Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn – State Secret

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date: December 19th, 2016- January 8th 2017 (In Shadow til January 27th)

Why do you continue punishing yourself, day by day, hour by hour, caged up in your high tower – separated, isolated from the rest of the world? Do you think someone is going to come galloping up in a white horse, ready to pull you down from the spiral of bricks you have built to protect yourself from something that will demolish you? Unfortunately, Heretics, the more you attempt to protect yourself from demolishment, the bigger your high tower gets, and when your tower gets so fucking high that it starts to sway, you have quite the monstrous fall. You will meet head on, times 10, the very pain that you tried to avoid in the beginning.

Re-visit, re-do, edit, throw away, re-gain. These are traditional Mercury Retrograde themes. Mercury is an ephemeral planet. Most of the time, his influence goes un-noticed because he is the very mind that permeates reality. It is often the hardest to see the thing that is most personal to us. Currently, Mercury is situated in Capricorn, the eternal skeptic of the Zodiac.

It’s is time to be 
critical. Mercury is also a planet of healing, so this unearthing that will happen is good for you in the end.  It’s time to assess what you have with brutal honesty. Do you have a project you have been meaning to start? Fuck, now is the perfect time to do it. We have the resources we need, we just haven’t started USING them. Capricorn’s motto is “I Use.” How can you learn to manipulate what you have into a solid plan? What do you need to cut away from your high tower in order to be grounded once again? This transit is urging us to move forward. It is super powered by conjunct contact with Pluto, meaning the projects we begin now will be critical to our self transformation. It also means that it is going to detonate your faulty plans.  Once you get rid of your self imposed obstacles, you can begin moving forward – full steam ahead.

There will be a massive unveiling going on at this time that will seem almost “cold” toward you. The conjunction with Pluto is surely going to bring out our shadows and vulnerabilities, so keep in mind that you may be “exposed” at this time. This also means that it is easier to see yourself, therefore easier to work on yourself. This is your chance to re-visit the underworld and make some adjustments – bring back parts of yourself you thought were lost or too damaged to patch up. And then when Mercury swings back into direct, you can meet the challenge of 2017 head on with far more solid foundations. This transit will teach us more about integrity because it will be incredibly hard to hide faults. It will also make synchronicities far more visible and lies far harder to commit to.

Picture this transit like C4 used to blow away chunks of earth so that tunnels may be constructed from one point to another. There, inside the earth, we will learn things about ourselves that we have tried to bury. This transit will test our courage to confront those things, and it will test our determination. When these ghosts escape their graves, they will be inspiration for our art – for our healing. I guess the one thing to remember is that ghosts can’t kill you. They are phantoms, and you are made of the earth itself. When you realize this, perhaps you will stop building up, and start standing your ground.


Mercury in Capricorn – [Redacted]

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Self-control might be as passionate and as active as the surrender to passion…  – W. Somerset Maugham

Effective dates: December 3rd, 2016- February 8th, 2017

Hell yeah,this is my natal position for Mercury!  And we are about to have one hell of a transit involving the dance between Mercury and Capricorn, jeezus.  We will be entering 2017, the Year of The Star, during a fucking Mercury Retrograde.  This is a perfect representation for what kind of year we have ahead (full to the ears with retrogrades).  We can’t seem to get out of unpleasant Mercury (the mind) states since Scorpio season, where Mercury repeatedly made sure to make us as uncomfortable about our lives as possible.  Then what is usually a very pleasant Mercury season (Mercury in Saggo), we had the planet come face to face with Saturn who has been sitting in Saggo for quite some time now.  Great, okay, maybe we’ll get some rest in the next sign…  Nope.  Mercury isn’t entering just any sign, but in Capricorn (more Saturn folks!), where Mercury is placed in restraints and forced to pay some god damn attention.

Mercury in Capricorn natives always come off as if they know exactly what they are talking about.  We have all found ourselves nodding along to their insights as if they were reading directly from some top secret documents; they have an air of authority about them that only Saturn heavy charts can convey.  The authority is usually well founded as these natives are extremely methodical and like to thoroughly analyze the words they use before they come out of their mouth.  It doesn’t matter what else is going on in their chart, these natives will have a shade of dark cynicism to them.

