Venus Direct in Gemini – The Space Between

“If nothing once, you nothing lose
For when you die you are the same;
The space between is but an hour,
The frail duration of a flower.”Philip Freneau

Venus Direct in Gemini:  June 25, 2020 – August 7, 2020 

Truth lies in the spaces between words. For the past few months during Venus retrograde in Gemini, we have been scouring over relationship dynamics.  We have evaluated our self talk – the lies we constantly tell ourselves that inhibit our ability to truly form relationships with others. You’ve been shown wisps of the truth. If you’ve actually done anything about it is all on you…

Remember, self talk goes both ways.  The people we love and relate to are also telling themselves false stories that keep them from you.  What hidden aspect of ourselves are we bringing into the world?  If you have a part of yourself that craves control and domination, but you associate more with your peaceful side, why is it that you are attracting partners who wish to control you?  What part of yourself craves expression that is being inhibited, and thus funneled through your choice of partners?  In what way can you manifest this need in the world in another way so that it does not come out in the mirror that is relationships?

Anima and Animus; we subconsciously seek in a partner that which we suppress in ourselves. We seek conflict so that we can resolve what is within. Look at the relationships in which you are having trouble right now and think to yourself – what part of myself is not getting exercised?  What part of myself was I seeking to reconcile with?  We fear and run from our own truth, so introducing a partner who is willing to enact that part of ourselves for us allows us to resolve the problem externally.

Unfortunately, these types of relationships will not last. If we are merely casting illusions back and forth, fighting dragons with the face of the one we supposedly adore, eventually we will accidentally slay them when we truly just crave to slay that energy within ourselves.

Venus in Gemini is about the union of ideas.  We must take all of these opposing views and put them together to find the real truth. The space between is vast, even if you are willing to take the leap. Miss-understanding is an eternal chasm because understanding is an eternal process.  It is a dance; moving, nuanced.

I’m going to be blunt here: it is literally impossible for another person to fully understand you.  For some of you, that is going to make you squirm.  For others, it may sound like a nihilistic lament. There is nothing nihilistic about it. Honestly, it is quite positive. You are an eternally growing being, constantly taking in new information and shifting your outlook. You are not a book that one can merely read and shelve away for good. You are a garden that needs to be tended to and loved. Understanding you is like understanding the universe itself – it is in constant flux and in need of constant curiosity.

Gemini is the sign of eternal curiosity. The thirst for knowledge can never be quenched for Gemini. And for Venus in Gemini, it is of utmost importance that your partner be a constantly growing so they can be constantly learning. In return, a Venus in Gemini is a gift of regeneration.

This transit will give air under your wings. It’ll give you the ability to re-evaluate how you speak to yourself and others. It will give us the little bit of fresh air we need as we prepare to battle the intensity of Mars in Aries for the next 7 months. Be light, have fun, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  Come at your relationships with curiosity instead of blame and judgement. The space between will only become vaster with the introduction of restraints.

Hold steady your connections; the people that really help you untie your mental knots.  The space in between us all can feel so very vast, and never bridgeable.  But the space in between is the world of the fae, where anything is possible – where chaos reigns and we get the ability to choose; the spaces before purpose is assigned.

Gemini Venus tells us that love will not bind you up in a black cell.  Love will elevate both of you with delicious freedom and acceptance and trust, and the space between will become tender and sacred; the fuel for the movement of your souls.

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