Neptune Retrograde – Through the Smoke

“We are all lies waiting for the day when we will break free from our cocoon and become the beautiful truth we waited for.” ― Shannon L. Alde

Neptune Retrograde: June 23, 2020 – November 29, 2020

Fantasies are painful. Fantasies take you to places you could never reach, yet lacking substance, they can never hold you there.  Fleeting, dazzling, insidious. Eventually everything comes crashing down. And it hurts.

But this time… this time you come prepared with scars and memories; memories of past lives revealing with intensity paths never taken. There were bountiful choices you passed up to chew on your empty fantasies. You will be reminded of all the times you used illusion, addiction, and lies to hide from yourself the mistakes you’ve made – the terrible moments of projection that led to rejection. The moments of cowardice deflected with painted excuses.

You can never truly bury the things you have done, can you?  Illusions aren’t like dirt, or fire.  Water distorts. Water magnifies. Water cuts off your life source if you stay in her depths too long.  Eventually, we all must come up for air and face reality.

During this transit, we will realize the horrible truth that we have woven our own disasters.  We have steered ourselves off course. Thankfully, somehow, we have found our old footprints again…

Neptune in Pisces began in 2012, and it has some time to go; we will be in the grasp of Neptune at its highest vibration until 2025.  Interestingly, Venus, the lower octave of Neptune, was also retrograding in Gemini in 2012 – meaning she has completed a full 8 year Venusian cycle since Neptune began its transit in Pisces.

This is a good time to reflect on your spiritual journey – yes, the one that started in 2012.  Curiously, doesn’t that year feel rather significant in regards to the global spiritual shift?  It holds just as much importance in the microcosm of your own life. When you gaze back to that time, with the illusions of Neptune temporarily un-vailed, what do you see? What stark truth stares back at you?

We begin this Neptune retrograde with a trine to Mercury retrograde. Prepare for mental knots to get untied and long-held projections to fade. But before you recoil from the image that is revealed, come to realize that the fear of the apparent “ugliness” beneath is what drove you from others. There were needs you disguised as fantasies, and fantasies you disguised as needs. Do you see how far you have drifted from yourself? This is a calling to come back.  

Currently Mars is in Pisces conjunct Neptune.  This is expectations without solidly defining what we actually need. It’s time to be voicing an emotional need that has been suppressed for a long while. There is a danger of drowning your action out with intoxicants – this could be from drugs, to sex, to television, to mindless scrolling on Tik Toc.

You may feel a renewed sense of spirituality during this transit. It is time to rewind and bring yourself back to your roots. Instead of spiraling into the abyss, Neptune retrograde recommends grounding practices. Pick up some Yin Yoga, lay in the grass, do earth based rituals, go out into nature, bring the focus back onto your reality. Don’t ignore the things that are there, right in front of you. It is imperative that we all build up our courage for the months ahead with little acts of courage now.

There is this “savior” element to Pisces.  Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune will fight when they see the oppressed in danger; Pisces is Jesus dying on the cross for others.  People took to the trust, throwing fears of the virus away, sacrificing themselves for the greater good.  This urgent need to do what is right for all is especially true with Saturn in Aqua egging us on.  There is something greater to fight for. A higher ideal. A higher love…

Now with Neptune retrograding away from Mars, we will feel the repercussions of the action that is taking place under the conjunction. Will we all drift further away from this ideal state, or will we solidify it into our reality?  Political discourse will be put under scrutiny.  Your personal illusions will blow away like dust. Plots will be dismantled. Propaganda woven for months will begin to unravel from this point until a few weeks after the election (Neptune goes direct in December).  What will reveal itself to us all? What will you finally reveal to yourself?

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