Venus in Pisces – Ambrosia

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.”
 – St. John of the Cross

Effective Dates: January 4th, 2017- February 4th, 2017

I dated a Venus in Pisces once. I’m pretty sure the entire relationship happened in an alternative dimension that shifted and morphed in syncopated rhythm to her emotional cycles. Pisces energy has pulled me into vortexes like no other sign in the zodiac. One minute I’m walking down the street and the next my Pisces friend runs into me and we are talking inter-dimensional travel and her past lives. And then later that night I’ll be in a room full of Pisces, hippie energy galore and musical instruments blaring while a joint is being passed around. Yeah, sure, we Aquarians are just as fucking strange and feel quite at home in all of these wyrd conversations and radically out of the box thinking, but we surely don’t know how to handle the mutable hell that ensues when Pisces push open dimensions.  Aqua’s need some sort of compass, a constellation, something to guide us through the rushing waters of consciousness.  Aquarians are like radio towers that require being fixed to receive the information from the heavens that we must then give to ya’ll.  Pisces, on the other hand, jump right into the waters of the heavens and deep sea dive for treasures.  So Venus transitioning from Aquarius into Pisces may make us feel disoriented, suspended, yet eerily free.

So much overthinking going on, Heretics.  The mind, who’s purpose it is to navigate us through the geography of the external world, can also poison the inner knowing.  The High Priestess, making herself present in this reading, is indicating to me that there is plenty of real wisdom in this transit – if we open ourselves up to our intuition.  Even fiery Mars is currently bathed in Piscean energy, so our attempts at getting anything done comes out fruitless.  This seems like a time of debauchery, lots of sex, making art, and dreaming.  If you overthink through this transit, you will become very lost.  To our Virgo readers, please do not fret!  If you use your laser vision to make art instead of panic, you can get through this transit.  You’ve just got to accept the craziness right now – shit is being rearranged and we are so sorry you don’t get to pick where everything goes.  Pisces is not conducive for logical inspection, even if Mercury is in Capricorn (and in retrograde as we report this).  Things will be elusive, worlds will be created, and your only compass out of those worlds will be your inner knowing.

The Fountain card makes it’s presence known here.  It’s symbol is the infinity loop, carrying us, like Pisces, back into the eternal collective.  We will be able to find our deepest emotional values here, but we must keep in mind that we need to choose something and leave or we will get lost forever.  4 of Swords indicates a single mindedness that must emerge for us to make it through this transit.  Pick a project, pick a goal, and hone in on that.  You will get lost in daydreams otherwise.  Getting work done will seem almost… impossible when you are lost in the astral all fucking day.

There will be a great need to “play martyr” in this transit.  Don’t give me any of that “woe is me” bullshit.  Mars is about to transition into Aries, and you’re going to get your ass handed to you if you don’t keep your inner fire going.  Don’t engage romantically if it feels intuitively wrong.  Don’t let your mind fall for the delusional traps that are very present during this transit.  Follow your heart, that is the only way through this.  Yes, it will be hard as fuck with all of this water energy going on – bogging us down and slipping through the cracks in our trauma- but we need to emotionally purge 2016 from our hearts before we can move on to the actions required for 2017.  There is a great potential to heal here if we sit back, listen, and trust in the divine plan.  Drink up the inspiration, follow the current – don’t fight, just observe.  You’ll get to the mouth of the river once you let go, and there you will find something precious.  What treasures will Venus in Pisces dig up from your depths?


Venus in Aquarius – High Voltage

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Effective Dates- December 8th, 2016-January 3rd, 2017

Mmm, this is my natal position for Venus, and I’m always excited to “come back home.”  And Fuck, although some tough transits are going on right now, we are getting positive boosts from the romantic side of life.  Juno recently made her transit into Saggo, and now Venus has finally powered through her rough Scorpio + Capricorn transits and found delicious, delicious freedom in Aquarius. With such positive aspects to Jupiter (trine) and Saturn (sextile), this is surely going to be a beautiful Venusian transit full of all the more positive aspects of the Aquarian archetype.  Prepare for lightening flashes of insight when it comes to your personal finances + your romantic relationships, and for things to come together in some strange and unexpected ways.

