Juno Direct – The Other Woman

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

A wife who discomforts you with the truth is better than a mistress who massages you with lies.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Effective Dates: August 27th- December 17th

Welcome one, welcome all, to the circus that is relationships. It’s messy show where you willingly place your head in the mouth of a lion to show everyone just what guts of steel you have. Ugh, love makes us do dumb as shit things, and the lack of it makes us desperate raving fools clawing hungrily at any affection thrown our way.  We become a fury when our love is scorned or our lover is whisked away by another. And like the goddess Hera, who is Juno’s namesake, when scorned we show our dark side.

While Juno is in Capricorn, you may feel that there is a sort of choke hold on you. Last time we checked in with Juno, she was in retrograde (Rx) back when we had Venus Rx as well (oh lordt that was a strange time full of fuckboy midnight messages and breakups galore). So our green eyed darling is direct once again, and those of you who took the time to work on your own shadow in your relationships are probably going to prosper immensely; you know what you are looking for, you know what you want, and if it collides with what your relationship is, you worked out a solution (and that solution could most definitely be “ending it.)  This behavior shows the decisiveness and strength that the sign Capricorn craves. We had to face the facts that relationships are in fact work, but sometimes shit is broken beyond fixing or isn’t the right part for the job, so to speak. Your relationship is a partnership, and if goals aren’t being accomplished together and if your needs aren’t being satisfied then why the fuck are you holding on?  Capricorn doesn’t care about sentiment, and this transit will wreck you if you are sticking around because things used to be glorious. No, no, no, things need to be glorious and creatively (and sexually) on fire now, so find out what the missing ingredient is.

The 4 of Cups is of great importance in this reading.  There is a sense of control, complacency, especially with Juno in Capricorn energy being around. You think that your relationship needs to be established in a certain way and you stop taking risks. You stop trying to profess your love (why would you need to when you two have dated for 5 years or whatever it may be). It seems more exciting to flirt with others and let your relationship solidify like a rock, stabilizing emotions when emotions need room to breathe and live (like water). Love without risk is the meaning behind this card, and it is reminding you that you have settled the fires in your relationship and aren’t looking at your lover with interest and curiosity any longer. The restriction may be in place because you are afraid of losing your partner. You don’t try new things in bed, you don’t try new places, you don’t break your routine, and you wonder why you are so fucking bored.

Your need and your partner’s need, for love isn’t being fulfilled if you keep your love like a figurine in a museum. Take a risk. Evolve so that they can evolve with you. Change your style, change your hobbies and incorporate them in this change. If you both aren’t growing together, you both die together, and then other avenues of escape become far more interesting. You will bore of your mistresses just like you bored of your partner. The loveliness of the other woman (or man’s) affection will fade and you will be introduced to reasons why you can’t fucking stand them. Dig deep and figure out why you are escaping instead of breathing life into something that wants to be alive. Find out why you are wasting your energy elsewhere. Sometimes it’s because the relationship needs to die, you need to escape, and you can’t figure out any other way. You must dig deep and find that all the energy you are exerting keeping your failing relationship alive can be used to help yourself grow and meet someone else who will want to grow with you. If you try to breathe fire into your relationship and your partner is refusing, that may be the real wake up call you are waiting for. If you are escaping from your relationship because your partner is trying to reveal truths to you that you cannot handle, just remember that the blindness of new love with the other can only hide your flaws for so long. You’ll always fall back down, and not everyone will fight by your side when that happens. In short, love is complicated, but honestly, we are all at fault for that…

Uranus Retrograde – Mad King

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

He who reigns within himself and rules passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.” John Milton

Effective Dates: August 3rd, 2017- January 3rd, 2018

So, heretic, do you need permission?  Do you need pure and simple definition?  Do you not truly believe that we are all constructing reality, together? We have as much say as anyone else about what is going to happen to us. We are a family, a species, a planet, interconnected and flying this spaceship earth to gods know where, but we are in it together. There is so much infighting happening on the surface of our only provider of life as we know it. We squabble over games when we all know, inherently, that there is a greater picture. The thing is, we think we are alone. We think that there is nothing out there, so we might as well just exist as if the confines of this space rock is our only purpose. Oh no, Heretics, this is our home, and we are setting our own house on fire with us in it.

So, heretic, do you need permission to rebel against this?  

Uranus is done fucking around. Uranus is tired of his children acting like sheep, blinding and drugging themselves daily, asleep.  Uranus, remember, is the awakener – Prometheus. We get stuck in a worldview, heretics, and sometimes it takes a burst of lightening from the sky to get us back on track. Again, like any Uranus retrograde, expect the unexpected and expect that a revolution is coming. This retrograde comes right before two eclipses, one in Uranus ruled Aquarius and the other in Solar Leo.  The king and his kingdom, heretics, and I must get political here because these two signs are highly political. We must believe and expect that we will come together, through revolution – an information revolution – that will liberate us from the rule of the few. We live in a global society, steering this global spaceship and we must keep it alive. The only way to do so is to cooperate, challenge constructively, and celebrate both healthy independence and original thought – let live – and cooperation/networking. Together, we can do this, all of us, we can come together from all 4 corners and figure out this insanity together.

But first, you need to build a spine. The 7 of wands stands in the middle of this reading like kundalini. There is completion before it (4 of Wands) and a new religion after it (Hierophant). We must celebrate ourselves against all odds. We must parade ourselves, our true selves, and not allow anyone to prescribe who we are. And we also must find a language, a way to communicate with each individual so we can share experience. We are each a small part of a greater whole, and all perspectives, true to themselves, must be allowed to shine. We create radicalization when we hold things down, assert too much rule over them. I suppose this period of time, with Saturn coming into Capricorn and a Leo total eclipse over the United States, we will find out just what it is that finally wakes us all up – the control asserted over your own life and the control asserted over the masses.  Until then, this is Mad King energy, and you must realize that only you rule over yourself, and the spine, true courage and valor, is what connects us to our higher purpose. Courage is a vehicle, and without it we remain where we are, complacent and asleep.