Venus in Virgo – Tramp

 Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Oh, I know that she’s disgusted,
cause she’s feeling so abused.
She gets tired of the lust,
but it’s so hard to refuse.”  – Elvis Costello

Effective Dates: September 21st- October 15th

Well, I guess the new Lana Del Rey album came out just in fucking time; moody, finger pointing angst while chain-smoking cigarettes and drinking negroni cocktails has become a common theme during the death of summer and the skeletal embrace of autumn. You may have thought that your Virgo “corrections” were over with the Sun entering Libra, but we still have 3 planets in Virgo sneaking their perfectionist tendrils into the fragile cracks in our lives. This leaves us morose in Libra season when we are supposed to be living in la-la land, thinking up fantasies, falling in love and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

People are going to grin and shake your hand like they are trustworthy at this time, but really – REALLY – there is a lot of selfishness and manipulation in the air. You know why? Because everyone is stressed the fuck out and they have more on their plate than they can handle and they’d rather watch you drown in shit than let themselves drown in shit. You are going to be negotiating the very things you value most – your home, your love, your time, your life course – because we are all going through a collective paradigm shift at the moment. You may have thought that your life was going a certain way, but the course changes as quickly as you counted your chickens before they hatched. Whenever you think you have a hold on the universe, it comes right back and nips you like a hungry snake.

Things are taken from you, people retreat into hurt hermit life or leave on new adventures without you, the world makes it harder and becomes colder and you are forced to look at yourself in the mirror and blame the only person you can scream at without them fighting back – yourself. It is easy to be mistreated if you have service in your heart. You may want to help others climb out of their rotting hell, but you have to be careful who you lend your assistance to. The ones you know have a good heart and are drowning just a little bit harder than you – REACH OUT WITH LOVE. But the ones who have always masked their selfishness with an air of selflessness, the ones that haven’t proven themselves to you through tough times to be true to their values, let them go. They will be resentful and call you all sorts of hurtful things, but right now you need to take care of yours.

So now focus on your life, yourself, your body, your needs – where should you go from here? What do YOU NEED to feel fulfilled and safe? What do you need to devote yourself to that will give to you in return?  You are going to be asked to sacrifice parts of yourself during this transit, and you need to REFUSE this asking. People are in desperation to correct their lives, and they will use your life force unwittingly to do so. This is a great time to retreat and figure out what you need to set your life on course again. Obstacles will come in your way and you need to figure out exactly what they are keeping you from, why, and if you are truly making the right choice or not. Is this the course you want to take, or is all this bullshit around you just telling you that you need to re-evaluate your values? Perhaps it is time for you to jump into a new paradigm, one that has been begging you to take a chance on it, and see if it will be healthier for your overall well-being or not. Are your relationships serving you just as much as you are serving them, or are you living with vampires that are going to make the hard times coming eat you alive? It is easy to succumb to them because they make your service to them feel so good at times… but really, they are eating your life force and claiming to be the “nice guy.”  Don’t base your decisions on anyone around you. Base it on your needs, because, in the end, you will always be stuck with yourself; in this life and the next.

Venus in Leo – Heart of Gold

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Your self esteem wont come from body parts. You need to step away from the mirror every once in a while, and look for another reflection, like the one in the eyes of the people who love and admire you.”
 – Stacy London

Effective Date: August 27th- September 21st

Jesus, Venus can’t catch a break… We have been slowly simmering in our love lives since the retrograde, and now we get a blast of bad bitch energy. It seems Venus may be recovering from some fuckboys and needs to light some shit on fire (I’d watch out for that, an angry Venus is more terrifying that Mars at times). Slow cooking makes for some delicious dishes, so it’s time to submerge ourselves into the liquid fire and see what comes of it.

