Jupiter in Scorpio – Helter Skelter

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

It is as inhuman to be totally good as it is to be totally evil.“- Anthony Burgess

Effective Dates: October 11th, 2017- November 9th, 2018

Welcome to the depths. We’ll be traveling through Jupiter in Scorpio this year, and it will be like rummaging through the bottom of the ancient blue with a submarine meeting all sorts of creepy crawlies that bring out the underbelly of our existence. Scorpio is a black hole, ready to crush your bones and spit you out the other side, forcing you into a new universe born out of gnashing pain. It is fusion, pieces of you and pieces of your environment, to create something evolved – something more. Something capable to withstand the harshness of the world; 
this year will make a survivor out of you. We will be dealing with polarities at a higher state, and the melding and destruction of these polarities as they realize their dance is a sexual one, ready to birth a new layer of understanding of the world; creating something new thus destroying themselves in the process. You will see a lot of territory claiming, a lot of stinging battles. People will want nothing but the cutting truth, and there will be a sort of poetic darkness surrounding everything.  The darkness will seep in, and some will see it as a consuming monster and others will choose to see it as a womb and become reborn. We will all face the death of our former selves in some dramatic fashion, and the death of a lot of things that must go to the vultures.

Bring it down, go deep, deep down this year and you will discover gold. That alchemical gold. That knowledge that you can survive anything. That you are capable. That you can transmute and evolve. You must trust in your instincts that have been instilled in your DNA since our ancestors crawled on their bellies on the cold, harsh earth. Scorpio is about the paradox of truth and mysteries, for the closer we look at either the more we see the other. Scorpio/Plutonic individuals are plugged in, whether they try to drown it out or not. They are in two planes instantaneously, the dark mother speaking to them through dreams and strange intuitive hunches. They have the best understanding of survival skill than any other zodiac sign. They instinctively understand power, it’s dynamics, and how one can manifest it. They can literally feel power crackling over their skin, noticing a change in vibration in the room so profoundly they need to seclude themselves at regular intervals. Scorpio can become a hermit, exploring the inner depths like a shaman. Magic will be heightened and so will our exploration of the chilling. All of those ideas and themes that bring the hairs on your neck standing up – that existential horror – yup, that will become far more potent this year.

This year we will slow dive into the very water nature of reality itself and see how it morphs. This is the season of death and transcending this world. This is a time when we will be able to look down on ourselves like eagles soaring high in the sky, sharp eyes to see all the pieces on the surface.  We will see ourselves as a mirror for the universe, and it back at us. Scorpio is a very shamanic sign, like it’s other water siblings Cancer and Pisces. The triplets can pierce into the veil and create from it, and your magic will increase during this time as well. There will be a far greater drive for true stories, stories of trauma, psychological stories, sex stories… Jupiter is the storyteller, after all, and when he moves into a new sign, the stories change. In Jupiter in Libra we told love stories, stories about partnership, stories about arch nemesis and open rivals, stories about negotiation and justice.  Lots of political talking with lots of secretive actions and lots of cries for justice. We were far more concealing of the dirty underbelly of civilization. Now we will shout the truth and burn the world with fire. With Saturn moving into Capricorn on the solstice, the combination of these two planets will spread state secrets, enhance power plays between countries, and destroy institutions that have stood for a very long time. You will be witnessing death in your life and the collective as a prevalent theme in stories told.

Anxiety and depression will threaten us during this season, but if it is channeled as a creative force and not ignored great magic will come from it. In the end, we will overcome all of the intense shadow work of this year if we choose to hold each other up. Together we can tame back the beasts in each other, and also force one another to look at things when we are unwilling and scared. We cannot fear this year. Fear is the mind killer. Fear will keep us from drowning and courage will allow us to be reborn. We must have the courage to face our inner depths like a detective – a metaphysician, so to speak. We must transmute our pain, merge it with something else, killing it in the process and creating something that will evolve us.

Persephone goes through the underworld and comes out a queen because she is stripped of all the bullshit that holds her back. Don’t think this Jupiter will be kind to you if you stray off course. He is one fond of severity. You must show your true colors, no matter who you are, as death will be the theme that runs through the course of this year. One also does not become a queen if they allow others to trample all over them and take their gift of life. A queen understands power, and understands the necessity of boundaries. What we allow inside of our psychic space becomes a part of us; food, lovers, ideas, stories. These things transform us, but we must invite them in to do so. Yes, like vampires. What or who will you invite to transform with you? How will your transformation take place?  However this happens to happen, please let your instincts be the guide. We are all born with a map deep inside of us, and we must trust in it’s directions when they are given to us. This is a gift from our ancestors, and this year they will tell us our tales and how we have some unfinished family business to attend to. People will be forced to see the mundane as what it is at a hyperextended rate now. Can you not feel it, Heretics?  The world is dying. And something new is being born.

