Blood Moon Aquarius Eclipse – King of the Fall

“Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?’
‘Hmm . . . What do you think, Harry?’ said Luna, looking thoughtful.
‘What? Isn’t there just a password?’
‘Oh no, you’ve got to answer a question,’ said Luna.
‘What if you get it wrong?’
‘Well, you have to wait for somebody who gets it right,’ said Luna. ‘That way you learn, you see?’
‘Yeah . . . Trouble is, we can’t really afford to wait for anyone else, Luna.’
‘No, I see what you mean,’ said Luna seriously. ‘Well then, I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning.’
‘Well reasoned,’ said the voice, and the door swung open.” J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
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Total Solar Eclipse in Leo – Ragnarok

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

But if you write a version of Ragnarok in the twenty-first century, it is haunted by the imagining of a different end of things. We are a species of animal which is bringing about the end of the world we were born into. Not out of evil or malice, or not mainly, but because of a lopsided mixture of extraordinary cleverness, extraordinary greed, an extraordinary proliferation of our own kind, and a biologically built-in short-sightedness.”  – A.S. Byatt, “Ragnarok”

Heretics, are you ready for the first total eclipse over the United States since this country’s inception?  This one will define us, rebirth us, and give us a new path as a country. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, your Oracles did a podcast talking astro and this eclipse and what it could mean for the USA and the rest of the world (click here to listen recorded on August 1, 2017).  This eclipse falls on top of the fixed star Regulus, the heart of the lion. This is the portal to the west, so astrologers suspect this particular eclipse will have a lot to say about where the Western world will go next. What is especially important about this eclipse is that it is a part of a particular eclipse family named Saros 145, which as a series has landed on the impeachment of Clinton, the attempted assassination of Reagan, the assassination of JFK, the suicide of Hitler and bombing of Japan, the Chicago riots, and the attempted assassination of President Taft.  Here’s more synchronicity for you – this one falls directly on the ascendant of our current president, #45, Donald Trump (who will also be going through a Mars and Jupiter return). Our leader will surely feel fearless at this time, and will be acting rashly without much thought. As this is a Leo eclipse, it will surely affect the ruler of our country, stoke the flames of nationalism, and bring countries into a pissing match over territory.

Can we make it through the fires, or is this the beginning of our karma (as a country and as people)?  When the lion headed goddess Sekhmet rises to destroy the demons that plague the earth, she does not stop until her bloody thirst is quenched. With this Eclipse happening, for the first time, in progressed Regulus into Virgo, it seems that the dark feminine has been let loose and the melding of man and beast is coming into a new stage. How can we reconcile the bestial and the human sides of ourselves? How can we make peace with the starkness of reality? How can we accept our karma with open arms, ready to learn vital lessons?  Do not fear, Heretics. Walk into this one with courage, for it will teach harsh but vital lessons. The fires are being stoked, the gods are being called, and the karma of this country has come around… The question is, will we use the lessons of the Aquarius counter Eclipse to rebel and assert our human rights, or will we be distracted and broken into pieces once again to be ruled over with ease?

The Sun (Sowillo), Moon (Algiz), Venus (Kenaz), Chiron (Ansuz) and Uranus (Othala)- Sowillo, the sun, Leo, the King, the Lion; ruled by the sun. We will hear his roar reverberating through our politics for years to come as this pivotal moment peels away the layers of the United States, allowing us to see the rot underneath clearer than ever before. It’s like shining a flashlight into a den of cockroaches, lighting their underworld on fire so that they must scurry away in fear of what is coming for them.  It’s hard to stomach the fact that these vermin live in the sewers of our world, biding their time and slowly infiltrating every unaware crevice of society. The decades between us and the past have not eroded it. The powerful few have invaded our archetypes and painted them in special little ways, making it impossible for any soul to fit into the vessels except for their souls and their ancestor’s souls. Essentially, like lions, they have pissed around their parameter and we are too afraid to cross it and contend with them.

With Venus in the tender sign of Cancer, she is agitated as all hell by Pluto’s prodding… But she must wake up. The hurt and the pain we all share, the trauma since this country’s inception, is being pulled to the surface like a magnet whether we are ready for it or not. For Venus, I pulled Kenaz, “the torch,” which after last weekend holds a special significance. People will hold their values tightly during this time, feeling that their ancestry lights the way toward where they should be going. The problem is, we live in a melting pot and our ancestry and culture has been influenced by so many cultures that we have brought in and digested. It is not our duty to just follow one line. It is our duty to follow all the tributaries and find the river that binds them all together; in the end we must all come together to form a great alliance to further this planet past our atmosphere and to heal the damage we have done to it based on our “cleverness” and “greed” and shortsightedness; a true Ragnarok.

You must do this in your personal life as well. As above so below. Find all the tributaries that seem to have no connection, and bring them all to the spine of your life. Find a real purpose, deep down, that resonates through ancestor after ancestor until it got to you – through various cultures and all historical lines, until you were born with your own special purpose. Look to your family line for your sparks of intuition (Uranus as Othala). You will find stories you have always been waiting for. What is the spine of your life?  Kenaz is intuition, the inborn knowledge that you can tap into if you are fearless about diving into the underworld of yourself. Your ancestors were good, they were bad, they were menacing and they were beautiful and they fell, and “they are all equal now.” They all have something they desperately want to tell you. With Pluto influencing Venus, it is time to dig deep into your heart and see why it truly beats, and cast away the demons that keep it scared. There is a roaring purpose for you, and you must dive into it fearlessly. If you do not, you will surely lose yourself and just become a tool for someone else to use. You will be part of the very substance that infects this planet instead of helping it flourish. Kenaz reminds us that we do not have the truth right now, but we must search for the truth. We are given a very rare opportunity right now to uncover something deep  in the micro and the macro… shall we take it? Will you jump into this sacred passageway? 