The way Mercury in Capricorn communicates can be very intimidating for a lot of people.  Their seeming “authority” has a lot of weight, and they use their mind like a weapon.  It can get dangerous arguing with them because they have twisted and analyzed every idea before it has even been given a chance to be placed in their arsenal, so you know their verbal weapons will be heavy hitting.  Advice for this transit from a native of this Mercury position:  take their cynicism and criticism as a form of love.    Usually natives here just want to make sure you don’t fall into some weird parallel universe where all of your thoughts actually mean nothing when it comes to stone cold reality (remember, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who is very concerned about what the Truth is – what is REAL and ever lasting).

Prepare for ideas to get rejected left and right.  Here’s what Mercury in Capricorn wants to do – it wants to extract the god damn truth out of you and it will stop at nothing to do so.  Merc in Cap natives have a way of dancing around you until they find just the right doorway into your mental threshold, and then they set up their investigative tools and test all of your intellectual structures one by one.  So you may have destroyed your some of your false mental constructs this year…  But Mercury in Capricorn isn’t so optimistic.  She KNOWS you will pick right back up where you started from and stack bricks and mortar based on new constructs of imprisonment.  Trading one devil for another.  She wont have any of that, so here comes the intellectual wrecking ball.

Honestly, this is an incredible ending to the year of The Tower – throttling us into a transit that gives the last shakes to the crumbling bones of the faulty structures we have been dealing with this year.

The great thing about Mercury in Capricorn is that it is a fast learner.  Capricorn’s motto is “I Use,” and it will become increasingly easy to use new methods you have come into contact with recently.  You will finally see where all the pieces fit, and why you have been learning all the seemingly random as shit things you have been learning this year.  Mercury in Capricorn will help you organize and put all that shit together, giving you new tools for the Renaissance ahead of us this year.  Soaking up information will be easy as pie, but it is evaluating that information that will be difficult on the mind (mostly because Mercury in Capricorn does not rest until it sees every fucking angle of a situation – and then it will still grumble about something or other).

In Mercury in Capricorn, ideas have weight.  Things that are said matter.  Words aren’t said frivolously, and things said during this long transit will be looked at far more soberly than usual.  If you don’t mean it, don’t fucking say it – Mercury in Capricorn says.  Why is this?  Because you can’t fucking take it back.  Once the words have been sent out into the multiverse, they have reverberations far past our ability to see.  They effect the structure of everything once they are let loose.  Unless a Merc in Capricorn individual has some more optimistic signs in their chart (like Aquarius), they tend to immediately shoot down all ideas with the reality bullet as soon as they are met.  This can get… annoying fast, especially if you are trying to innovate things.  But this is necessary before we start building anything this year.  You need to go over all your nuts and bolts, all of your beams, before building your new life.  If something is faulty, you’re just going to have a repeat of all the shit you had to go through during Tower Year (and who the fuck wants to repeat 2016’s karmic cycle?  fuck noooo).

Mercury in Capricorn says there must be a goddamn purpose to all the shit you say, or you’re just weaving new illusions for yourself and those around you.  Do you mean what you say?  Will you allow yourself to be vetted to see if this is true?  Use this transit to build confidence around your ideas, and don’t fret if they are destroyed one by one as they come up.  This is necessary, and Mercury in Capricorn makes no real judgement about this.  We are all wrong most of the time, it is our willingness to accept this and re-work things again and again that makes Mercury in Capricorn happy.  This transit says, “It’s time to make your fantasies a REALITY.

And gods help us when this transit turns retrograde in a few weeks…. 


Mercury in Sagittarius – Vision Quest

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Everything you possess of skill, and wealth, and handicraft,
wasn’t it first merely a thought and a quest?” – Jalaluddin Rumi

Effective Date: November 13th- December 3rd, 2016

I seek therefore I am.

