Venus in Leo – Indulgence

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective date of transit-  July 12, 2016

“You know, it’s funny; when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” – Wanda the Owl, BoJack Horseman

Cards:  Queen of Wands, The Tower, The Devil

We all get stuck in situations that, in the beginning, seemed sexy and full of life.  And yes, by situations, I mean love relationships that have blazing red flags from the very beginning.  But they were so funny!  But they were so smart! You didn’t really pay attention to how horribly they treated their friends because their flirting was on point.  After that initial glamour period ends, you learn how they want to subvert who you are and demand things of you.  They carry you around on their shoulder like you’re a handbag instead of a human being, and you wonder when the hell you lost your self worth.

Welcome to Venus in Leo, everyone, but this one will be an especially shocking ingress.  Sure, Venus in Leo is all about being big and flashy and yourself, but it is also about sticking up for who you are.  The Tower.  There is a lot of chaotic energy in the air, and this makes people lash out due to agitation.  Their lives are crumbling, so they should take you down with them.  Their dreams are dying, so no one else can have dreams.  They may have a specific idea of what a perfect human should be, a perfect life should be, so they tear down those they love in order to get them with the program. Don’t let these people destroy what you have built in yourself.  This is a time when your pride, your heart, and your values will be pushed and questioned.  It’s going to be easy to break because there will be multiple aspects going on in the sky that are challenging our emotional understanding of things.  After a sensitive, heart opening Venus transit into Cancer, we are forced to power up in Leo.  You’re going to need to understand your worth, which partners are best to integrate into your tribe, and how to place boundaries with assholes who try and use love to manipulate you into becoming someone you are not.  We all have our own version of what a perfect romance entails.  This transit is going to force us to see the reality of our love situations.

Queen of Wands.  Since Full Moon Libra and Venus Aries season, things have been spicing up for us.  Romances have fallen into place, and some powerful personalities have entered our lives.  Now we must decide which ones lift us up and make us feel like the Kings and Queens we are, and which ones are merely there to teach us important lessons about our own egos (because, baby, our falsely built egos are gunna burn burn burn during this transit).

So you think you’re hot shit?  You’re going to learn exactly who you are.  Some of us actually are exactly as amazing as we present ourselves *cough cough*, but that is because we have the confidence to be ourselves without apologies.  We slice the people out of our lives that wish to drown us in their sick ideas of what perfection is, and we loudly proclaim who we are to the world.  Our true lovers are pulled toward us, attracted by our magnetism like the sun.  You don’t run after these pieces of shit and beg them to be with you.  You are royalty, fucking ROAR!  So shine, baby, shine, because real love is gravitational.

So a partner of yours thinks they are a diamond when they are merely cubic zirconia?  It’s time to make the hard decision, but the right decision – leaving them so that you may step into your power.  Since our double signed full moon of Saggo and Capricorn, we are being tested.  We built a plan in the winter and spring, and now it is time to actually act.  You’re going to see people dropping like flies around you because they do not have the strength to shine, but that wont be you.  You’re a shining fucking star and you are never going to give up on your truest dreams – the ones that come straight from your heart (remember Leo is ruled by the Sun, which rules the heart).

What is our future warning?  The Devil.  Leo shows love to those that are loyal to him.  If Leo knows you are part of his tribe, he will protect you tooth and nail.  You must be able to discern between those that are just buttering you up just so that they can have you as an accessory to their greatness (experts at manipulating the heart), and those who truly do admire you for exactly who you are.  You need someone to rule with you, not rule over you.  Take your heart into account when making these decisions, not your loins.  No matter how sexy arrogance may seem at times, it’s not worth it.  Repeat after me this season: look for confidence, not arrogance.  You need to remove the lovers in your life that are shackling you or you will find yourself stuck in something for years that should have ended at the first date.  Don’t worry, my friends, because we will still have Mercury in Cancer at the time of this ingress, so your intuitions will be at full steam.  Use them.  And make the hard choices.  Trust me, even if you have to drink an entire bottle of tequila and listen to a Beyonce album from beginning to end to break up with that no good piece of shit, you fucking do it.  You are royalty with your own goals and dreams, and anyone who can’t take that into account is not worth your time.


Venus in Cancer – Refuge

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date: 6/18-7/15/16

“Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” 
― Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus

The feeling of Cancer always reminds me of being nestled warmly under the roots of a big, old tree.  The Crab is a sentimental lover with big watery eyes and hands that are always reaching for yours.  There is an eternal coziness to Cancer, and snuggling up with one is like being surrounded by blankets right out of the dryer.  They are also needy as fuck and will suck you dry if you are an individual that craves freedom in relationships.  Sorry, Cancer, gotta tell it like it is.  You can’t keep us hostage forever with your hot chocolate and tears.  I will dig my way out of the room with a fucking spoon, I swear to the gods.