Chiron is Ansuz, and Ansuz tells us to listen. There is a cry of pain, of trauma, and just as trauma reverberates through our genetic line and the evolution of society. Listen intently to exactly what people are saying, whether you can stomach it or not, and you will find where their pain and their true weakness lies. This is the key, so to speak, the critical information we need in order to heal this world and to heal our lives. Listen… to your own words, the ones you use most prominently, the pace of your speech, why you react the way you do, and follow it. Follow all the pain and see where it truly comes from… there, you will find your true power emanating from the core of your pain. What dire lesson does it teach, and how does it sing your hero’s journey to accept it?  The summer is coming to an end, Heretics, and our shadows are creeping once more…

Walls, walls everywhere, bubbles and isolation. People still hate on individuals based on who a person is, who they love, and how they express themselves – that they are “other” simply because they do not conform to the dominating culture – the colonized culture that came here and destroyed any of its competition. The rich/Royals (Leo) don’t want to lose their power, their culture, their station because change is fucking scary for them. They are the ones who set up our centralized government, our laws, and kept themselves on top. They are the ones who bastardized democracy, where politicians must be servants, and made politicians rulers instead. Didn’t we chop off all the rulers’ heads?

For the first time since our observation of the star Regulus in Leo, procession has moved Regulus into Virgo where we realize that rulers must SERVE (And all men must serve, as G.R.M. so beautifully puts). They are afraid of this, and with Mars in Leo accompanying this eclipse, tribalism is growing – “blood and soil.” Why would one serve if one can rule? Synchronicity, I pulled the rune of “blood and soil,” the Nazi chant, when I pulled Othala for the planet Uranus. Our King of Chaos has been in Aries, alongside the minor planet Eris, giving us war drums for over a year and a half now – warning of us of the inevitable conflict to come. These two met up the last time in 1932, the year the Nazi party was formed and the stirrings of WWII began. With Othala joining them during this reading, the symbolism sends chills up my spine. It means we will be reclaiming our heritage, and sometimes people can’t see their ancestors as humans but still look to them as gods.

Although there is a lot of turmoil at our gates, Heretics, the moon as Algiz is telling us we are protected; that is, protected if we grow courageous through this Leonine energy. Our home has been threatened, Heretics. We must protect those we love who rely on us. We get to choose our future, Heretics, and we get to choose if we sat on the sidelines in cowardice or if we tried to truly become peacemakers. There is always a sense of “hidden dangers” when this rune comes up, as it is a protection rune and often times a dire warning. There are dangers that we are not aware of stirring in the darkness, but with Algiz we can cast away this fear and act on the information we are presented with. We are offered an opportunity to engage with our higher selves right now, to see higher images of how the world can be, and we are only granted opportunity if we have the courage to take it. History favors the bold. Algiz asks us to accept accountability for what we have done, to realize that we have inflicted pain due to our unconscious behaviors (the moon) and that we must confront our shadow side humbly. We will be driven crazy if we do not; lunacy and detraction from the true reality of things. If you are brave enough to understand your demons, you will be given the opportunity, the tools, and the weapons needed, to join the discovery of the demons of the masses.

Mercury (Ehwaz) and Neptune (Fehu)-  Ever wake up one day and realize your friends are totally different people? I mean, yeah, the one or two hang in there for life, and you evolve with each other. But then there are those that are no longer your homies and you wonder if you will ever have them return again. The positive side? There will be those that you want to see again showing their faces. This is the time, Heretics, when old karmic relationships may appear again, and old karmic places may make a returning debut, calling you to them.  It’ll feel like deja vu, in both the macro and the micro, like we have seen all this before and we have a vague feeling about where we are actually going. Like dreams have actually been leading us to places we need to go (Neptune as Fehu).  Rune Secrets says about the rune Ehwaz, “The mind will trust the body, the body will trust the mind.”  Trust in your animal instincts, the same ones you came into deep contact with during the Capricorn full moon. Your body wants to show you the way, but you keep muddling it with your mind. And your body fears and jumps at things without listening to the logic of the mind. They must work together right now, because their harmony is what will keep us on our toes during this time of great danger. The rune “Ehwaz” literally translates to “horse.” This is because this rune is trying to invoke a feeling, an archetype, that tells us what it means to be two separate things working together; the human and horse relationship, the mind and body relationship, the friendship. You dance, you sway, you move in symbiosis. These things have returned in your life because there is a vital lesson you must learn. There is a reason you fell off that horse last time, so to speak.

They want us to feel divided because it is easier to destroy us in pieces than as one giant opposition. Neptune comes to us as Fehu, and tells us that we are staring a new story – a spiral, “the same” returning again but with a new mask. The Norse believed that courageous acts bolstered your luck, and so too in astrology doing courageous acts bring you the opportunity (Jupiter). This is the rune of expansion and luck, new beginnings, and circulation. The flames are being heightened by this breath of idealism, in everyone – in the peaceful and the violent. Don’t let your enemies get the best of this energy while you sit back. Although their idealism may be raised, you can use this energy to feed your solar plexus – give yourself that unshakable sense of purpose and courage that comes along with it. Fehu tells us to be present and act from that presence, and actually focusing on what is going on around us instead of falling into the midst of the imaginative mind. If we are present, we are the circulating wind, we can move any which way we wish, and that includes blowing out idealism with a well-placed breath.  Protest by the shout of art, not fists, and you will see the Tower crumble.