6 of Swords.  With Venus in Aqua sextile Saturn in Saggo, we are going to receive some revolutionary insights into our relationships.  What’s amazing about this transit is that it will allow you the opportunity to actually see the patterns of your past romantic relationships in clear, Uranian insight (pow pow!)  With Saturn in Saggo, you will get a surge of inventiveness and a philosopher’s edge.  Whatever happens here, you will stumble on to a new method of love with a flavor of Aquarian/Saggo freedom attached to it.  It’s time to leave behind essentially everything you ever knew about… well anything.  Aquarius breaks every single box she sees, so the impossible may just be, well, very possible right now.  Yes, in fact, you are going to know exactly what it is going to take to obtain the type of love you desire.  The real question is, are you going to have the courage to rebel against perceived restrictions to obtain it?

The Chariot.  With Jupiter blasting Venus off with trine energy from Libra, relationships that began as a result of the Jupiter in Libra transit will get an open door of opportunity.  Although we will receive this opening there is also a warning here.  The Chariot alludes to the armor that we wear in order to carry our most sacred desires through this cold and dangerous world.  It is the ability to juggle contradictions and live peacefully between them.  It is the control that it takes to protect inner from outer, and also integrate inner and outer.  This building of external armor is very common Venus in Aquarius behavior.  And it is often times very detrimental for individuals with this position in their natal.  This energy often times makes an individual so wrapped up in their armor that it becomes difficult to express love.  There are some hilarious stories about how negatively aspected Venus in Aqua individuals communicate their love.  I once heard of a Venus in Aqua individual who could only communicate their feelings through mix tapes (one can only assume his love trauma began in high school).

An individual who has mastered their Venus in Aquarius knows that they must integrate and trust their gut/instincts, like any good scientist.  What may seem like a contradiction may in fact be an opportunity to new and deeper understanding.  If we do not have the freedom to experiment, how can we ever learn about chemistry?  Scientists know that when they commit to finding an answer, they must also commit to having their hypothesis changed and changed again.  That is the nature of our paradoxical universe.  Once we hold on to one belief, something happens to rattle our world in the other direction.  The Chariot is our Willful attempt to dance in the paradox via the power of our trust in our instincts and our ability to protect our heart – but not so much that it becomes eternally encapsulated.

2 of Cups.  Oh boy, we have a 2 of Cups drawn for a Venus transit.  This is a good omen.  This card coming after the 6 of Swords and The Chariot tells me that this transit has a question attached to it, “How do we merge the contradictions in order to form unity even in difference?”  The answer, according to my cards, is finding a goal with your counterbalance.  Grumble all you want, Aquarians, even we have a counter balance.  We can’t always be the frosty loner, misunderstood by everyone and everything.  Sometimes we really are rebels without a cause – and we rebel against our own best interests.  YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO FUCKING DO!  Maybe you’ll hear this from one of your own:  You should probably at least listen.  Rebel against your own rebellion against merging methods with others.  Jupiter in Libra is going to teach us a lot about listening and adjusting.  This is no time to run from intimacy when incredible amounts of luck and opportunity are being presented to you by Jupiter.  You are SEEING your opportunity.  The real question is are you willing to believe in it and start adjusting your life to open yourself up to the blessing?

So here is the key to this transit – if you can integrate the contradictions inside of you (The Chariot – 6 of Swords), instead of suppressing them and controlling them, you will obtain what you most desire (2 of Cups).   The issue with most Venus Aquarians is that our natal position directly contradicts the dominant culture.  We believe in allowing our lovers to be exactly who they are – we love by breaking chains and setting people free.  And if they come back to us, well, then we know it was meant to be.

P.S. Heretics-  Don’t forget the kink.  Always expect some weird kink to come up during a Venus in Aquarius transit.  And expect kinky behavior to be inflated because of Jupiter and Saturn’s involvement.

Venus in Capricorn – Frigid

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.”
  – John Milton

Effective Date: November 13th- December 8th 2016

Why frigid?   We must remember that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and thus restriction is the key word here.  This restriction from our lovers can come in many ways.   Venus revolved into Sagittarius hoping for some relief after an extra intense Venus in Scorpio season, but she was met full force with Saturn who has been sitting in Saggo for some time now.  This rifted something between all of us – it can be seen macro and micro.  Love has been wrenched from us and pulled away kicking and screaming into the night.  Will there be relief, we ask?  Will the restrictions end?