The lesson we do learn from Cancer is that the heart is required for truly ecstatic states. You need to feel comfortable enough to melt and relax into someone in order to be taken to great heights.  With this card combination presented to me, we learn that a true merger of spirit to create something beyond the two individuals involved creates states of drunken ecstasy.  This sounds quite lovely.  The summer time is the perfect time for lusty romances, and without the constant threats coming from winter weather, we can fully focus on melding with individuals around us.  This floaty Cancer energy will be wonderful for tribal love.  You will find a softening happening all around you and stronger, far more open bonds developing between friends.  Cancer tells us there is no need for the harshness.  Summer is here and we have plenty.  Let us share.

The 9 of Cups reminds us that we have the capacity to love and feel fulfillment if we just looked around at what we already have.  We attract what we put out, so a jovial and fulfilled attitude only attracts others who want to propagate this attitude.  The 5 of Swords warns us that we must think of others at this time.  We have all been through weeks of hell with all of these retrogrades, Eris and Uranus finally coming into conjunct, and the grand cross only 4 days away (6/6).  So when Venus finally rolls into Cancer, we will be coming to heal each other with the vast mental resources we have scoured from the depths of our being.  Is your point of view really more important than the ties you have with others?  Before speaking, observe your tribe.  What do you all need to be strong?  It is always easier, far more fun, and far more interesting working with like minded friends and lovers than it ever is going at it alone and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.  We will be learning the meaning behind tribe, and the security and nourishment provided by the tribe.  Without this, we cannot grow into full individuals capable of taking on whatever is dealt our way.

In short, it’s time to learn how to play trust games with those we love.  The only way to reach ecstatic states is to be able to trust and let go.  Don’t worry if you are initially having a very difficult time developing these bonds with others, because it is literally one of the hardest things we will ever learn to do.  But it is also one of the most important.

Venus in Gemini – All That Glitters

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Dates– 5/24-6/17/16

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Press on the gas peddle, it’s fucking Gemini season!  Everything seems to speed the fuck up at this time of year.  And BAM, Venus is having her next ingress.  This one kinda hit me out of nowhere.  I was beginning to fall asleep from a Taurean induced stupor, cradled by ice cream and soap operas.  This is a welcomed fucking wake up call.  I feel like someone just dunked me in ice water and told me to get my shit together.  It’s party season.

Who hasn’t fallen for a god damn Gemini (god damn fdsjlksadjf Gemini)?  Venus in the Twins is a charming muse who skips around blowing minds and bringing a flair of sophistication to any romantic interaction.  She makes you laugh, she makes you think, and then she leaves you.  And this is why we have all also hated a Gemini.

I absolutely love air signs in Venus.  It gives love a flirtatious, easy going nature (which is nice coming out of serious earth).  We are crawling out of a period of time where our emotions were worn on our sleeve.  The last couple of Venusean ingresses have brought to the surface the flood waters of our heart, revealing to us truer shades of our attachments.  Now that we have received our insights, it is time to dive deep into our connections.  It’s time to view love from the Air sign’s perspective.

Saturn and Venus are coming into opposition, so I suspect Gemini will give us epiphanies about the grand plan.  What do I mean by this?  It will show you just why you are connected to the ones you love, and just why you value what you value.  We have a primal attraction to what we are attracted to for a reason.  It’s an eerie sort of fate, and it gets stranger  with a planet like Saturn involved.  Saturn is going to give Venus a lot of pressure to address her grand plan.  Saturn wants answers, and he wants purpose.  He likes structure and lines and containers, and love really rebels against all of this.  Love destroys any sense of “container.”  The intellectualization of Venus in Gemini fighting a idealistic Saturn in Sagittarius is going to be quite the battle.  With these two signs, I imagine two girls fighting in a pudding or something.  Hey it’s still fighting, and one of them has to win!  It’s just going to be kind of a sexy fight.  As the fighting between these two progresses, love will address the structure of our life and the structure of our life will effect our love.  It’ll be a tug of war for a while, but one of their influence will overpower the other in your personal chart.  However,  both will be forever changed from this interaction.  The mutable Grand Cross is coming, and big changes are ahead.