Mars (Kenaz), Jupiter (Perthro), Saturn (Ihwaz) and Pluto (Jera)- Change comes whether we like it or not, and usually it is bloody and chaotic like giving birth (Pluto as Jera). A new world is birthing right now, and it’s not going to be pretty for anyone unless we all realize that we are all on the same fucking side – the human side, and each person’s experience is as vital as the last. Everyone holds responsibility. It is not, “so what are you going to do to change it?” or “What are we going to do to change it?” but “What am I going to do to change it, to change myself, to illuminate the crevices inside myself and see that I am not wholly a saint.” No one is a saint, and if you can’t admit that about yourself, this battle will never be won. We all have a shadow we must dance with, and if you cannot see your shadow, you’ll get stabbed in the dark. The sun is bright in Leo, but his shadow will be cast as the moon blots out his light. How will he feel when his shadow side is revealed? How will he panic? How will he react? Will it be flight or fight? Shiva has begun dancing, and worlds crumble in his wake. Jera is the cycle, the spiral, the seasons, the ever returning pattern. It takes patience and knowing and intimate understanding to bring forth a garden, and we must realize that things have been slowly manifesting over long periods of time. Look at the great web of history and see what the patterns are and do not scoff when you see them appearing – they are telling a very real story that we repeat like a song. Although the world re-births countless times over, it’s waves of creation and destruction are purposeful.

“Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.” -Zen Proverb  Saturn as Ihwaz. We must pace ourselves. I know you want all the answers right now, Heretic, but you cannot have them. You have to pass trails for a reason, and instant gratification awlays rots the soul just like it rots the teeth. There is a reason they say having a Kundalini Awakening early destroys you – drives you mad with a thousand volts of insanity. The problem with insanity is, you have no fucking idea you are wandering into territory that is so far removed from the rest of humanity’s path. A human being does not have the capacity to take that much freedom, to understand that death is wholly a natural, not frightening, aspect of life. Until you, as a being, hold no fear in your heart, you cannot handle the infinite expansiveness. You will always balk at it’s energy, the full story will destroy you just like looking into the face of God. The problem is, you wont accept what you see there – like a serpentine snake eternally swallowing it’s tail, there is ever only yourself. You wont return, like a Bodhisattva, to speak of what you saw in language that is comprehensible. You will be dribbling and incoherent, not a translator but a madman.

Mmm, Jupiter, the god who would most likely, of all the gods, be caught gambling, is throwing the lot cup – perthro.  Our fate lies in our magick, our art, our manifestations. Although we cannot change the stage, the script, or the props we are dealt, it is up to us to play the part in our own way. Again we are called to recognize patterns. There are parts of ourselves that are manifesting things, our subconscious making us choose things time and time again. It is time to recognize those patterns and see what the hidden part of yourself wants, what the hidden philosophical ideal of your soul is. How do you destroy your chances? Do you manifest your future via your will, or are you under the spell of your subconscious?  And can there be a balanced middle ground?

Mars as Kenaz.  So you know a lot of shit. Now put that knowledge to use. Can you harness the force inside yourself and use it?  We are being called to make a choice now. The Aquarius New Moon should have taught us we do not need permission to act. We do not need permission to decent. And we do not need permission to remove a problem if we see fit. We must take action instead of sitting and allowing our lives in the micro and our lives in the macro fall to pieces. There comes a time when the student has learned all they can learn from the teacher, and then they must act upon their knowledge. You are being called to this. Leo is all about having the courage to build your own world, your own personality, your own creative endeavors. It is time to grow up and realize that no one is in charge of us. We are the emperors of our own life. This does not mean arrogance. This means harmony with those around you because they are emperors of their own lives as well. With both Venus and Mars coming up as the same rune, the true illumination is a re balancing of the world. And when things re-balance, things need to shift. Time to get things moving.



Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Kingdom Come

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Never forget that the most political thing you can ever do is follow your heart.” -RuPaul

Effective Date: August 7th, 2017

Oh dear lordt, Heretics, the Great American Eclipses are on the horizon, and this first one is just getting us on deck for the blazing ball of raw energy that is the Total Eclipse in Leo on the 21st of August. Are you ready to be stripped raw? Are you ready to listen when you are told where you should be going and what you should be doing?  The few weeks leading up to this eclipse will have people deciding quite vehemently their next step in their story, and it will be stirring up quite the awakenings in its way. All of us that were able to sludge through the emotional, heart horror that was Cancer season will now be rewarded with what comes from such deep, intense introspection. Those of us that didn’t give up will be given a chance to start something truly profound – the next level in this grand tale. This lunation is all about us – very micro – where the next one will be very, very macro and political. Give yourself strength and draw from this moon or we will all be doormats when the Leo lunation comes roaring. It’s time for us rebels to find a cause.

Sun (4 of Swords), Moon (High Priestess), Jupiter (8 of Cups), and Pluto (Ace of Cups)- I was talking to my girlfriend about these coming great American eclipses over dinner the other night. As we were getting up to leave, two men walk in with shaved heads. One of them had a fresh new tattoo on the back of his scull that read, “Don’t Tread On Me” with a coiled snake, poised to attack. “Libertarian,” I mused, and then the idea that this lunar eclipse is in play with Mars crept up to the forefront of my mind. I got a creepy, crawly feeling up my spine and realized what a mess of projections this moon is going to be. Mars opposite the Moon is highly instinctual, battle ready, poised to feel out the enemies next move at any moment. The problem is, when the Mars/Moon energy has nothing to fight, when there is peace being offered on the table and a joke or two being made, they will pick out the most trivial things to blow up into a conflict. Oppositions are like a seesaw – if we choose one side over the other we lose the balance and end up destroying momentum. You cannot live in your instincts to dominate and assert your ego and you cannot lord over everyone with your emotions during this moon. Those with power will assert it like frightened children, paranoid that everyone around them is readying their forces to usurp the crown. My cards are telling me there needs to be a bolstering, a healing of your ego is vitally important.Tensions are high, especially with a total Eclipse only a few weeks away (oh boy oh boy, wait til you hear about THAT one!), and the god of Chaos (Uranus) is getting ready to station for his retrograde – followed closely behind by a Mercury retrograde.