Virgo season is all about correcting our shit, making sure our ducks are in order, and coming out strong enough to make it through autumn and winter. With both Mars and Venus in Leo, and a gigantic Eclipse in Leo, we have a focus on personal magnetism and ego power. Ego is the vehicle that moves us through the world, but it must be melded together just right with your dark and light sides (the Chariot). If there is a peppering more of either, the balance is lost (and you’ll lose your footing in Libra season, the fulcrum of the year). You must have mercy and you must have the ability to chop off a head or two when the times call for it. It is hard to make the proper distinction, but when you know what you want, the decision becomes easier to make; you wont be so weak in the midst of misty eyes if you know the relationship is rotting your soul. This energy will also give those of you in loving relationships some solar plexus fire. There is nothing sexier than seeing your partner light up with passion about the things they love, and Venus in Leo brings back the heart in our work. It also brings back tremendous amounts of romance – the kind where you see each other as individuals equals and play your conquering game together (and hello, don’t forget Eros and Psyche just entered Libra!) Venus in Leo’s are tremendously loyal lovers because they do not commit to just anyone. They commit to those they think are worthy, and they will bleed and kill for them if need be.  This is a very “hunter” like Venus, a predator that goes for what they want with fury and passion. Remember why you chose the people you chose in your life, and keep in mind why certain people left…

During this transit, you will have to address the garbage (3 of swords). With Venus getting pummeled since her Babylonian stage over the spring, you’ve had your plate full with everything and anything and you’ve allowed your heart to get buried under a boulder. Venus wants to pump some lovin’ back into your body, get you excited about life and art and love and romance again. She wants you to recite your pain into your poetry, squeeze your hurt onto the canvas, and dance yourself clean. She wants you to take pride in what you do, and take pride in those you roll with. In order to do this, you are going to need to detox. You are going to need to purge all of the bullshit you have been keeping inside and repressing. In order to shine, you need to clean the grime. It’s going to hurt to talk it out and let people know how they have hurt you, or admit how you have hurt them, but that is the only way you can remove the cage from your heart and let it grow and truly connect.

WARNING WARNING – Trust me, Heretics, this is the time. We have some scary as fuck astro coming up after the next month, so if you don’t take this time to cleanse yourself and feel pride in yourself again, you are going to crumble and it wont be pretty… For those of you hanging by a thread right now, there is obviously something you are missing. You are roaring at the universe asking it to do things for you when you don’t actually do shit for yourself. You see yourself as above others, cleaner than others, even if you recite that “we are all equals.” Your words aren’t matching your actions, and you aren’t LISTENING. You are letting your ego swallow you whole, and this Leo energy is either going to shove you further into this self delusion or you are going to finally crack and see what true pride is all about. True pride is based on honesty and mutual reception. It is standing your ground but also evaluating yourself without mercy when you are told you are most definitely wrong. Pride actually goes hand in hand with humility. You have attached yourself to a false sense of ego, some pretty dressed up bullshit to costume the void in your soul. If you don’t love yourself, honey, aint nobody gunna love you. The only way to true union is to be an individual unto yourself – someone who can stand alone and stand proud and powerful yet receptive to others (2 of cups).


Venus Retrograde in Aries – Babylon

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“53. For thy sake shall I stride through the flames of Hell, though my tongue be bitten through.

54. Let me behold thee naked and lusting after me, calling upon my name.
55. Let me receive all thy manhood within my Cup, climax upon climax, joy upon joy.
56. Yea, we shall conquer death and Hell together.
57. And the earth is mine. ” – “Liber 49, The Book of Babalon”, channeled by Jack Parsons

Effective dates:  March 4, 2017 – April 15, 2017 (In Shadow April 15th – May 19th 2017)

Mmm, secrets.  There is nothing that tears lovers a part more than secrets.  They are destructive.  Explosive.  There’s nothing like them, and there’s hardly anything more powerful.  The secrets of the universe control our fate.  The secrets of the state control our lives.  The secrets of our lovers control our hearts and minds.  Aye, but this Venus in Retrograde is armed with liberation.  She wants you displeased.  She wants you so torn down that you literally have nowhere else to go but her arms. And then, Heretics, only then will she give you the gift.  The gift of secrets revealed. She will come down with fiery passion.  You will meet her somewhere that you’ve been a million times before, but this time she will be like a burning flame in it’s center.  She may be a young man with blood red hair and the grace of a swan, or an old, elegant woman with a ruby red glass of wine and plenty of time to spare.  She may be a red alert on your phone, or perhaps a red banner streaming on the bottom of a newscast.  She will catch your attention, however she chooses to manifest, and you will know her presence.  And there the secrets will spill forth like water quenching a cup.