Jupiter Retrograde in Libra – Soldier of Fortune

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Before the fruits of prosperity can come, the storms of life need to first bring the required rains of testing, which mixes with the seeds of wisdom to produce a mature harvest
.” – Lincoln Patz

Effective Dates:  February 6, 2017 (23 Degrees Libra) – June 12, 2017 (13 Degrees Libra)


I know, I know.  It is fucking horrible to start over again after all of the work you have put in.  Has something come out of fucking nowhere to fuck up all of your plans?  Whatever house Jupiter will be retrograding through is about to get a big fucking audit, and no one likes a fucking audit.  No one.  And what will this review be on, exactly?  Well, Jupiter wants to check that your outer world is matching your inner world.  AKA, he wants to know if you have actually been making steps toward justice and manifesting your true will into the world.  We have all been lazy in some way.  We have all failed giving ourselves justice.  That is, we have failed ourselves when it comes to committing to a higher calling and a refinement of the self.  If you have been expanding yourself without checks and balances – if you have been spending like a motherfucker – Jupiter retrograde is here to correct that behavior before it destroys your opportunities and ability to gain prosperity.

Jupiter in Libra is extremely concerned about balancing the scales; and this includes balancing the integrity of your actions.  Are you really performing at the capacity that you are capable of?  Are you slacking off?  If the opportunities Jupiter is offering you have been “saved for later” or completely passed over, you will be receiving the karma of these actions during this retrograde period.  Jupiter wants you to be prosperous.  Fuck, he is throwing chances your way, but weakness of will, self esteem issues, fear and anxiety will clog up your doorway of opportunity just as quickly as it opens.  Jupiter wants to make sure we don’t get lost on our way, so these adjustments are extremely important for our higher work.

8 of Cups.  So you moved on from shit.  Good job.  It’s not over.  You know tough love is how we do it here at Heretical Oracles, and I’m not to lie to you and tell you that you are going to be the beneficiary of some good fortune if you just believe.  No, that’s not how it works.  You may want things very badly, or fuck you may even be in a delusional state believing you have them,  but this Jupiter retrograde is here to make sure you are on the right fucking path because you are surely missing something (4 of Cups).

You’ve been so concerned with future aspirations that you forgot the adjustments in your present.  But don’t worry, Jupiter retrograding is going to give you a chance to snag back all of the things you have missed but he wont be offering any of his sheer strokes of good luck this time around.  This time around it is all you, baby.  You must be a soldier of fortune and fight for your opportunities – prove yourself after all of the shit you have missed because of your own personal inconsistencies.

So yes, this will be humbling, but it will also be the refinement you need.  Whatever contemplation and adjustments happen during this retrograde period, we will reap the rewards for them once Jupiter comes back to 23 degrees Libra (so expect your hard work to really pay off September time, before Jupiter enters Scorpio and other people’s money haha).  Until then, you have to be very careful not to slip back into extravagant temptations (the Devil).  Remember, you choose to remain a victim.  Jupiter wants to know that you will fight for what you need before he gives it to you (and extra, because he always loves adding the extra).  As Helios so famously says, “The best way to work with Jupiter is to ignore him.”  Well, it’s time to ignore divine grace, because this god only saves those who first attempt to save themselves.

One more quick warning before I go; those with high amounts of greed will feel this transit tremendously and feel empty because of it.  Therefore they will resort to more and more ruthless behavior to fuck people over and receive their “due.”  Pay attention to your money, and pay attention to people in positions of power who may be able to take that from you.  This can be especially concerning due to our political climate.  There is a high potential for corruption during this transit, but you must remember that justice will be served for this shitty behavior once Jupiter goes direct on their asses.  We always pay the toll for our actions. Don’t ever forget this.