Head or heart, friend or enemy? People possess us like ideas, and they become a vital part of our ego. Psychic bonds are impossible to severe if we cannot surgically remove every part of the other person, and with every day that passes we integrate ourselves even further – making the entanglement a permanent structure of our lives. We must submit to the fact that they are an integrated part of us forever. This moon is the alchemical melding of mind and heart, that what the heart seeks out is to merge with everything around it; the Leo/Aquarius dichotomy. So stand back, inspect with a bit of chilly detachment, and orchestrate the pieces of your life together without feeling ill that certain people are a part of it. Without those horrible experiences, you wouldn’t have the fissures necessary to let the light in. Now, what do you see, Heretics, when you allow the illumination to happen without huddling away from it in fear?

Mercury (Magician), Venus (8 of Wands), Mars (Ace of Swords), and Neptune (9 of Pentacles)- This moon is dead poised on relationships. I got a stirring that things back from Venus Retrograde in Aries (Spring time hell) will be returning. Ghosts of the past wanting another knock at you now that Venus is kicked and shoved into the emotional wreck of a sign; Cancer. Stop being so sensitive, says the moon in Aqua, but Venus is back in a feminine water sign after being hardened for almost all of 2017 up until this point. And fuck, she is still getting shitty aspects and is stationed behind the sun while Mars is swooping in front of it. The fact is; you think you have to fight these people but really you just have to expose their raw emotions to themselves. They are begging, looking for a mirror, hoping you will provide it. They are lost in their waters and obviously something about you makes them feel anchored.

The thing is, though, this moon wants us to drop all of the bullshit of 2017 up until now. Hell, it wants us to literally clear the skeletons in our closet since January – and all the emotional bullshit we decided right then to get rid of that somehow kept popping back up like a wack a mole for months to come. I know Venus Rx was a weird time for most of us, bringing back sniveling ex lovers that either made up with us or showed us once again what pieces of shit they were. The stragglers will be coming out around this eclipse, either reconciling and becoming friends or getting the judgement of God. You reap what you sow, and that includes energy you have put into people in the past.

But hell, this moon is also telling us to charge with our ideas and ideals. You have the tools that it is going to take to make your dreams come true – literally manifest them into reality if you put the intention out this full moon. I know it seems like a long shot, but you undervalue your abilities at every turn. How many times do you have to be told that you are good at what you do? Most successful people were run into a wall and kept fighting their way out because giving up on your dreams is as good as death. You are going to get a fresh breath of air after a grueling few months of getting beat every time you try to come up. Remember the motivation of last Leo season? Well, it’s back in full force – this time stronger and wiser than it was last year.

Saturn (5 of Cups), Chiron (Hangman), Uranus (Temperance)-  Funny that Helios says the gods are watching, waiting, because Hangman and Temperance tell me the same sort of thing. Uranus has let go, reversing his course and allowing us to take full control of our lives and our world. What will we do with it? What will we do when the gods give us permission to make the next move? And, are they really letting us choose for ourselves or do they have some secret plan to fuck our shit up, fam? Saturn has been retrograde for quite some time, demanding that we re-forge ourselves – become harder and sharper. But fuck, you’ve run into some disappointments there, haven’t you? No matter how you try and improve yourself, some bullshit comes in the way.

Here’s the thing, though, Heretics, this is an opening in the sky where the struggles of the past couple of months will go on the wayside. You have actually been getting opportunities whispered into your ear for a while now but have been ignoring them due to your disappointment and depression at that disappointment. The thing is, sometimes the road out isn’t the one we have been dumping all of our effort into. Sometimes the road out is something that we have been putting very little effort into – because it is just something that is naturally workable or passionate in us – yet we don’t believe it is something viable for our future. Shut the hell up and put your faith in it now, Heretics, because the Total Eclipse in Leo is coming in 2 weeks and you are going to get the fire you need to do what you have to do. Sit with yourself, detach, and really think about it… when the dust settles, what is it that you truly love doing? What is it about you that could benefit all of humanity if you improved upon it, shining brightly and standing firmly in it?  Yeah, do that. Start doing that now, and don’t let anything get in your way.


Solar Eclipse in Pisces – The Messiah Complex

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

And it will be in the last days, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.
” – The Bible, Acts 2:17

Effective Date:  February 26, 2017

Welcome to being stuck between a rock and a hard place – aka sandwiched between two Eclipses.  This is a slow, anxiety filled simmer, my friends, and the only way we can see ourselves out of this situation is to build a bomb shelter.  Fuck, this is a difficult one, Heretics, no matter how I cut it for you.  This is the judgement of God type of shit, and either you receive grace or you drown in this baptism.  There really is no way out, that is for sure.  This Eclipse is happening opposite the true node in Virgo, meaning we are being sucked into a fucking black hole.  Put your space suits on, Heretics, because we are entering a strange new world and things are just going to keep getting weirder from here…

Sun (Judgement), Moon (The Hierophant), Venus (9 of Wands), Neptune (7 of Cups)-  Well, fuck.  I pull the damn Judgement card followed by the Hierophant for the eclipse itself and “Bloody Mary” by Gaga begins playing on my radio.  Let us not dismiss this Spotify Divination!  This is definitely a spiritually flavored Eclipse, and how could it not be?  It is in fucking PISCES, the sign of Jesus himself.  And like Jesus, we are all being crucified by something or other right now, and the weight seems to be completely and utterly unbearable.  How in the world did Jesus endure through all of that suffering?   He gave himself up to a higher power, that’s how.  Now, wait a minute before your mind starts attacking this concept!  This is kinda like Alcoholics Anonymous (appropriate for a Pisces post), because I know a lot of us are going toward mind numbing activities just to get through these transits right now.  In order to fight forces stronger than yourself, you must merge into something larger than yourself.  Like the Zords in Power Rangers.  Or The Backstreet Boys.  People who otherwise could not power through on their own join together to become a swarm, protecting the whole’s purpose.  And we must help each other, because this truly is like a black hole we are sinking into.   Take a peak at what you need to see, like a black scrying mirror, but don’t stare too long!  For the abyss will stare back at you, and you will be forever mesmerized into it’s depths.