This is your chance, Heretics.  The Stars are about to give you opportunity for some real victories, but, as per usual, a victory involves a battle first.  The gods are always forcing us to fucking prove ourselves, aren’t they?  Fucking damn it.  You ready?

7 of Cups is a visionary card if anything.  There is a shift that is about to happen where illusions we have clutched tight are about to be cleared through like brush.  We are finally seeing The Year of the Star in the distance, and even though there is death and destruction everywhere we look, we are being called by a seductive optimism off in the distance… like a beautiful Siren dancing us through the desert.  Follow that voice, even if you are nervous about where it will lead you.  Saggo is where Saturn is currently sitting, so you know that whatever is being whispered here is the true building blocks of the universe.  You are hearing the voice of the master architect.

After Mercury is done gutting us like a fish while he is in Scorpio, he will take what is left and allow us to finally start getting the fuck out of our rut.  It’s not the best of experiences being exposed to the shit you keep locked up in a cage in your mind, but you cannot have a true visionary experience without first transmutating your demons.  So if you had the courage to fight the illusions in your head, if you had the courage to start transforming them in true Scorpio fashion, you will now have the courage to escape into new visions.  If you escaped the molting, you will now have an invigorating new skin and strong sense of purpose.  The thing is, when we face our demons instead of run from them, if we claim responsibility for them and try and heal, cry with them and allow them to howl in pain, then we can finally move on from them.  And when we can finally move on from the things that chain us to the past, we can finally start our next quest of self.

7 of Wands.  It seems that this is the point in the tower year where we start making our trek to the New World and contemplating exactly what that will mean for all of us.  This is the time we realize we are all in charge of the higher vision that will encapsulate this country.  We are at a delicate point right now, where a collective show of solidarity and will – a push toward higher vision for humanity, a push toward a renaissance – is a definite possible.  What is the higher vision for humanity after a year full of death and a circus election that is clearly a satirical symbolic representation of our current culture?   We have been shown the puppet show clear as day this year.  The events of this year have given us all the evidence we need, and now we must form the vision – the battle cry and the declaration of independence from this suffocating way of life we have been caged into since birth.  The warning here is – “Don’t give up just yet.”

How does one change the world?  By changing the self.  It is time to go out, even if you are scared as hell, and find a new way of doing things.  Once we embark on a new way of being, simply our present-ness in our new paradigm will effect those around us like a mandala.  It will get the waves moving, it will get the currents flowing again – it will set your stuffy life and all the stuffy people in it on fire again.

4 of Cups.  Boredom.  Fuck the status quo, we are done with this shit.  This card tells you that if you don’t put up a fight – if you give up and go back to your rut – you know you will be met with the same boredom – death of passion.  The only way to ignite the flames is to add oxygen – a little bit of movement and change.  You must adventure out and cut your way through thick forests you have never traversed through in order to find new realms of yourself – new realms for humanity as a whole.  Now, are you going to sit there and miss out on all the fun?  We promise you there will be interesting people you will run into along the way, there will be so much new information, and there will be new goals and visions to replace your dead, hallow ones that Scorpio season is still ripping out of your closet.


Mercury in Libra – “Bitch”

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“You should never feel afraid to become a piece of art. It’s exhilarating.” – Nicki Minaj

Effective Date: October 7th- 24th 2016

Yes, you’ve been through some bullshit, but trust me, the bullshit never ends.  It keeps coming back, more daunting and bone crushing than ever before.  This is something Libra knows well.  
Oh man, to be in a Libra’s mind; a labyrinth of possibilities and connections and paranoia associated with entertaining all possibilities fully and completely.  Like the other Air Signs (Gemini, Aquarius), Libra is in their head all the god damn time.  They want to dominate the world with their intellect and smash through to the Truth of the world, whether it kills them or not.  They must.  Inevitably, Libra is going to make a wrong turn and end up in some hellscape where the only way out is to create a grand delusion for themselves.  If you can’t find peace, perhaps you can fabricate it?