Jupiter Square Pluto & Sextile Saturn – Paradise Lost

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth of falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you. It is easy to say you believe a rope to be strong and sound as long as you are merely using it to cord a box. But suppose you had to hang by that rope over a precipice. Wouldn’t you then first discover how much you really trusted it?” – C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Effective Dates: November 2016- August 2017

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” – Pslam 23-4

A prayer is like a mantra.  You may need it through the dance these three planets perform during 2017, which I have dubbed the year of The Star (XVII).  We are about to descend into a year that is packed full of retrogrades, including the dreaded Venus retrograde in Aries at the end of a cruel winter.  “What do you mean, “descend,” Artemis?  Didn’t we just go through the year of the Tower?”  Haha yes, the tower tested our ability to destroy all of the false constructs in our life and present ourselves as we truly are so that we may begin living via our true will.  But the tests surely aren’t over.  The work is never over.  All I can tell you is what is next, and that is going to be a test to our faith – in ourselves, in everything and everyone.  Jupiter is the Queen of Cups and The Star all at once, indicating our hopeful intuitions are quite spot on.  There really is something we can do.  This really is our chance, but Saturn, as per usual, challenges us.  Are we willing to risk everything and trust in our instincts and intuition?  Are we willing to go through the pain and mental gnashing that is coming to us and still continue to trust our gut and heart?  Now that The Tower has crumbled and we are sitting in the rubble of our old life, are we going to have the faith it takes to follow The Star out of the deep, dark forest ahead of us that is 2017?

It is extraordinarily difficult to trust anything again once you see things start to fall around you.  The thing is, darlings, we knew all along.  We knew how our life – our country – really was and didn’t trust our goddamn instincts, and that is a huge part of this Saturn in Sagittarius transit that has been bombarding us the past couple of years.  We, as a species, when we feel we should collectively panic, we tell each other that we are merely over reacting.  There must be a rational explanation for all of this!   There must be a system we can employ to make sure that our results are better!  Eh, perhaps our goal is what is truly the flawed thing, hm?  We spend our whole life wrestling with the fact that we haven’t lived up to expectations that are handed to us by people who are just as broken and blind to the larger picture as we are.  We have a 1 week memory about most events and then stash them back in our subconscious, so that they can morph into strange phobias later on.  We all know what is going on, yet over intellectualize and destroy our instinctual knowing because we believe that no real knowledge can come from anywhere outside the intellect.  Unfortunately, the intellect can be blocked as well.  It can jam and bring us into paradoxical realms that are literal torture to walk through.  Saturn in Saggo with Jupiter inflating him is going to challenge our ability to have faith in ourselves, our instincts, our gut reactions to things.  If something feels wrong – off – out of harmony, it very likely is.  If you are bombarded with chaos, do you still have faith in the bigger picture?  Sometimes a plot twist is very much necessary to get you to where you really need to go.

“Step up to the fucking plate,” Saturn says.  He is heavy wielding The Magician and the Ace of Swords.  You have to understand the game that is being played and learn to play it yourself.  You are the manifester this coming year, and you will also be responsible and judged for your manifestations.  No pressure.  How can you keep yourself from fucking up?  Listen to your inner voice and inner child.  You always try and mute this vital part of you out because the things it has to say feel so fucking ridiculous sometimes, but you always know what you truly desire.  So fucking have the courage to actually act on it during this transit.  If you act on dreams that have been given to you instead of your own personal vision, this transit is going to be tough as fuck for you.

You are given a chance here, and this is a rare one at that, Heretics.  Uranus conj Eris right now is about to hit a second trigger point with Ceres in early 2017.  Since the late spring, these two have been creating a sort of primordial soup of chaos for us.  Chaos is like play-dough.  At first it may seem like it everything is going to shit and we are going to die under the collapse of the Tower, BUT it is also a fucking chance.

In chaos, there is fertility.” ― Anaïs Nin

Things are being rearranged and there are ways in now that there weren’t before.  As above so below, the political sphere reflects this and so does your life.  Sink or swim, folks, because Saturn is literally handing you Excalibur (Ace of Swords) and Merlin (The Magician), so now you must go forth and actually build your goddamn kingdom.  The challenge is very simple.  Saturn in Saggo asks, “Do you have faith in yourself and your vision?”  Well, do you?  Because, if you don’t, you’ll be building someone else’s empire for them in Saturn in Capricorn instead of your own.

Daddy Saturn is actually playing along quite well with Jupiter during this transit, but it will bring about a sort of spiritual zealotry.  AKA get ready for all sorts of crusaders to continue popping up, now more than ever with Jupiter adding his influence to the picture.  BUT this is good news as well because it’s going to light a fucking fire under the asses of all people to step up to their higher calling, and Jupiter in Libra is going to definitely help with bringing the tribe together through it’s transit (September 2016-September 2017).