Nope.  Now she enters Capricorn, so the Saturn influence is still with us.  How are you being restricted from your loved ones?  This could be via distance, a break up, unforeseen circumstances that severed your connection, etc.  Love is, to people right now, a utility.  What can I get from you?  Don’t take what I have because it’s not enough for even me!  We are hoarding every little drop of love we can get, and lamenting about all the ways in which it has been taken as of late.

But hey, when god closes a door, a window is opened.  Or something like that, right?  So if your lover can’t just walk in your front door, it’s time to have them climb up the side of your house and shimmy into your window like High School all over again.  In other words, get fucking creative.  Capricorn may be about restriction, but Capricorn is sensual (remember, she is EARTH, and the most senior of the earth signs).  There is something sexual about the restriction, about not having, about pushing away and having the distance between you and your lover.  This new perspective may in fact show you where the real strengths of your relationship are.  Causes for lamentation will become causes for celebration soon enough when you realize there are a billion ways to love someone.

Oh it’s that NEED that Capricorn wants.  It’s the “I will fight through everything to be with you,” mentality.  Remember, Capricorn is about security.  How can she, in the kinkiest ways possible apparently, secure the fact that you you really do want her?  Sometimes this involves some fucked up games of being an ice queen, but that is NOT the way to go with this transit.  If you come up against this type of energy, there are many sweet, warm ways to thaw it out.  Even from a distance.  The sun is billions of miles away yet it can scorch the earth.  The love from the distance makes Capricorn comfortable (they are so insufferably uncomfortable all the god damn time), so it gives you your chance to move in slowly as this transit progresses.  Hell, from this distance you may finally notice some things you fucking hate just as much as new things you absolutely love.  So consider all of this a gift, in some weird ways.

For those of you attempting to restrict yourselves from relationships you DON’T want after noticing what psychos they are (oh you will really get to see the psychos come out this transit), this is your muthafuckin’ chance.  Ice Queens Capricorn and Aquarius are the next two signs that Venus will transit through, so if there was a time to severe a love connection it is now – some point before the end of the New Year.

But hey, either way, after some heart break, tears and rage, this transit’s ability to help us distance from our sources of love will allow us to either come back extremely grateful for them or finally realizing that they are a god damn waste of our time.


Venus in Sagittarius – Love on the Run

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire

Effective Dates
:  10/19/16-11/12/16

Is the writing on the wall yet?  Venus will conjunct with Saturn during this transit, and in Sagittarius, which will make you feel like you are trapped in a cage after drinking a bucket of coffee.  And all this during the tail end of Libra season, right before the dissecting Scorpio waters overtake us.  Sounds lovely, right?  Lovely not so lovely, like watching a volcano erupt or the earth fold and crackle open.  Or watching a meteor streak across the sky in glorious colors.  You know that this tremendous event that has befallen you is going to destroy everything you once knew, yet there is literally nothing you can do about it.  The writing is on the wall.

Here, let me help you.

4 of Wands is considered the marriage card, and what better way to think of a conjunction than a marriage of energies.  You need to come to terms with the lessons Saturn is about to teach you.  Venus is not happy about this because Venus is about all the places we find love and goodness in our lives – where we have our passion and our modes of connecting via the heart.  She does not like restriction being placed on the heart, but Saturn is the slicer and dicer and ready to teach us a lesson called the Queen of Swords.  Saggo is about higher vision, greater calling, the bigger picture.  Saturn is crushing us with this knowledge.  We inherently know where we must go, who must be in our lives, and how we need to take off from here.  Unfortunately, before we can take off into implementing our vision we have a date with the night.

Saturn wants to teach Venus one more lesson before he departs into Capricorn, and that is learning why we must live from our higher vision at all costs – in whatever way those lessons decide to grace our lives.  If we do not learn these lessons, we will be dealt heavy handed punishments from Saturn.  Any time you tried to edge yourself away from your higher vision, you tied another knot.  Those knots have now trapped you in a web of your own making, keeping you from your journey and leaving you as weak prey for whatever predators of the spirit come your way.  Are your actions in line with your values?  If they are not, you are going to feel the bone crushing pressure during this transit to confront whatever obstacle are in your way that keeps you from these goals.  If you do not, well, prepare to have the heart of your journey ripped out from your chest.  But if you do…  Queen of Wands.

