Mars in Capricorn – Dull Boy

“I mean, contrary to the contemporary version of it, classical liberalism (which remember was pre-capitalist, and in fact, anti-capitalist) focused on the right of people to control their own work, and the need for free creative work under your own control-for human freedom and creativity. So to a classical liberal, wage labor under capitalism would have been considered totally immoral, because it frustrates the fundamental need of people to control their own work: you’re a slave to someone else.”Noam Chomsky, “Understanding Power: The Indespensable ChomskyContinue reading “Mars in Capricorn – Dull Boy”

Mars in Virgo – Synthetic

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.” – Chuck Close

Effective Dates: September 6th- October 23rd, 2017

We begin this transit with worry (5 of Swords), and end it with Gain (9 of Pentacles), so it will be stressful but fruitful in the end. Of the cards in the tarot that represent change, the 5 of Swords and the Tower are two of the most destructive and imbalanced. This is the kind of destruction that comes from living in such a way that you have completely moved into a tangential path and aren’t even traveling in the same direction any longer.  You are in need for correction, my friends, and Mars in Virgo is just the shift in energy needed to force us all to take a magnifying glass to everything.

You can’t run, you can’t hide, these are the fine details and they are going to prick and prod until you bend to their will. You’re going to be asked to destroy your weak, lazy tendencies. This will prod lazy natal Mars like Pisces, Taurus, etc into action, and set fire to old habits mostly because you will genuinely start feeling disgusted at your habituated tendencies. Where Mars in Leo had us as fiery warriors one minute and lazy cats the next, Mars in Virgo is diligent and industrious. Even if Mars in Virgo is 9 drinks in from the night before, they will have an anxiety attack if they don’t have their world in order. Yep, that’ll be you. You will be called to do your work with the intensity of a whip crack. You will be ushered to be present and poised and reformed. Virgo’s anxiety is at it’s worst when Virgo forgets what it is in servitude to, and you will learn that your dread begins where you have wandered off your path.

This transit is very likely to be littered with people verbally tearing each other (and themselves) a part. I apologize, but the cattiness of Leo season doesn’t end in Virgo (nor does it end in Libra for that matter haha). We will have to wait until the darkness of late fall and Scorpio kicks in before we can start being stark with one another. But for now, we will be on the offensive end with our task list and the things and people we have on them.  And all this right after Mercury decides to go direct on us… prepare for some brain power.


Mars in Leo – Golden Boy

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.”
 -Marcus Garvey

Effective Dates: July 21st- September 6th, 2017

This stint in creativity is coming to an end, and with it the birth of new projects and a new spirit of adventure. You will realize there are so many worlds to explore, even in your own town.  There are subcultures you have yet to immerse yourself into, people who have been away that are returning with tales of wonder on their tongues. The drama and delight of middle summer is here, and Mars in Leo will fire it up more than it’s usually balmy goodness.

With the Moon’s node steadily making way through Leo, eclipsing over North American soil, and 3 lunations in Leo season this year, we are getting a lion’s share of creative power up. If you want to start something grand, this is your time, Heretics. Artists, hear this now, begin your great work in this Leo forge and you will create something truly uniquely yours; something to truly be proud of. During this time you will be called to live from your solar plexus, and you will be gifted with a magnetism if you believe you are truly being called to your work. Whatever it is, you will steadily begin to realize this Mars in Leo season, where your energy and power need to go. You will attach yourself to a higher cause to the point that your ego will be unshakable when it comes to that calling; a “single-mindedness” so to speak.

You must defend what is yours with ardor, with spear and lance and a willingness to go screaming into battle for what you truly believe in. Because the sun shines, the world is here. Because the sun rises every day, the world is here. Remember this.

As for the carnal aspects of Mars, sex will become far more steadily available during a Mars in Leo transit. The reason being that most people will be fired up and wanting it – will be wanting to create things, and in turn, this means heightened sexuality and sexual response.  It is a time where people are turned on easier and turning them off will become an arduous labor. Act with the heart, the higher Leo, instead of the loins, and your sexual exploits will be fulfilling instead of dramatic and a little bit “extra.”

Speaking of “extra,” prepare for people who are bombastic to become more so. People who sine in the public eye will be eating up this energy and obtaining thralls left and right. This is a perfect time to collect a following for your work, but it is a also a dangerous time – you may fall into worshiping someone or an ideology that just isn’t as remarkable as they come off. Be very weary of leaders as there will be an influx of people who claim to be prophets of some sort, and all that glitters isn’t gold.  But this is also a time that demands those who are courageous take a stand and come out of the woodwork with their knowledge – so be discerning, and be Socratic, and search out the truth of the matter with your heart first and foremost.


Mars in Gemini – Slick

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Always keep your foes confused. If they don’t know who you are or what you want, they can’t know what you plan to do next.” – Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones

Effective dates: April 22nd- June 6th, 2017

 Welcome to your lengthy injection of bipolar tendencies, brought to you by the guy who just sold you something you definitely didn’t need, Mars in Gemini!  This is a high energy transit, but first it will be making you feel nutty as fuck because he will be in opposition to Daddy Saturn, who is hanging out at the tail end of Saggo (in retrograde, might I add!).  As he inches backwards, Mars will inch forward, and their annoying little dance will make you really learn what it means to be manic depressive. One minute you will be flying high, excited about every little goddamn thing that enters your life – in that weird way where everyone tells you that you really need to calm the fuck down because you’re creeping people out, and the next minute (probably literally the very next minute) you will want to shut everyone out and go on a murder spree.