And if Libra creates a fairy tale, there is no telling her any inkling of opposing perspectives.   There is definitely no telling her that she has been unfair in any way, so she dives into the fantasy world.  She is immersed in it.  It has become her new religion.  Libra suspects that the truth is ever changing as we exponentially change, but she powers ahead hoping that there is some chance of harmony, balance, and rest.  Even if she has to pretend.  I guess it’s better than coming to terms with the fact that her idea of justice isn’t correct?  Libra is ever torn because the truth comes from our orientation (its an air sign thing, fml), not from the rays of some external source.  It is an internal source.

There comes a point when we realize that whatever ideology, whatever thought patterns we have been following, could never have prepared us for the experience of the world.  Listen up, Libra (and everyone who is about to be punished by this indecisive as fuck energy coming our way), you must use your intuition and just get on with it.  You must trust yourself.  You must trust your experiences.  As hard as it might be, you need to clear your mind in order to hear this intuition.  You must trust that you have prepared yourself.

The Libran charm only comes from a Libra who has learned this emotion/intellect connection.  Once you have collected and analyzed your information, you must let go and let it seep into your subconscious.  Then, when the experience presents itself, you trust and act on your intuition in the moment.  Libra is represented by the Queen of Swords in the tarot, who is the elements of Air and Water combined in action.  The mind aided by the heart and the heart aided by the mind.  Sometimes, in order to make the best the decision for the greater good, she is stuck in a situation where she must become the outcast for her decision.  She is the one who slices to heal you.  She is the one who gives you the hard truths.

This is a good time period to disarm your enemies with words, but beware!  Mercury in Libra tends to make us very non-confrontational; aka get ready for some passive aggressive bullshit.  If you can step it up and consistently remind yourself to be as clear as possible, you have a great chance of riding this wave with  Venusean grace.  A tactful, honest, Libra is a poetic genius.  As long as she has some guts to actually make decisions and not be afraid to be labeled as a villain afterword.  Anytime you make a moral decision, someone is going to consider you a hero and someone else is going to consider you a villain.  It is inevitable.

“Fuck it, whatever, I might as well enjoy myself while the paradoxical circumstances of life tear away at my innate sense of fairness,” Libra says.  Don’t forget to have fun with your words and enjoy yourself and the lovely conversations that are going to come out of this transit.  It’s a good time for writing, for flirting, for creating beautiful things with your mind.  It is a good time for hard conversations and it is a good time to just let the words flow intuitively.  With Jupiter in Libra and the Sun in Libra, your words will be coming from a good place.  Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and act from the heart.  Move and decide through love, and you’ll be okay when Scorpio comes around to put you on the rack.

Mercury in Virgo – Gambit

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date: 07/31- 10/8/16 (Retrograde 8/30-9/22)

“It’s not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity.” – Sr. Francis Bacon

Cards:  The Fool, Ace of Pentacles, The Tower

It’s a whole new world after the events of this summer, folks, and Mercury going into Virgo, then retrograding, is going to teach us lessons of letting go.  The Fool and the Ace of Pentacles are our primary lessons here.  You must let go of your faulty foundations before this tower comes crashing down.  I’ve been blah blah blahing about this being Tower Year for some time now, so as everything detonates around us, and you don’t have any sturdy legs to stand on, please do not come crying to Artemis.  This three card spread urges me “let go of the bullshit, the shackles, the perceived duties you have in your life, and build your own foundation.”

A problem that Virgo faces is being too much of a service to others.  They actually give a shit about lifting people up, and figuring out why shit works and how to better it.  People have issues with Virgos because their primary objective is integrity in life.  So very fucking sorry if the integrity of your looming dark tower of a life is lacking, because we have more detonations to our lives to come.  Congratulations to those of you who actually give a shit, because the collapse of everyone else’s towers is going to fucking LAUNCH YOU to the sky.  Virgo invites more toxic behavior from dead weight in our lives.  They will use this energy opportunity to drown you with them – suck you into their psychosis and vampire off of your spirit.  You cannot allow this.  Leo into Virgo will be our time to establish our self worth and not fucking let go.