Each of us is a Hierophant, an heir to a tradition, and that is coming to the surface more than ever right now.  Remember 6 months ago – that last fucking Pisces Eclipse that essentially rocked our world – well here is the culmination of that tidal wave.  What is it that your ancestors have passed down in your bloodline for you to accomplish?  What is  your “super power,” so to speak?  We are taking a look back (this Eclipse is opposite the North Node), back, back I say!  Back to the past so that we can see exactly what it is that we are meant to do – meant to be – meant to see.  A trip through the past is rather violent, though, and especially ridden with depression and anxiety.  Here there be dragons, and here there be the monsters of your past which you must confront once again.  We have the power to heal ourselves of our past misery, but accept it as a necessary part of our merger with the divine.  Pain leads to elation, but first we must uncork this bottle.

Remember, Heretics, this is Star Year and we are going to follow this muthafucka out of this forest, no matter what monsters we run into on the way.  The trees may be getting thicker, and we may have some cloudy nights, but that star will emerge again.  You must have faith this year, and as I announced at the start of the year, your faith will be tested over and over again.  Do you trust those you are intimate with?  Do you trust your government?  Do you trust the masses?  Do you trust yourself?  All the things you hold dear are being attacked (9 of Wands), but these fights are what is going to make you transcend.  These trials are like sandpaper, and you will eventually emerge polished, and they will be rendered useless.


Mercury (The Chariot)-  Our dreams, the visions we have, all of these things are as real as the world we live in now.  The thing is, these material objects you see in the world in front of you today – your computer, your whiskey, your car, the restaurant you ate at last night – these things were all dreams before manifest reality.  And we want to create, we really do!  But we have no fucking idea what to do.  We feel trapped in other people’s creations – pushed up against a wall with their judgement being cast down upon us.  And just like the last Pisces Eclipse, we can’t see a god damn fucking thing in regards to where we need to go.  This can lead to HEAPS of anxiety and a feeling of being lost forever.  Without a vision for the future, where the fuck are we in the vast expanse of space?  Sure, this Eclipse is making it literally impossible to see the future clearly, but this is for a very, very fucking important reason.  We must create it.  What are the visions you are seeing?  What is your past trying to teach you?  Visit with the ghosts, but do not stay here.  They will suck you in and keep you there forever – like Hotel fucking California.  Get the information you need, and get the fuck out.

We must manifest these visions into reality, and the conduit to all of this is us.  We are the medium for the visions, and once we accept ourselves as a vessel – a cup for the divine waters to pour into – only then will be ready to receive.  Yeah, more surrendering shit, but would you rather struggle and drown?  You have no fucking idea where you are right now, why not answer that call?  Are you afraid that you may hear you have been crawling through the thick because you have veered off your path too far?  Wouldn’t you rather know?  Don’t slide into Piscean escapism.  You must make a move.  You must use this water energy to manifest your deepest desires.  Because if you don’t, you can sure as hell expect a great deal of punishment from yourself.  And no one can save you from yourself but you.

Mars (5 of Cups), Jupiter (5 of Pentacles), Saturn (Empress), Uranus (Page of Wands) and Pluto (King of Swords)- So what do you do when you are being literally crushed?  You let go.  You become a dream.  Or you become an explosion and clear that motherfucking debris out.  Pisces wants you to surrender, and that is going to be a hard as fuck thing for a lot of you to do.  Do not feel shame.  Do not feel guilt.  Let it all go and start again, and only then will you be able to see clearly the road you were always meant to follow; because that road isn’t some illusion put there by others.  Because that road isn’t something that you are told to go on, but one that your ancestral line has been following for generations.  When we are stuck in the waters, we must follow the current – not fight it.  Breathe…. breathe… and let go.  In the end, you are the only one who will manifest judgement on yourself.  You have the power to see past the wrong judgement because your cause is far greater than what has been placed before you.   You are not here to save the billions of other beings on this planet.  We must give mercy and grace to others so that one day, perhaps, they will learn to lay mercy on their own lives.  Remember, the only person who can save you in the end is yourself.

We sit here and we punish ourselves for our dreams, and allow forces to control our perception of reality.  This happens to the best of us, over and over again, but we must not give up.  We have been given this amazing chance to live in this beautiful realm, and we cannot give our power to others.  We must take our power back and wield a fucking sword (King of Swords).  You may have to do things you do not want to do, but you know you must do them.  This lunation isn’t about feeling comfortable.  It will do everything in it’s power to make you feel uncomfortable so that you either choose to completely give up and join the collective (oh Pisces), or power through like the force of a Volcano into a newly polished ego (hello Aries season, coming up next!).  Everything is being taken from you, stripped from you so that you realize what the real stuff of reality is.  Sometimes we need to be told to eat cake by an out of touch lunatic before we rise up and realize our true power.  There is no poverty of the heart.  You are making it up.  You are giving yourself excuses not to accept the love that is around you.  You deserve it.  Deep down, every monster is a child begging to be loved (hello Uranus as the Page of Wands), but somewhere along the way they have been told they are worthless by someone who had a lack of self love.  This lack of self love is like a virus that can spread, from parent to child or lover to lover or friend to friend.  The chaos wants you to create, it is saying you have everything you need accept for your own faith in yourself!  You’re drowning in your self doubt.  Would you allow someone you saw drowning to drown?  If you would help them, you can surely help yourself.  This is like the trials of Hercules, folks, and if you don’t have the grit to get through it, you wont get the grace you so long for.  Reality is harsh right now.  Our faults are being magnified, but that is because we wont be able to make it if we don’t fix these blemishes.  Confront your monsters, have faith in yourself and do not run, because through the trials we face lie the gates to salvation.



Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Libertine

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.”
  – August Wilson

Effective Date:  February 11, 2017 at 1:43 am UT at 22 Degrees Leo

Eclipses are powerful things, and they compel us from far, far away – like the moon itself.  You may have been wandering, stuck and alone in your head for the past few months.  You thought you had things figured out and then BAM something hit you out of nowhere and you are back at what you believe is square one.  Once you let go, once you allowed yourself to follow some strange path that seemed to make no fucking sense the further you walked along it, the closer you got to that land-marker that lit up the whole god damn world for you.  I know the last few months have been emotionally crushing, but we NEEDED to cleanse before we walked through the fire – or we wouldn’t make it through with all that residual muck of our past clinging on like a parasite.  Unfortunately we have to pay the toll for all our mistakes before we can cross the bridge.  A lot of you have left behind lives of convenience for lives lived from the heart.  This lunar eclipse will be your reward – your crown – and your divine grace.  This full moon will remind you why you did what you did.  So get ready for some divine inspiration.


The Sun (The Chariot), Moon (Queen of Swords), Jupiter (2 of Cups), Saturn (3 of Pentacles) and Uranus (The Fool)-  So this entire full moon is reminding me of a giant flaming ball of inspiration.  There will be a grand trine in fire between Uranus, Saturn and the Moon, and there will also be a delightful sextile between Uranus and the Sun and Saturn and the Sun – fire and air.  I’m betting some creative energies, along with the sexual energies (see Mars and Venus below) will be turned up to 10 this weekend.  I can’t tell you enough how fucking happy I am to look at this chart after the hell-fire we have been experiencing since Scorpio season.  This is DIVINE fire, the good kind.  The kind you need in order to take on major challenges, boost your self esteem, and cut through the bullshit.  The sun will be motivating new ideas, fresh perspectives, and an air of rebelliousness.  This sun/Uranus sextile is like an alarm clock in our ears telling us it is time to GET TO WORK.   But a sextile is easy energy.  You will WANT to wake up.  And the sun sextile Saturn; you will WANT to get to work.  Your intellect (sun in Aqua- air) will get that fire injection is so desperately needs from both the father of rebellion and the father of restriction.  So we will have both of their blessings to move ahead (fuck yes).

You will realize that you have been sleeping – aye dreaming – long enough and it is time to get on with your day.  The Chariot and The Fool are clearly indicating that we must ignite our engines and jump into our future, no matter how much anxiety may be brewing underneath.  Hopefully the other planets will give you enough fire UMPH that you don’t even think about taking that step – you just do it.  Fuck, things will look TEMPTING and exciting for once, and you’ll want nothing more than to liberate yourself form the wreckage of your former life.  This is the final step of our grieving process.  Remember, as Yoda said, there is no god damn fucking “try,” only “do.”  This is the kind of moon this is.  We are about to spill our lifeblood (2 of cups) into the chalice of higher understanding, and for once we are not going to sit back and be told who we are.  “YOU DEFINE WHO YOU ARE”, roars the lion.  Even if you weren’t planning on starting a project, it is going to land on your lap (seriously, probably out of fucking nowhere).

Even though everything is inspiring, the moon is still about her tough love (thanks Queen of Swords).  Your inner world wont stand for laziness, wont stand for you sitting in the background, and wont stand for you not taking a stand.  Even if you didn’t think you had to stand up for yourself, you’re gunna have to (Leo full moons are also very, very DRAMATIC).  Take your crown, don’t think too much about it, and ACT.  If you see injustice, you will be called to ACT.  Leo takes care of his own, and he will devour you if you cross his friends.  This is the kind of force this moon is asking for.  You must stand up for what is right, and there you will receive grace and the map to your next destination.  Fire signs are all about action, and with the Sun in Aqua beneficially aspecting innovation driven Uranus, your mind will be quick to hop on board with no arguments this time.  This moon is giving us our DESIRE and PASSION back if we purge the last of our dead weight.


Mercury (Page of Pentacles) and Venus (6 of Cups)-  We have another lovely sextile here between Venus and Mercury, and finally a sort of pleasantness to life even though shit is going bonkers.  Venus is telling you, “FUCKING ENJOY YOURSELF.  I am giving you lots of opportunities for this, and I am amping up your sex life.  What else do you mortals want from me?”  The ability for joy is so transient, and any time you are not in direct conflict should be a time of ease.  Your mind wants to get to work, and Venus wants to play, and I see no conflicts here…  Work doesn’t have to be dull and dreary.  Fuck, Mercury will be in Aquarius and Venus will be in Aries, meaning fucking try something new.  Experiment a little with your work, have fun with it, and ideas will flow like they have never flown before.  I don’t care how routine your existence seems to be, it is literally your perspective that makes you melt into that routine instead of engage in it.  Look at the world through the eyes of an excited child ready to experiment with everything she touches.

Don’t dive so far into the pleasure that you forget the work part.  There is always a warning not to be “naive” when the 6 of Cups is pulled, and in the realm of Venus, that means don’t let momentary pleasure get in the way of your values and future goals.  It is time to express your desires (hello Venus), but remember to bring your brain (Mercury) along for the ride.  It should also be said that the mind (Mercury) will get dull and far too cold without the infusion of passion from Venus (So yes, heart and mind playing together, neither leading the way, like tag team wrestling or some shit).  These two are essentially our “checks and balances” of this lunation.