Saggo rewards bravery.  A Saturn in Saggo will reward bravery in the journeyman, the visionary, the philosopher who refuses to sit still and be ruled over.  If you dive into this transformation, we will be met with Scorpio season shadow work and Venus will move into Capricorn to encounter Pluto – the god of the underworld.  Let this be a stark warning to you.  This will be a bleak period indeed if you cannot get to the heart of your heart and hammer away at those shackles (and remember what I said back on the full moon Saggo – you have to swing fucking hard and fast to get those chains off).   Yes, you want to run, you want to gallop away on some white horse, but guess what – there is no white horse to save you from something of your own making, in your own head.  Prepare to meet the restrictions that have been placed around your heart head on, and you’d better draw your sword when you need to, Queen of Swords.




Venus in Scorpio – Kinks

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Heaven’s just a rumor she’ll dispel.
As she walks me through the nicest parts of hell.
I still dream of lips I never should have never kissed
Well she knows exactly what I can’t resist

If she says come inside I’ll come inside for her
If she says give it all I’ll give everything to her
I am justified
I am purified
I am sanctified
Inside you

I’m still caught up in another of her spells
Well she’s turning me into someone else
Everyday I hope and pray this will end
But when I can, I do it all again” – Nine Inch Nails, “Sanctified”

Effective Date for Venus in Scorpio– September 23rd- October 18

I have worked a lot with Scorpio energy.  Diving into Scorpionic archetypes 2 winters ago is what got me to shed so many horrible misconceptions I had about myself (see 8 of Cups by Artemis).  Scorpio is the detective of the Zodiac.  They are investigative; prodding the psychology of everyone around them.  For example:  I have Pluto (Scorpio’s planet) at my midheaven, which gives me this piercing, prying, intense, transformative presence.  There isn’t fuck all I can do about it.  It’s literally the first thing others notice about me, and it is literally the first thing others notice about a heavily influenced Scorpio individual as well.  Get ready for this type of energy to enter your love life and seep into your ideas about physical fortune.

Have you felt the pressure building?  This transit is like seeing smoke and going in instead of running.  Mars will be in Capricorn, ravenous and blood thirsty, launching us into new worlds because we will finally have the drive of the gods behind our back.  And Venus moving into Scorpio will take all of the strange psychology of your particular love life and bring it right to the forefront.  If you haven’t noticed, the masks have been falling away from you since the Scorpio Full Moon back in Taurus season.  Life is a constant roller coaster of transformation, and if you stay stagnant, you seep right back into the fabric of things instead of being an active, conscious participant in it’s unraveling.  As the universe unravels, so do you, and Venus in Scorpio is going to make sure of it.

Let’s descend into the reading…

Death Card, aka The Nameless Card.  Your values have been your compass through the past year, but they are about to be met with some gruesome scrutiny.  Is that reaaaaallly what you believe is true, or is it what you think you should believe is true?  You need to fully experience those values (Venus is the planet of Values) and also intellectually inspect them after said experiences.  You can’t live your life from one angle or the other, so it’s time for Scorpio to do what she does best; make us fully confront all the lies we tell ourselves so that we may become the best version of ourselves.  For some of you, this will mean layering more lies on top, like frosting on a fucking hell cake, expecting not to see those pesky things again, because, well, you did such a great job cementing them in this time.  Eh, isn’t that what you told yourself last time?  The thing is, Heretics, everything that goes into the underworld never stays in the underworld.  It comes back up, in weird and unexpected ways.  

Here is where the “kink” aspect of Venus in Scorpio kicks in.  Ace of Wands.  We play games with ourselves, our subconscious and conscious mind dancing around each other in theatrical performance for the outside world.  For those with an investigative nature, we notice these patterns in others.  For as many aspects of ourselves that we keep caged up, there are ways in which they come out to play.  There are consensual and safe ways for these things to come out into the light of day, and partners who can help you theatrically move through your shadow dance are some of the best partners you will have.  How deep is your love?  How deep are your hurts and pains about love?  The shadow side will try and find a way for you to reconcile these, to alchemicly meld and transform those parts of yourself.  How does your personal psychology want to play those things out in regards to love and sex and your ideas of security (Venus)?  The thing is, you’re not going to be able to help it.

The transformation is going to knock at your door whether you like it or not, and you’re going to have to sit down with it and have tea and discuss all the things you really, really, really want to feel in order to move on from past pain, or to prepare yourself for becoming something else.  Now, shadow elements don’t always have to be about reconciling something negative.  Sometimes they are about building up toward something we want to become.  How does your mind want to theatrically prepare itself to transform – to take on more powerful personality traits?

