in the fact that no situation you are dealing with is as black and white as your anger or love wishes it to be. Integration is transfiguration and evolution.

The sinister elements in the sky are no longer holding their breaks. Jupiter and Pluto together is volatile energy.  Both of these planets are slow moving, and the literal gravity of Jupiter entering any situation accentuates it. We all know Pluto as the God of Death and Transformation, and Jupiter inflating him right now can be taken literally. This is a clear indication that the death toll of the virus is going to begin it’s real expansion. This is the maw we are entering.

I wont lie. There will be an inflation of suffering. There will be death. There isn’t a guaranteed just ending to any of this. The earth will get rid of us if we become a virus to her.   Uranus is clearly remind us of this right now as it squares with Mars/Saturn.  It is inevitable that we will collectively have to deal with what we have done to the earth.  The forced stoppage of many polluting industries during this pandemic has already lifted some of the chokehold we had on Earth’s pulse.  Pestilence reminds us that we are not immune to the volatile actions of our universe.  Saturn in Aquarius is forcing us to realize that humanity is more important than industry – than this tower we have built that has removed us from the rhythms of the natural world.  

But we can have our sins forgiven.  We can balance our needs with Earth’s again. We choose to continue putting our faith, desperate and scarred, into these institutions that are just not working.  The infrastructure has been torn down during Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn. We, as a collective, have very little faith in ourselves.  Our hands have been held by all these institutions for so long. What will we even become upon its death? We will sit here, trying to hook it up to all sorts of machines to inject a little bit more life into it, hoping against all hope that it will resuscitate, but it will not.  It will die… but now a longer, more terrible, grueling death.

Remember, Jupiter is involved in this major T-Square in the sky. And even though he is bringing pestilence with Pluto, there is a disguised opportunity in the surprise.  Pluto demands shadow work; who are you without the things you thought you loved. So take a deep breath, and dive deep. You need to come out with an understanding of yourself outside of your shackles – what it means to be free and having the responsibility of holding and wielding power. Who are you underneath society?  This is the greatest opportunity of all – to see what we really are.  And once we know that, shedding this old skin wont be so hard.

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