Jupiter in Libra will be teaching us quite a few lessons about partnership / trust / and truth in the coming year.  As Libra he asks, “How can you have trust if you do not have truth?”  Jupiter in Libra demands justice – demands truth – and Saturn with the Ace of Swords while in Saggo tells me our higher vision can be obtained with this simple advice; you must be authentic.  If your gut and heart are telling you something, you must be authentic to that.

But Pluto is here to tell us that none of this is going to be easy.   That is, it wont be easy if you actually desire to evolve.  It is easy to give up and go lie under a rock while all of this immense transformation is going on around us, but you will still have to deal with the karma of your actions.  Yes, “inaction” is still action, and choosing to sit on your ass and let the world choose your destiny for you just throws you back into the torture device we call the wheel – meaning you’ll keep living out the same fucking scenarios with different faces over and fucking over again.  So fuck you might as well deal with them now.

Pluto in Capricorn is far from over yet.    We still have a few more years of Pluto completely overhauling government structures and the general way humans organize on large scales.  A lot of the time we don’t see the forest for the trees because we are so goddamn focused on the individual instances of destruction going on around us.  Pluto in Capricorn (Jupiter in general and Saturn in Saggo) all tell us to look at the big picture.   With the 3 of Pentacles, Pluto tells me there is a transformational process going on right now that has been in construction for a very long time.  Things are coming together whether we see them or not.  This year will represent a decision for humanity – in our personal lives and as a collective.  Will we rise up and fight for our collective vision, or will we succumb to the vision of the powerful minority?  These are BIG planets, folks, and they deal with BIG events.  Next year wont be a reprieve from this year, unless you are becoming comfortable with getting the shit kicked out of you.  You’ve got to keep the hope while the chaos and destruction is brewing around us, because it is directly challenging our ability to trust in ourselves as capable human beings who can actually manifest real change in this world.

The events of 2016 will settle in everyone’s consciousness differently.  People transcending their chains and realizing they don’t actually have to answer to anyone can be cause for concern just as much as it is a cause for celebration.  Yes, you really do not have to answer to anyone, but here is the thing, Heretics, we are all fucking stuck here together.  Like three kids crammed in the back of a sedan, we have to fucking learn how to get along.  Jupiter in Libra asks, how can you manifest your hopes and dreams and also help your fellow humans as well?  What is a truly just life for you in your community?  What is a truly just way for you to have relationships with others?  It’s going to be a fucking seesaw of a year, but we will be here to keep you guys updated along the way. Get ready to have your trust challenged, your ideas about relationships refined, and lots and lots of servings of “justice” in all of it’s flavors.

Jupiter in Libra – Renaissance

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.” Anne Sullivan

Effective Date- September 9th, 2016- October 11th 2017

Cards:  XI Strength, I The Magician, XVI The Tower, Page of Cups  (used the Hexen 2.0 Tarot)

*mumbles something about 11’s*

Let me remind you what I pulled for Jupiter in the Full Moon Pisces analysis.  The Networked Revolution strength card.

My gods is this transit coming at the perfect time.  We had our final sucker punch of Virgo with the Solar Eclipse that just passed, a Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a pummeling of integrity in our partnerships from Venus in Virgo right before that, and Mercury in fucking Virgo as well.  With the last degrees of Jupiter in Virgo, you should have finished honing your weapon.  You don’t think you’re ready?  Too fucking bad.  It’s time to start the Renaissance, and either you’re in it and contributing your soul to the cause – or you’re watching it from the side lines.  I don’t know about you, but if I’ve been placed in this multiverse, I might as well play.  You can only fully experience this existence, fully learn from it, if you finally decide to immerse yourself in it and the others who are also here with you.  Jupiter in Libra is the time of the couplings – finding your soulmateS.