Queen of Swords.  There will be people in your life that have entered it since the Scorpio Full Moon back on 4/20 that will now begin to crack you the fuck open.  Tell your lies, Heretics, and watch your words turn to ash as you speak them.  Tell your truths, Heretics, and watch yourself ascend out of the underworld like a fucking Queen.  You can’t leave here, you can’t leave these depths and the shadow games they play until you fully confront yourself and take off all the masks.  Scorpio is a water sign, and it’s going to be an emotionally charged transit.  It will transmute itself into all of your cracks and pours, seeping into the deepest parts of yourself without you realizing there was any way to get that deep.  The Queen of Swords slices and dices, and she can be a cruel mistress.  With this Venus transit coupled with a Capricorn Mars transit, get ready for your love and sex lives to get really fucking dark (yet sexy), exposing, and intense as fucking hell.  What will you see in the mirrored depths?  Pay attention.  And be brave.  Dive in, because it’s the only way out.  


Venus in Libra – Rose Colored Glasses

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective dates- August 29th- September 23rd, 2016

Venus rules illusions and beauty and all the delicious things that keep us enthralled with life.  Libra is ruled by Venus, so the planet moving into the Scales is Venus coming back home.  After the breakdown during Virgo where we faced the dishonesty in our life – dealt with issues of integrity and open hearted truthfulness, it is time to pump some charm and play back in.  Aaah, the dance.  Back and forth we sway with those around us, following and adjusting as they do.  It’s that playful back and forth that Libra is so famous for that gets me every time.  They listen, then they act, always measuring your reactions and emotions.  If you think they aren’t always taking notes (like the rest of the air signs), you have fallen for their trick.  They just come off effortless and graceful due to their excellent ability when it comes to mimicking others.  They can act out any character you please, but deep inside they are constantly fighting for balance and control.

5 of Wands.  But play play play, darlings, and don’t get too caught up in any one particular truth because it will constantly be changing and fluctuating as you get to know the humans around you.  One minute you may be the love of someone’s life and the next you will be nothing but a stranger.  Live in the truth of the moment – that is what Libra knows – and this will become more evident than ever.  When it comes to romance – one of Venus’ most popular domains – this means a shedding of your own illusions by those you open your heart to.  You cannot, no matter how hard you try, see yourself fully.  It takes another, a mirror, to do so.  And you both must unravel, slowly and carefully.  Remember, it’s a dance.  Don’t step on each other’s toes.  So here we are, your mirror is here (10 of CupsMirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?  Libra would say there is no one person who is the fairest.  Firstly, because Libras are people pleasers (seriously, you guys are, holy fuck), and secondly because, well, it’s true.  Each and every person you meet serves as a different fragment of a giant mirror need to finally see yourself.  Some pieces may be much bigger than others, but you need the whole thing, every little piece, to see the whole image.  Your lovers will become far more visible mirrors during this transit.

10 of Cups.  It is time to learn how to talk to people in their own language about the things that you value and need.  We go throughout life spewing our own symbols and ideas at every turn, but what we don’t realize is that few people really understand us this way.  Libra is tasked with figuring out exactly how to translate between people.  (Knight of Swords) How can we meld our symbolic language so that we can all start to really connect with each other?  The thing is, language, though Libra is ruled by it, corrupts the real meaning behind your intentions.  This Venus in Libra (which will move into Scorpio season) must learn how to dance with lovers using emotion and impulse.  More can be said with the glance of an eye than a string of sentences.  The great thing about the 10 of Cups is that it tells me that Venus is going to be in full force, giving us gifts and blessings at every turn.  Love lives will soar, romances will peak, and people will be falling head over heels.   10 of Cups is all about emotional fulfillment, and we cannot have this alone.  Although Leo season taught us that we only need ourselves to survive, Venus into Libra will teach us that we want others in order to explore and get the most out of this life and learn the most about ourselves.

