Mercury in Aries – Teeth

“He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Mercury in Aries:
  April 11, 2020-April 26, 2020


As we pace in our cages, Mercury ends his ingress in Pisces where he has been for quite some time.  We got our first taste of Mercury in Pisces back at the very beginning of February as the planet geared up for retrograde.  The end of Mercury retrograde brought us the first lockdowns in the United States. It warned of travel as the virus spread through our airways, and it has since been bringing us into a strange dream.

And we continue to pace in our cages. Isolation does strange things to you.  We are trapped with whatever is inside our four walls, and we can do nothing to hide from the monsters seeping out of our heads.  This transit is like an exposed nerve; electrifying all of us with a new found rage.

The Libra Full Moon asked us, “Is it fair and just what you are going through?”  We knew we would be met with cold indifference from a virus, but the true betrayal comes from those who hold the keys to our salvation. Our own flesh and blood has betrayed our species with bread crumbs worth of aid, backroom deals, and a puppet show of an election.

You will see all of this boiling inside of people. Aries energy hates to be trapped, especially inside with their own mind. Arguments will ramp up as we project our issues on to those trapped with us. The raw energy from this transit will also instill you with the bravery to say things you have been holding in. Nothing seems to matter anymore outside of the present, and this mentally stimulating transit will bring everyone to the heat of the moment.

This could be a very positive transit if you have been trying to muster the courage to do something – be some way – if you have been looking for inspiration. Mercury in Aries is like hot coals under the feet, and it will be hard to keep anything in.  Especially your anger and irritation.  This is boldness and fearlessness, but we must also be aware that those with very little self control will be feeling this as well. Step back, hold your cool – use the energy, don’t let it use you.

Pull this energy out as a tool if you need to bring someone down with fire and brimstone, but also keep in mind that fire is hard to contain.  This constant fire may also induce further panic in the populace. The longer we stay indoors, trapped, the greater the panic will get. Subconsciously we are absorbing the uncanny nature of seeing others in masks.  We are blind to a smile, and our animal instincts are on high.

Mercury in Aries energy will make you feel ready for confrontation; ready to rush into action and get some shit done.  Make sure you are aware that everyone else around you is feeling just as impulsive. Keep vigilant, and curb the fire. Make sure you channel this energy constructively or it will burn your life to a crisp.

Speak to the anger inside of you. See what it wants you to change with its fires. Bend the fire to your will and use it’s boundless energy to craft your plan; to do your work. If you can do this, you will find power. If you are too afraid to sit with your fire, it will come out and consume you. She who cannot control her rage gives that control to someone else.

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