Virgo season is going to come down on us hard.  Muster up all of the delicious Leo confidence while you can, because you will be tested left and right to see if your integrity stands.  Oh, and did I mention the anxiety that is going to come along with this planetary shift?  Virgo is a Mercury ruled planet, and thus it is busy and extremely cerebral.  You need to counter this by getting grounded, getting into your body, and finding a physical structure to hold on to.  This physical practice is not only going to give you the support to get through the detonations still to come (like the Eclipse coming at us), but it will boost your health and your strength.

You need to be true to your changes.  If you know something is correct, or if you know something is your path, you must head out in that direction now.  If you don’t, you’re going to get sucker punched repeatedly in the coming months (and god help you when these shadows manifested now come back to haunt you in Scorpio season).  It is time to practice what you preach.  That’s what Virgo is all about; the practice.  The doing.  The method.  Figure it out, for yourself, and keep your head sharp.  You are building your Oathkeeper.

Even though Virgo is a Mercury ruled sign, she is also an earth sign.  Remember that.  Learning new things, setting up new foundations based on integrity, and figuring out how this can work for your tribe while you push away the toxic waste human beings is the lesson.  Let go, adventure, learn, build on that learning, and you wont have to worry about destruction of your life because you understand reality behaves like an ever changing spiral – slowly coiling your life in a different direction.  Instead dying in the rubble of this Tower year, you will gain inspiration, euphoria, and elation.  It hurts to shed your skin, but once that constricting waste is gone and you’ve cried your tears, you will see – gnosis.

Mercury in Leo – Rejection

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective dates -7/13-30/16

“It’s easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love will reject you or die.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Cards:  The Lovers, The Hermit, Judgement

My, oh my, this paints a pretty picture.  I have these three cards lined up in front of me right now, and I’m enjoying the movement from of the figures.  On the far left we have The Lovers.  They are so engrossed in each other that they fail to notice the cards proceeding them.  The Hermit looks down at them from her lofty perch, all alone huddled around her lantern.  She is staring at the lovers before her, so now we have 3 figures failing to notice the final card because they are entranced by their personal situation.  The final card, judgement, stands at the very end, represented by a cliff side  strewn with dead bodies.  There are two living figures on this card.  One of them has his head buried into the others leg, afraid to look at the towering angel before them.  The other figure looks directly at the angel – the only figure in the entire reading to be doing so.

That’s what it’s all about, folks. 

We are all engrossed in each other’s bs or too afraid to look at the heart of matters.  We’re obsessed with our own affairs and how others view us to the point of isolating ourselves.  We let our pride blind us instead of shield us.  Rejection is in the air, and if you allow it to squander your growth then you’re not going to see the bigger picture.  These “bad things” have been put in our path to strengthen us, not weaken us.  In the beginning, we all crave acceptance – a core group of friends that will accept all of our flaws or a lover that will transcend the bullshit and get down to the soul level with you.  Some of this things will come, and some of them will be dangled in front of you like a carrot and then snatched away.  You evolve past this when you realize you don’t need the approval of anyone in order to delve into your real WORK.  You don’t need anyone’s approval to start developing your ideas and projecting your message.  If you let the judgement of others overshadow the final judgement of self, you’ll have a very remorseful passing.  Remember, in the end, no matter how hard we will it, the final transformation of death will take us.  Will we be able to go with true pride at that point, knowing we lived life through the heart, not the ego (the dichotomy heart/ego inside Leo is his soul battle)?  Know that this too is transient, and one day you will realize why rejection and ego lashing was put into your life.  Hold your chin up high, darlings.  Remember, you are royalty.  Don’t let mundane bullshit distract you from your spiritual quest.  In the end, we all know it is not worth it.  It doesn’t even come close to worth it.  And remember!  People roar the loudest when they are afraid.