Knight of Swords.  There will be a lot of compulsion to meld with others, but there will also be a shallowness to it.  Be very careful not to flirt just for flirting’s sake, but to open up and blossom with others.  There can be a frivolity to Libra that must be watched out for.  You may get burned by someone you thought was more interested than they really were, but don’t take this to heart.  This is an exploitative period, and you should be exploring as well.  There is a bit of restlessness to the 10 of Cups because things are settled – motion has stopped – and Libra is not okay with this so they will get icey and cut those around them so that movement can begin again.  They like to fix things and mediate, so if things are settled they get cold and distant.  Libra loves to save others, and if there is nothing about you that they can save – they will move on.  This type of energy will be very prevalent, so make sure to be extra communicative with your lovers.  Libras just looooove to communicate, except for when it comes to their own serious emotions.  Then they run and hide and cut cut cut (this is why the Queen of Swords is Libra in the tarot – hand outstretched in greeting but sword in the other hand).  Don’t let your lovers run away during this transit when things get serious.  Keep things a bit light and wait for Venus in Scorpio to start digging in deep.

Venus in Virgo – Discretion

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date- August 5-31, 2016

“I got my feet on the ground
And I don’t go to sleep to dream
You got your head in the clouds
And you’re not at all what you seem” – Fiona Apple 

Cards:  6 of Cups, Death, Strength

Ugh, I can already see Venus in Virgo with some sexy glasses, thwaping her ruler into her palm and shaking her head.   It’s a confusing sort of terror.  We are going to get punished for our careless, love drunk mistakes, but her corrections are necessary.  They are NEEDED as Jupiter moves into Libra and puts a dramatic focus on our relationships.  Remember, tower year, and that includes the destruction of the shoddy towers we create in our romantic life.  You naive motherfuckers, you built on shaky ground.  It’s fine.  We are all naive to some degree.  It’s hard not to be when it comes to issues of the heart.  We have been spoon-fed the dominant culture’s version of ideal love our whole lives, so reality slaps are going to be a bit harsh for those of us who still believe these downright fairy-tales (no offense to the Fae).  Un/fortunately, corrections are on the horizon.  Virgo is going to beat the shit out of us a little bit more as Jupiter makes his transition from Virgo into Libra.  What to do when you know something is wrong?  Well, the cards tell me you must kill it.

Aaah, you have your complaints, you have your critical eye placed directly on your relationships (the Death card is ruled by the Zodiac detective Scorpio).  Love isn’t always roses and bunnies, it is also war (why do you think so many love goddesses were also war goddesess).  Illusions are a big theme in this ingress – and breaking those illusions will be key.  Hopefully the lessons of Venus in Leo don’t leave us with too much of an inflated ego.  Developing a healthy ego that has the ability to navigate through reality is very important, but letting that ego get into the mode of playing power games is downright horrible.

This is all about finding our higher love octave as Neptune will be opposing Venus.  Neptune will still be in retrograde during this time, so the illusions our love life is built on will be stripped like crazy.  There will be a death of fantasy and a devastating blow to our universe.  If you are having an affair, you better figure out a way to gain some integrity back into your life – like talking to your partner about having an open relationship or fucking leaving them if you aren’t happy.  Remember, Virgo is all about integrity.  If you are lacking it, she will punish you.  Use your discretion here.  How will you approach the topic?  How will you break it down?  How will you be of true service to yourself and your partner?  Virgo is all about betterment and making sure the structures are sound so that the next earth sign, Capricorn, may build on a good foundation.  Remember, all towers eventually fall, so it’s best to be alone than in a relationship where you are building false structures with someone.  The fall from the top is going to hurt a lot fucking more than ending it any time prior.  Integrity will, in the end, save everyone.

There is a tremendous strength to be found in having the courage to end things when they need to end.  Honesty is true justice, and all hearts eventually heal.  We must see the reality of our lovers – their flaws up close and personal – and we must decide if their person is our partner in crime or holding us back from the most honest life possible.  This transit will finally give you the ability to see clearly what has been literally staring you in the face the entire time.  This transit doesn’t equal the end of every and all relationships.  The death of illusion can, and will, bring some of us even closer together.  Sometimes we hold ideas about our relationships that aren’t true at all (he thinks I’m annoying or she thinks that I’m too critical), when, in fact, the opposite is true.  It’s quite crazy how potent illusion can be and how we can completely trick ourselves into believing two different things at the same time.  We can be told by everyone around us that something seems off about a situation, it doesn’t matter, we will still believe the thing we desire to perceive instead of the reality of the situation.  This doesn’t mean love is somehow false – only that we build on false love all the time.  We are, in the end, truly our worst enemy.