During this transit, Venus will move from Evening Star to Morning Star (March 27 exact date of the switch over).  Who else do we call the Morning Star?  Oh, that’s right; Lucifer.  Venus retrograde lasts 40 days and 40 nights, just like the Temptation of Christ by the devil in the desert.  And she will tempt and test you at every turn…  But first it will offer you opportunity.  Opportunity to break free of your confines, of your stagnation, of your mistakes – in both love and finance.  She is giving you one last chance to fucking prove yourself, Heretics.  Aries season is upon us and we have a Uranus/Eris conjunct during this retrograde, meaning expect the unexpected.  Even from yourself.  Until Venus turns into the Morning Star, you will have plenty of opportunity to use this retrograde to your advantage.

And how the fuck do you do that?  Well, Venus in Aries blesses the bold.  She also rules instincts – especially when it comes to love and money.  A person with a natal Venus in Aries knows when they aren’t wanted, and they know when the energy flow of the relationship is trickling.  Because Venus also rules over money, this retrograde will allow you to inspect all of the financial decisions you have been making – giving you a chance to redeem yourself if you have the audacity.  She is asking for a warrior, and a warrior doesn’t back down from a challenge.  This is a Ride or Die bitch, so if you jump on this bandwagon and into the work – be it of the heart or of the coin – without hesitation and over-thinking (Aries hates that), she will bestow you with the very things your soul desires.  But, it comes with a price (just like any deal with the devil).

Once she turns into her hell on heels Morning Star version, if you did the work, you will be tempted to drop all of that work for something else that you truly desire…  But, just like Jesus, it wont be the thing that your soul craves. It may be what your fleshcraves, or your pride, or your piece of mind, but it will, in the end, cripple you spiritually.  You can perhaps use this time as a mirror.  Sometimes temptations can jar us out of bad situations.  They make us think – why were we tempted in the first place?  Is there something that is not stable in our lives?  Are we in relationships we don’t really want to be in, or are we merely being prompted to confront an issue in our relationship that will solidify our bond further once addressed? These are great contemplations for this time.

Venus Retrogrades are usually a time for zombie romances – meaning ex’s, both scorned and wanted will be making appearances. You’ll be forced to review these relationships and why they failed (a lesson you still for some fucking reason need to learn)- and sometimes you might fail yourself and get trapped back in these energies.  Keep in mind when they visit; they are the dead coming to relive their past because that’s what the dead fucking do.  These people are merely back to check your fortitude.  Remember – 40 days and 40 nights of temptation in the desert, meaning there will be mirages.  Venus is in detriment when she is in Aries, because the loving moral compass of a planet becomes a wild, debauchery driven fiend ready to jump on the first hot thing that comes along.  You’ll have to fight this as well, because temptations will be behind every corner.  Remember, think with your gut, not your loins and ego, and you’ll make it through this maze of mirrors, Heretics, and when it’s over you’ll realize you have instinctively found some strange shortcut to an oasis.

Jupiter in Libra this year is attempting to help us find our soul mates –in love, business, and friendship. Jupiter is currently retrograding, and Venus will be joining him, shaking up and reviewing the partnerships you have been making and ending since September.  When the planets go into retrograde, the gods turn their backs.  They give you a chance to prove yourself – your faith and courage – in the face of having zero guidance from the divine – only punishment and reward when you hit your mark.  It is up to you now to decide if your decisions were based on your true path or were horrible fucking mistakes that could cost you miles on your road.  Has your deep, romantic relationship been a false alarm meant to test if you can tell the difference – are there secrets deep down you didn’t even know about that are rotting your heart?  Is your business partnership leaking holes like a dam about to give way; secrets rotting your financial life…?  Venus will bestow you with those secrets only if you are bold enough to look.  How do you know if you should look?  And where you should look?  Think with your gut.  Aries demands it.

Some positives?  If you were shy about your creative pursuits before, you definitely wont be now.  You will want to show the world what you can do.  This is an immense time for creative types – especially the introverted kind.  Make art like fucking crazy, because this is your time to get noticed and this is your time to innovate like you have never innovated before.  You will be rethinking any creative projects you have been doing – reviewing and mixing in a little bit of chaos.  Retrogrades are always good for artists, and this retrograde is no different.  Warning though- keep an eye on all your financial transactions during this time because money seems to vanish as if out of nowhere.  This can also mean that money can appear out of fucking nowhere as well.  Set your intentions, and don’t get burnt too bad, Heretics.