There have been some amazing couplings in the past.  Mark Twain was known to fiddle around in Tesla’s lab.  Freud and Jung did a dangerous dance with each other over the subconscious and how it manifests.  Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson were a scientific powerhouse couple.  Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre helped shift a consciousness when they became celebrity philosophers – and their relationship itself challenged the way people did relationships.  The list goes on and on and on.  What’s the most interesting part, though?  You have multiple, extensive couplings like this in your lifetime, just like great thinkers learn and grow from interacting with many other visionaries.  Expand your horizons – don’t stick to just one mode of thinking.  Ever.  Hey, everyone, I have a theory as to why Libra can never choose.  Because you don’t fucking have to.  It makes no sense to limit your connections because you are anxious about losing one connection.  There will always be connections, as long as there are people on this planet.  Find your soulmateS.  There will be one, or many, for each and every aspect of your life.  You have your musical soulmates.  Your intellectual fire soulmates.  Your explosive sex soulmates.  The list goes on and on.  Now find the ones that form the team of your life, and you their’s – like gears moving and propelling each other.  No one person has all of the skills to get humanity to the next level.  Jupiter in Libra will show us we have to do this together.

I The magician.  Hey, that’s you!  All this goddamn Virgo should have made you the Magician; someone who has learned how to use the tools they have been given in order to craft something.  You know what you are capable of.  You may have your doubts that you can actually carry out your plan, but you know what you can fucking do now.  Without the knowledge that we can make change – that each little action brings about massive repercussions for the future (Virgo is the seed), we might as well just be sediment.  It’s time to break out of the ground.  It’s time to build our forest.  Together.  XI Strength.  As you can see, from the Strength card I have presented from the Hexen 2.0 deck I am using, we can garnish strength through combining our powers.  This is what Libra is about, Heretics.  You can only bring about peace, you can only bring about the Eden of Venus, if we partner up and work together.  You in particular have a special skill set that no one else on this entire goddamn planet has.  Your particular arrangement of atoms is capable of so much, yet you sit there and you doubt yourself and you give yourself hate and anxiety instead of love and encouragement.

To be confident, to be able to implement any positive change in the world, you need to realize that you don’t need anyone to accept you.  Only you can accept yourself.  This will be the hardest part about Jupiter in Libra.  We will be experiencing couplings to such a higher, new degree – and philosophically diving into these ideas as well – that being alone will seem… well… devastating.  The way to get out of this?  Remember.  Remember the lessons of Virgo (who is The Hermit in the tarot).  You can make it, regardless of anyone else’s acceptance, as long as you are following an inner truth.  The Tower.  Follow that light, that lantern, and you will be guided to those that do accept you – guiding you to the lessons of Jupiter in Libra.   Don’t worry if your entrance into this transit is a rough one.  A lot of us haven’t cut out the gristle from our lives like Helios and I have been urging you to do since January.  That’s fine, don’t listen to us *huffs*, but please do keep in mind that during individual consults we will say “I told you so.”  Everything brings about change, because the world is constantly in flux.  If you choose to be passive, you are voting for a certain type of world.  It will come about and it will effect you.  You can’t hide, so you might as well fucking try.

XVI The Tower.  We have had our power taken away from us, and Jupiter in Virgo has shown us just how demolished the idea of service has become in this society.  The ancients believed political service was a duty, where now politicians are essentially celebrity criminals that we allow to swindle us left and right and the populace takes very little to no action in molding their political climate.  The resources have been pooled to the top, and we have been left with nothing but our collective voices.  Let’s bring them together and shout and bust this tower down.  If this card showing up during the Jupiter Libra isn’t an indicator that Tower Year is coming to a full culmination, I don’t know what would be.  The only way we can bring about this Renaissance that is possible with Jupiter in Libra is to bring our voices together to shatter what Jupiter in Virgo has shown us is false service by those who deem themselves our “leaders.”  It is time to lead ourselves in collective revolution – through art, through speaking out, through bringing ourselves together.  Stop fearing the people around you.  It is time for love.  It is time for Venusian influence on this shaken earth.  It is time to fight for our sisters and brothers.  It is time to merge ourselves with our external reality.