Mercury in Cancer – Unsent Letters

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Dates- June 30th- July 15th, 2016

“yes, I have feelings
and no, I’m not afraid of them
not even the shadowy ones
that you’d rather ignore
i gather them in
welcome them home
give them space to breathe
and light them on glorious fire
just to see
what might be illuminated
while they burn” 
― Jeanette LeBlanc

Cards: King of Cups, 6 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups

Oh the things we would say if we could say them without the mess. Well, it looks like that mess is going to become inevitable. There are some great things about Mercury in Cancer. People who have this position in their natal charts make incredible listeners. This is definitely a good position for Mercury if one works in mental therapy, for it gives you great emotional insight. C.G. Jung had his Mercury in Cancer; which was evident in his tremendous intuition. It is almost frightening how emotionally perceptive Merc in Cancer is. I would even call it borderline psychic. What’s the other side of the coin? Well, the problem is, the crab is so fucking sensitive that a change in the wind can send them bawling. Did someone tell them that their idea was stupid? Merc in Cancer would probably cry, go in their safe place, and then come out days later with with passive aggressive bullshit.

My heart hurts today. It’s this tender hurt that pulsates with subtle feelings. Among a billion and one things that are happening that has lead to this heart aching, I recently experienced the loss of my grandmother (very Cancer representative), and my familial relations are rocky at best. One of my best friends is a Cancer; my sister. Discussing this loss in our family with someone much more emotionally open than myself has been quite the experience. I tend to bottle these things up and check on them years later when they are of incredible inconvenience and have caused more mental damage than they are worth (yeah, I’m very Aquarian). Emotional purges are necessary, and they will happen under this transit. If we let these things sit and stew, they drown us in the depths. Whether you like it or not, this is going to be a time of emotional vomit. I call it this because it’ll hit you, mid conversation, that you need to tell someone why their staunch, unmoving opinion is completely and utterly selfish. One thing Cancer knows all too well about is how the waves do not stop pummeling us. We need to take care of things immediately, and usually emotions are pesky little things that we save for later. Nuh uh, not during this transit. Oh dear gods, I am fucking terrified, but there is a catharsis to crying, screaming, and letting out all those icky things that settle at the bottom of your heart.

6 of Pentacles. A lot of people have been coming to me lately informing me that they are going through depressive episodes. You can already feel the Cancerean mood decending on us. There is nothing you can do about it; we will feel the intense emotions of those around us and we will be forced to talk about it. We will be forced to share. This could turn into a messy situation where you are bleeding your feelings all over someone, but trust me, these things need to come out. There is a deep gloom that can come to us because of this, but we must keep sharing those things that level the playing field with others. We must seek balance in sharing our inner worlds. There will be a big pull from your subconscious to retreat and become passive, because honestly, this is all going to get to be too much sometimes (especially with this new moon in Cancer coming, holy balls does it look emotionally painful).

Your visions and emotions are going to be taken to court. People will call you out. You will not be able to be the jolly King of Cups who casts aside all emotional turmoil. He has a way with words and a way with pushing away drama. Nope. We’re going to have to face it. You’re going to have to look people in the eyes and tell them what that beating, bloody mess in your chest wants to tell them. Don’t worry, darlings, once you purge all that bullshit from your heart, you will feel unbearably light and calm. It’s the initial cut and spilling of blood that hurts the most. It’s that initial drive of the sword deep into layers you thought didn’t exist that will make you cry out, but ridding yourself of these emotional ball and chains will allow you peace.

What’s our warning in this reading? 7 of Cups tells me that there will be those of you who sit on these things and never do them. I have plenty of unsent letters sitting in my inbox, waiting to see the light of day. Yeah, they are written. In fact, I spilled my guts and the entire contents of my heart writing them, but if they are not sent, they are merely an illusion of settling these issues. They may give me some emotional reprieve, but every time these people continue to hurt me in these ways specified in these unsent letters, the wound is opened once again. Because I really haven’t said anything. People need to hear things, even if it shatters the illusions that they have set before them. We need to inform others of OUR emotional reality, and listen whole heartedly to theirs. There can be no healing if the wound is not cleaned. It is time to do so, because living in subjective, introverted hell will only make the wound fester. This will be a time of high intuition, and like I said, it’s not like we have a choice anyway.