It wont be pretty, and it surely wont be helpful in the macro sense considering what is going on globally.  This Mars is volatile. He is your friend one minute, and then stabs you in the back with your most precious secrets the next. Loyalty will be a thing of the past (especially with Juno being retrograde during this transit), so be careful what you reveal as you have no idea who is actually your friend – and who is just a slick as fuck narcissist. This is the sort of Mars that makes people join cults – drinking the koolaid and isolating their friends because their guru deems it the only way to get to the light.

Yes, this is the douche-bag businessman who doesn’t really give a flying fuck about you. He is so wrapped up in himself and his ego that he couldn’t possibly see how using information you have given him could seriously hurt you and your community; how his actions can be irreparable for his short term gain (talk about bad business planning). Just a simple sorry and a slap on the back and he thinks he is in your good graces. But this Mars in Gemini just can’t think in the long term. Oh fuck no. His energy is so chaotic that only the present moment and it’s pleasures mean anything to him – only satisfying his quick temper and his swiftly changing opinions matter. This Mars wont actually fight you – oh no – he doesn’t actually have the capacity to win in a fist fight. This is the Mars who will fuck your entire life up with viscous words and rumors. Have you ever seen a stock broker in a fist fight? I bet not. He destroys your life through wit and wager. Beware of passive aggressive enemies during this transit as they will be far more in their element. 

But Saturn is there to keep Mars’ energy in check. The Lord of Karma is retrograde, but that doesn’t mean he will forget or that he isn’t secretly “wire tapping” your life – taking immaculate notes. Yeah, kinda like a celestial Santa Claus with a scythe. Once he goes direct, he will throw all of the karma of this transit right back at us. Saturn in Saggo wants you to practice what you preach, and this Mars in Gemini energy is far from that. It’s a free for all right now, Heretics, as quite a number of the planets have turned inward so that we may develop ourselves. That also means that those with bad intentions are more able than ever to demonstrate those intentions. What do the Christians say? God helps those who help themselves, and that will be more important than ever right now.

If anything, this transit will give you the mental capacity to make your plans – and to do all the shit you need to do – especially after Mars gets out of orb with Saturn at the start of this transit. We’ll get a Mars trine Neptune during this transit, meaning it will be easier than usual to weave that spell of deception over a populace or your enemies. It will also be easier than usual to do your art, and your motivation for it will definitely skyrocket. That trine in particular will give you the overreaching creative vision that you crave. It may also be a spiritual epiphany for some, showing them through vision what Saturn in Saggo has been preaching for years now – again, to practice what you preach. It will meld mind with heart, and that in itself could either create a powerful cult leader or a wondrous prophet.

So you can use this transit a few ways; to be a deceptive piece of shit, to be deceived by some piece of shit, or to meticulously weave your grand plan with 1000x more processing speed. Your choice, Heretics. In the end, the planets may influence, but it is your free will to do with the energy what you wish. 

Mars in Taurus – Swords To Plowshares

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Work work work work work” – Rihanna

Effective Dates: March 11th- April 22nd, 2017

Right off the bat patience is asked of us.  Temperance makes an appearance in this reading, indicating to us that we are about to enter a forge; a transcendental state of re-emergence.  We are like caterpillars in a cocoon, instinctively moving ourselves toward metamorphosis.  This is a temper smothering type of transit.  You’ll want to go where you can get some space, lay out your art form (or your food), and work diligently.  You’ll start regaining your patience and you’ll slowly start accumulating your drive.  If you have been floating through Pisces season with millions of ideas with nowhere to go because anxiety and depression are through the roof, then this is your lifeline.

Mars in Taurus is the spirit to keep going even when you feel the staggering weight of all your burdens.  This Mars would do incredibly well during a siege – he would rather starve to death than give you his life to take.  So yes, Mars in Taurus is extraordinarily hard headed.  He is Mars’ energy and drive with the patience of Venusian ruled Taurus, and this makes for Varys from Game of Thrones kind of combination.  He will make his plan, slowly and methodically, and execute it to perfection.  This can lead to issues for Mars in Taurus, where a perpetual pursuit of perfection diminishes their ability to even get out of bed. Once a native of this natal placement realizes the perfection of creation as it is, then they can finally relish in their role as a builder.

Mars in Taurus is here to learn the very nature of flesh and matter itself, and the combination of Mars and Venus gives a tremendous sexual element to this Mars sign.  In the end, this transit wants to be a peace maker and relish in the garden, but there will be a lot of fucking aggravating energy coming our way to shatter this dream.  You must meditate through the storm, and your meditation will be on the earth.  Learn to make something with your hands, delve into a science, start growing things, have long bought of sex on your days off and lay around with each other.  Mars in Taurus is extremely seductive and heavy on the foreplay, so expect a lot more indulgent sexiness in your realm (especially with Venus in Aries in Rx right now).  This is a time to re-charge, to get what you need from the earth to keep moving on.  Mars in Taurus will remind us we are earth beings, and we have a deep karma here.  Most of the time it is extremely difficult for those with this natal placement to begin their work (fear of falling short of the perfection of creation), but once they can find something that sets them on fire enough to get them going – they will get all of the work done and more.

Mars in Taurus at peace is artistic and patient.  He is very meditative and likes to take his time creating things of intricacy.  He understands that it takes time and nurturing for things to bear fruit, and he has a great concern for beauty in all its forms.   But if someone destroys your peace during this transit, they will receive the wrath of Mars in Taurus.  This energy will wait, and wait, and wait – let you make infraction after infraction before finally losing their saintly temper and exploding like a nuclear bomb.  Their anger is savage and if you get them to that point – it is almost assured that you deserved their ballistic rage.  Patience only lasts so long, Heretics.  Mars in Taurus is like meditating Shiva, and if we do not attempt to create balance and cultivate patience in our lives, he will begin his dance of destruction.  This is it, Heretics, it is time to adjust yourself and move deeper with your work.  You’ll have a tremendous new drive to do so  – and no one will be able to break your siege.