How do air signs fall in love?  With our brains.  No, dead serious.  If we can find someone who makes connections in the same way that we do, regardless of their belief system, we find great value in this.  Gemini is the flirt for a reason.  She is always testing our minds, seeing how everything holds up and if we are able to contend with her.  This is plain and simple air sign behavior.  Get ready for a lot of this, in yourself and others.  Gemini is going to send us out into the world, exploring each other’s paradigms and having a lot of brain sex.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?

2 of Wands warns us not to fear the unknown.  Just go out there and find your vision.  It manifests when you are around similar thinking people.  You can solve this puzzle together and find out why we are pulled to the people we are pulled to.  Why are these particular loves in your life?  Insight is here, and it’s electrifying.

Venus in Taurus – Worth Living

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective date – April 30, 2016

“Life is a party, and parties aren’t meant to last.”  – Prince

Cards:  The Lovers, Two of Swords, Two of Cups

Oooh lala, we have a menage a trois!  Venus is plowing into Taurus, cases of wine in tow.  She heard you forgot how to enjoy yourself (it’s why we are all here in the first place), so it’s time for your (very) friendly Venusean reminder!  The Garden of Eden is here, beneath our feet, and no one knows this better than Taurus.  Start reaping some of your sexy love harvest, punks, because we aren’t going down on this sinking ship without a good time.

What does this combination of cards tell me?  The deck I used for this particular reading is called the “Wildwood Tarot,” and the individual that represents the two of swords sits blindfolded.  In both hands she holds arrows at her heart with her bow stomped to the ground under her left foot.  She is intently listening to her heart before making her decision.  Where will she let her (love) arrows fly?  She wants to achieve justice with her decision (another Venusean reference to Libra).

What is the RIGHT decision?  Once you have the fortune – once you have love – you have to ask yourself, “What am I going to do with all this money?”

The woman in the 2 of Swords card has scales floating above her.  On one side of the scale we have coins and on the other we have a feather.  The outside world is in balance – as this is it’s natural state.  Always seeking balance.  Things are moving the way they need to be, but, unfortunately, the woman in this card hasn’t yet removed her blindfold to see the joy, union, and pleasure around her.  The decisions have already been made.  The Lovers are mid vows, the 2 of Cups are mid spilling of their life blood into each other’s cups.  Venus in Taurus is telling us to JUST BE.  Be, in pleasure and joy, with the lovers and business partners that have chosen to be with us.  Live through the heart while the mind is being muddled with all this bullshit coming our way from the retrogrades, wretched full moon in Scorpio, Eris and Uranus conjunct throttling toward us, and the dreaded Grand Cross only 2 months away.

What’s the point of all the fighting if not for the pillaging?  Seriously.  We have all of this sexy energy coming from the Sun in Taurus and Venus moving into Taurus, use it to your advantage.  You’re going to get QUALITY lovers now.  Although we got tons of offers at love in Aries in Venus, this is where we find the ones that are worth our while.  Those individuals are few and far between.  No wonder Taurus is so possessive…

The card for two of swords in this deck has two arrows.  She can shoot two different things.  She can have the union of soul that is offered by the 2 of cups and the alchemical explosion offered by the Lovers.  She can have it all.  It would be an injustice to just sit back and not seize.  Taurus in Venus is all about taking what we desire, becoming intimate with it (2 of cups) and merging to form something beyond the parts (the Lovers).

We limit ourselves.  We decide the world is one way without actually 1ooKing at it.  Nothing is as it seems.  Remember, Venus is a planet of illusions, just like her higher octave, Neptune.  The two of Swords reminds us that sometimes what we are looking for can’t be seen with the eyes, but it can surely be seen with the heart.
If you want love, if you want fortune, if you want the things that you value, you must let your heart be the guide.  The two of swords is telling us to make decisions based on our desires.  The full moon in Scorpio is upon us in Sun in Taurus.  What do you WANT?  The heart knows.  Let the lifeblood flow.  Let the people around you hear your pounding heart.  Without that passion, what’s the point of living?  And this Venus is all about the pleasures of living….


Venus in Aries – Cadence

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Dates: April 6 – May 1 2016

“One bowman must hunt Sekhmet-Hathor… as she shifts, one phase Destroyer of Humankind, the next, Goddess of Love…” – On the Scarlet Lady, Unknown

No human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.  But we have no choice, do we?  Venus is entering Aries, and she becomes like Helen of Troy in this cosmic coupling.  We will be COMPELLED as if by some magnetic force toward the things we desire.  We will find excitement here, and a new sense of daring.  Dare to take that leap into love that Aries do so well (though ever fleeting, god damn commitment-phobe rams).  There is a lot of impulsive fire coming from this tarot reading, so I’m sure there will be a tremendous amount of impulsive romantic and sexual activity kicking in.  The Tarot cards I drew to describe the energy that is coming from this configuration are the 3 of Cups and Ace of Wands; both very spontaneous energies.