The Page of Cups.   Here is your cherry on top.  How is this Renaissance going to look?  In the Hexen 2.0 deck, the Page of Cups is Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.  Who the hell were the Merry Pranksters?  The Merry Pranksters were a group of 13 intellectual tricksters who boarded a bus named Further back in 1964.  They named their bus Further because, well, you should always go further and prod the human psyche until it blossoms for us and shows us new secrets.  This is how Renaissance happens – a trigger that opens up humanity to a brand new way of thinking.  These pranksters traveled the US and gave LSD to famous thinkers like Timothy Leary (who happens to be on the Magician card in the Hexen 2.0 deck).  They had many stops along their way and influence many, many visionaries at the time.  This is quite the metaphor for what will happen.  Merge your reality, your unique way of thinking with those who you connect with, and watch out for the explosive social movement that will form from this.  In order to have this happen, we need to learn the lesson of the Page of Cups.  She is opening herself up, finally, to new emotions.  They may be overwhelming at first, they may be frightening as well, but she is opening up and knows the only way to mastery is to overcome this fear.  She is learning how to trust.  Stop the lies.  Virgo should have taught you the importance of integrity.  How can we move on from these lies if we continue to feed them?  How are we to move toward truth (Libra is the Justice card in the tarot) if we can’t TRUST each other and have integrity?  The only way into this Renaissance is through TRUTH.  Open your fucking heart.  Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love.  That is your key.  Open your fucking heart up WIDE.  You may be anxious about the mind diving we will be doing in this transit, but don’t fear, Heretics, because you are about to get so much closer to all of your best friends.  Let us alchemiclly merge together and form something further….


Jupiter Direct in Virgo – Confession

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective date- May 10, 2016

“Why are you so afraid?

I can see you waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
Withering away 
I can see you dying, dying, dead, dying, dying
Why?  Why?
Baby see
Try” – Banks

Cards:  The Star, King of Wands, 8 of Cups

HOLY FUCK YES YES YES YES YES, JUPITER HAS GONE DIRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I’m excited?  Jupiter, the god of Prosperity and luck.  Jupiter, the god of expansion and adventure and philosophy.  Jupiter, the storm king of JOY!

Jupiter has been retrograde for 4 months now, and we have been downtrodden and out of luck.  When he moves backwards, he takes our joy and our luck with him.  Shit is just more difficult than it needs to be when we don’t have him giving us his good graces.  The Storm King has officially given us back the light at the end of our tunnels.  Since January, we have been forced to turn inwards.  Unfortunately, this took a shot at our self esteem and manifested a series of unfortunate events (that got worse and worse as more and more planets joined in with the retrograde), but things are about to CHANGE.

For Jupiter going direct, I pulled The Star, The King of Wands, and the 8 of Cups.  The Star is a clear indication that hope has returned in our lives.  When you are lost in the woods your mind, forced to go so far into your own psychology by the fucking retrograding Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn death squad, Jupiter finally going direct is a speck of hope.  Once you find the north star, you can find your way out of any dark forest.  Once you latch on to something that is unmoving and solid in your life, that fills you with an eternal knowing of yourself, that you can’t deny or destroy, you learn to re-orient yourself.

Jupiter is all about going out and exploring the world.  You have all played Oregon Trail, yeah?  This few month retrograde period has been like watching your whole wagon crew get mauled by bears.  Every adventurer knows the dangers of their pursuit, but their eternal optimism and curiosity is what keeps them whacking their way through the thick underbrush.  They keep their mind on the trail, on the goal, and on the fascinating things they find along the way.  Don’t let the setbacks of the past couple of months crush your spirit.  Jupiter going direct is having our spirit re-ignited.  The King of Wands showing up is a clear indication of this for me.  Jupiter going direct in Virgo also tells me that we will be gaining a lot of good luck if we peruse Virgoan ideas (like self improvement, service to others, intellectual pursuits).  Don’t sit still.  It’s time to get up and EXPLORE your world and try things you would have never tried before.  Do things that scare you.  Don’t hold back.  The positive outbursts of energy and the enthusiasm that you throw back into the world is now going to bounce right back at you.  It’s time to manifest your destiny – manifest change -be a pioneer (remember, Sagittarius, the cowboy of the zodiac, is associated with Jupiter).

The last card I pulled is the 8 of cups.  This is GOOD.  The waters are starting to move, and our baptism is almost complete.  In the deck that I am using, 8 of Cups is called “rebirth.”  It is time to let all of the shit we have been internally contemplating die.  It is time to let all of the shit that is shackling us to our sad lives die.  Jupiter doesn’t sit around and restricting himself and punishing himself like Saturn.  He wants to see things, experience things, laugh, and participate in higher thinking with others.  He is prosperity and expansion in all parts of our life.  He is like the waters, seeping into every crack effortlessly and with immense curiosity.  It is time for us to start doing the same and see all the crazy connections that come to us because of this.  If you don’t leave your normal routine, how will you ever find adventure and prosperity?

Get out of your comfort zone.  Luck is back on our side.  Stick your nose in something that has been poking at your curiosity and inspiring you.  Don’t be afraid!  You see your North Star, now run to it!  And don’t forget to laugh.