Mars (10 of Pentacles) and Neptune (High Priestess)-   Well well well, why are all the cards so god damn archetypal?  It seems like everything is calling on it’s higher form, and things are actually working in our favor right now…  uh, too good to be true?  Sometimes amazing things do happen, Heretics, and brushing them off as fantasy when they are here because of YOUR making is dropping an opportunity.  Neptune is being kind of quiet during this chart, but the High Priestess reminds me that so much is going on underneath the surface.  The things that are going on cannot be spoken of…  This gives me both the chills and a sense of divine orchestration.  The High Priestess as Neptune tells me that dreams have been getting a bit strange or intense for everyone, and that we should pay very close attention to them.  We are receiving a fuck ton of messages from our subconscious right now, and this will come in flashes of insight, through the dream realm, or from our intuition.  Again – pay very close attention to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you right now because it is tapped in for sure.  Life around here has gotten, well, strange, and everyone is full of an ambition of a different nature.  People are starting to realize that the idea of redemption and success that they have been fed are far from satisfying.  It is becoming very apparent that real hard work with integrity gets you nowhere in a society that celebrates undermining your peers to get ahead.  Mars is outraged, and he is coming for what is his – just like you are.  We may not know exactly what it is that has been taken from us, but we are damned if we aren’t going to fucking find out.

Pluto (King of Cups)-  Talk about a guy that is viewed as a bad guy but is really just trying to help…  Fuck, all of this pressure to confront ourselves and confront those around us may seem like it is making things worse, but it is actually peeling off the ugly top layers and giving us a juicy center.  Pluto is attempting to expose – pull off the emotional layers even further – and he asks you to keep your cool and trust him.  Uh, are we going to trust this guy?  Pluto?  Of all the planets?  Why yes.  Pluto wants to give us redemption.  He is our “hero’s journey,” and without his trails we wouldn’t be refined enough to step into our path.  We would literally be crushed by the weight of what we are suppose to be if we do not go through the trails of stripping ourselves of what we are not.  So yes, keep it together, says Pluto, keep the storm of emotions under check because this purging by fire is necessary right now.  He wants us to inspect our shitty views on essentially everything, so there will be plenty of situations that will come your way that will give you the opportunity to do this.  It will be up to you if you retreat back to habits and empty idealism, or if you actually see why you are making the particular stand you are making.  Fuck, this is good, we can’t educate ourselves enough on the stances we take.  Even though things may turn into a post modern soup because of this, trust in the process.  Trust in each other as well.  We are all going through this though some of us are far more vocal about it than others.



Lunar Eclipse in Pisces – Maelstrom

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Our future selves call us from infinite pasts, and each night are eroded with our dreams.” – Rune Secrets, Laguz

Effective Date- September 16th, 2016

SURPRISE MUTHAFUCKA We are stepping foot into a brewing storm, and like any brewing storm, we can’t see a fucking god damn fucking thing.  *really pissed off Oracle.*  I feel like someone put sludge on my third eye when I peer into the energy of this full moon.  I just can’t quite… grasp it.  But perhaps that is the point?  Hmm…  Paradigm shift.  We are essentially in Astrological Normandy.  I get anxiety just looking at the chart for this thing. There’s a price to pay for this full moon.  We aren’t going to get a pleasant swim in a stream with these waters.  Nuh uh.  This is going to be a bitch of a storm – thrashing winds, flying cows, cowering home owners and storm chasers.  With the way things have been going this year, we’re going to have to storm chase this one instead of sitting it out or we may just end up in Oz.  I mean, with this theatrical bullshit election going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone pulled a curtain to reveal the disappointment sitting behind it.  Whatever illumination happens for a large number of us, the others will drown in the opposite energy: illusion – the opiate of the masses.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

As I settled in to write this post – clicking out of all 300 of my tabs, I noticed a friend’s status.  “The ghost of what has yet to come.”  Here it is.  Like a dream, the Pisces full moon ready to smash us into a brand new paradigm of existence.    Some sort of something is being born here, and it looks like a creative powerhouse is about to sweep into our corner of the cosmos.  *takes a big drink because, well, it’s fucking Pisces.*  Put on your flippers, fuckers, for we’re flying into fairy world.  Peer inside the wyrd new world wea’ve entered.  The world is falling a part this year, and this is where we start the renaissance of our time.  It is YOU and YOU and YOU who begin this renaissance.  It is the spiritual powerhouses, the visionaries, the schemers and dreamers and healers who will begin this paradigm shift.

Heheh I get a little wacky on Pisces energy…  Jesus, it really is like a drug.

Sun (9 of Swords), Moon (6 of Swords), Venus (Hangman), Mars (5 of Wands), Uranus (The Hermit), Chiron (The Empress)-  Saintly self denial. This is a mind crippling one. Although this is a water ruled moon, the cards are coming up swords. Denial is what kills us. Denial drowns us, holding us down with zero remorse because it is a wholly selfish emotion. This is the dichotomy inside of Pisces. An evolved Pisces will understand that her place is to guide the collective into new worlds they couldn’t even imagine exists due to their indoctrinated rigidity (yay mutables). An unevolved Pisces will convince themselves they are a messiah and deny all of their shortcomings – blaming them on the external world that they supposedly don’t even really believe in… The hypocrisy is real, guys. The hypocrisy is so real.  No wonder Pisces is two goddamn fish swimming in two opposite directions.  After Anxiety Moon (Aka the Virgo New Moon), we are plunged into more fucking anxiety, and we must now choose. Do we let things die that we once held sacred so that we can move onto a brand new way of thinking (6 of Swords), or do we decide to choose this illusion regardless of the evidence pointing us toward moving the fuck on. You can’t go back, by the way. Once you jump, you can’t go back. But once you jump, you wont want to go back, because nothing will ever taste the same again after you have experienced a brand new, exciting world full of so much more potential than this falling tower of a world we are trying to desperately hold up now.