I’m really relieved, guys.  We really needed this kind of energy to carry us through the next few weeks.  This transit actually looks really, really good.  I know Helios is just as excited for this Venus in Aries as I am.  We both kinda have an Aries fetish.  Not gunna lie.

I can already hear the egos of every single Aries inflating as they read that.

People who are born with Venus in Aries in their natal charts are very courageous lovers.  They will immediately pursue an object of their desire and usually succeed in getting what they want.  Why?  Because who the hell doesn’t love to feel desired?  Aries energy is lifeblood.  We crave it.  We get drunk off of it and end up doing stupid shit.  But, you know what?  It’s FINE.  “Why is it fine, Artemis?”  WELL, because looking at the card reading, it looks like that very 3 of Cups fun loving, drunkenness is what is going to lead to the creative fire that is the Ace of Wands.  The 3 of Cups is traditionally depicted as 3 women having a blast dancing together (probably getting smashed off of wine).  It’s letting go.  It’s allowing a situation to turn into a fun time.

We are all fucking stressed and broken down from what we see looming ahead of us and all of the corpses of our enemies behind us.  Let Aries do us this one solid and ride the chill the fuck out Venus train.  3 of Cups represents play and carefree socializing.  We have to learn to let go and trust and succumb to Venusean love energy right now.

Am I asking you to play with fire?  Yes.

Don’t hesitate.  An Aries never hesitates.  The cards are saying, “If you do this (if you emanate the 3 of cups), you will be rewarded with the Ace of Wands.”  What is the ace of wands? Well, punks, it is the symbol for pure sex and creativity.  It is the divine spark.  It is the first whisperings of a muse in your ear.  It is the smirk on an artist’s face as they suddenly realize exactly what they need to do.  It is inspiration in its purest and most malleable form.

Where is the seat of all creativity?  The Hindu Chakra system would say the Sacral Chakra.  Yes, that would be your sex chakra (also associated with self-worth).  The tarot would say the suit of Wands, which is also associated with sexuality.  The desires that Venus brings to us alchemically transform us.  No human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.  It’s time to take the Aries leap of faith and rise from the ashes.

In short: Pursue the things you love with zeal, no hesitation, and do it genuinely.  Flowing, not fighting against them, is best right now because the things that you desire will be harder to resist anyway.  Probably for good reason.  It’s fine.  If you give in, the cards say you will get a nice, inspirational reward.  Probably a muse.

Cross your fingers for a muse. 

Please allow yourself to receive the word of our Lady of Beauty and Love!  I promise you the communion is far more fun than that of most of the other stiff collared gods.

Venus in Pisces – Weaving Fate

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Artemis (Cards: 4 of Wands, Ace of Cups Runes: Tiwaz, Wyrd)- You may have forgotten, but the things that you desire don’t wholly come from you. We are influenced, like delicate puppets, by things buried in our ancestral past, by events yet to come, and by the tug and pull of other humans in our present lives. Nothing is ever as it seems, and you are never getting the full story. All we have is our integrity and choosing to do what feels right in our hearts. This is more important than ever. Genuine, heart level decisions are going to open gates we didn’t even know existed.

Venus’ influence is mesmerizing. She seduces, unlike Mars who pushes. She whispers for us to put on our coat and step outside into the bright day. In her ingress to Pisces, she becomes even more irresistible than she has been in Aquarius. She broke down your barriers in the waterbearer, and now she is going to flood you with love funneling from the all. You may have some insight to go do something, say something, write something, and at first this may seem silly. What a ridiculous notion, right? But know that your little urges are coming from somewhere… wyrd and fated. We are all in for a pleasant surprise.

The 4 of Wands is a state of celebration. It is receiving something you weren’t expecting. It’s finally seeing the beauty in something when you are least expecting it. When you enter a mundane situation based on a hunch and it turns out to be an exhilarating, inspiring evening, that is the 4 of Wands. Crossed by the Ace of Cups, this could mean that the only thing holding you back is you saying “yes” to your own emotions. What is dearest to your heart is available now, all around you. Remain in your joy, even if something looks like it may be difficult or taxing. Just go with it. It is in the moments of pure joy, duress, pain, and elation that we break through and find true spiritual bliss. Allow yourself to feel and go with your feelings. The Love Goddess of Fortune is urging it. When you do decide to go with the Piscean flow – to follow your heart and trail the ones you love through these dark tunnels – you will be pleasantly surprised to see that fate has been weaving it’s web for some time.