Ok, so there is a tremendous opportunity to heal during this full moon. But in order to heal, you need to remove yourself from everyone else’s bullshit and your emotional attachments to their bullshit. You should have learned this lesson during Leo season, so don’t give it up now. Keep those Leo lessons burning in your heart as cold descends upon us.  You are about to be baptized again (the lessons of Pisces sun are coming back full circle when this lunation kicks in).  The initiation never ends, as the occultists say.  All of the lessons of the spring and summer are about to wash over you, and you must let them.  This is dangerous as fuck territory, guys, because you will either shed all of your weight and rise above the waves like a brand spankin new warrior god – agenda in hand ready to descend into the underworld of autumn, or… well… as Pisces does best… you will be pushed right back into the wheel again.  You will absorb your self denial like a sponge and go back to the patterns before Pisces Sun hit us.  Do you see the pattern now?  Your energy is going to have some zaps, unfortunately, as Mars in a mutable while the sun and moon are also in mutables is going to make us go UH UH WTF DO I DO OMG WTF IS GOING ON WHO AM I WHY AM I LYING ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR LITTERED WITH BOTTLES OF BOURBON.  Get your shit together.  I know Virgo season is not easy, but if you can’t honestly look at yourself in the mirror, then you don’t deserve insight.

Uranus is roaring for us to change – and he is in full retrograde swing at this point, blowing shit up as he goes along.  Forcing you to change, urging you to change, and if you don’t follow along with him – throwing shit in your life out of left field so you HAVE to change.  We are looking at political change, cultural change, as well as change in our own hearts.  Change in the way we do relationships.  Change in the way we dream and manifest our dreams in this reality.  This is the transition between the Piscean age and the Aquarian age, where the technology of Aquarius allows the dreams of Pisces to emerge.  What will rear it’s head from the depths?   You will be able to see things that were in the thick of the fog before.

There is a great ego rattling that is going to take place here.  The entire Virgo season is an ego rattling – from the new moon to this full moon.  Our dreams are going to get… corrected.  Allow it.  Let it wash over you.  Don’t let the disappointments that ensue sink you to your emotional depths.  Instead, let the things die that need to die so you can rise up and take a big fucking gulp of fresh air.  Venus as the Hangman tells me that we must relinquish our ego, especially in matters of the heart – toward others and toward ourselves.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune – universal love.  Let that be your mantra.  Love for all.  Remember – and this is fucking important – when you are relating to others it is just as much about them as it is about you.  Don’t dump all of your weird shit onto people.  Change and level up your relationship skills with others, because Libra season is on the way – and Venus being in Libra during this lunation is already telling us how to prepare.  What is best for all and how can you contribute to that?   So drop your false pride, have enough courage to say what needs to be said, and you will heal like you never knew you could (Empress).

Mercury (6 of Wands), Pluto (The Chariot)-  Wooooooo, here is a nice little anchor.  I am really loving this 6 of Wands and Chariot combination.  Your words will be recognized and your self transformation will bring you the success you seek.  The ideas swimming around in your head must be manifested, believe it or not.  It’s easy to have self doubt when there are so many mutables bombarding us right now, but remember this also makes us kind of like clay.  We may not know what the fuck we are right now, but we can literally mold ourselves into the things of our choosing.  Combine your ideas and the energy from Pluto forcing us to reckon with our deepest darkest desires, and you have a winning combination here.  In order to become what you wish to become, you must kill who you are now.  You must stand on the mountain of the corpses of your former selves.  This full moon is like the eye of a needle.  In order to get through the emotional storm that is ahead of us, we are going to need to communicate and transform.  You must realize that success is temporary (6 of Wands).  Fleeting.  A momentary high in a world of waves.  While you are high, scope your landscape and make your visionary plans because once you dip low, you are going to have to rely on your faith in self.  Do you trust yourself enough to transform, to go through the dark, horrible landscapes one needs to cut away the subconscious forces holding you back? These two planets are our biggest weapon in battling the extreme stress and emotional turmoil that will come with this moon.  Hold your successes in your heart and plow through the battlefield and don’t look back.  If you look back, you will be lost.  If you look back, you’ll destroy your one chance at getting through that eye of a needle.  Don’t waste any energy on things you can’t fix right now.  Pay attention to the transformations happening in the present, because they are going to need all of your focus.  If you don’t put all of your focus on the transformation, you will – and I repeat – you will drown and go sinking back into the old paradigm.  It’s time to evolve into something… beyond.

Jupiter (Strength)-  No comment.  I’ll let you wait with baited breath for our Jupiter in Libra post coming up very soon 😉

Saturn (2 of Wands), Neptune (Knight of Pentacles)-   Are you able to see me?  Hello, I’m reaching out from my keyboard to your screen and into your mind.  Hello there, my friend, my fellow watcher of this manifestation that is before us.  This Neptune retrograde has been washing away our illusions about the world.  One little piece at a time, like Jenga, this tower crumbles and we are finally able to see the real architecture underneath.  Are you able to see me?  Are you able to see those around you?  When you look into the eyes of others, really look.  Be there with them.  Be present.  This is the real connecting fiber of our universe – that connection you feel.  Bring yourself to the present.  Don’t be scared.  I know it’s fucking frightening actually seeing people.  This illusion has us convinced that it is far more comfortable settling in it and hiding.  Goddamn Maya.  But you mustn’t be afraid.  Touch people.  Connect from the heart.  This is what Pisces is all about.  Pisces is in charge of the 12th house in Astrology, which is commonly called the “house of undoing.”  There will be two different types of undoing happening.  You will be undoing your programming and realizing that dreams do come true, or you will take the criticisms of this Virgo season to heart because you are pride driven – and you will fall right back into your old addictions and habits.  Remember, Pisces rules over addiction.  These are the things that keep us attached to any one paradigm – the addictions.  It’s time to see your addictions for what they are – and oh boy will they be revealed to you before the Sun leaves Virgo.  Now let go of your goddamn pride and ride this wave, for the storm will shred you to pieces if you keep something as solid as an ego around.  Let it go, become the wind, and you can fly anywhere.  It’s okay, really, it’s very okay that you have made mistakes in the past or that you have made these mistakes for a long fucking time – over and over again.  You can be reborn – you can be baptized – at any time.  Remember.  At any time.