Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Countown

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.”  Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Effective Date: September 1st, 2016

*taps mic* TESTING TESTING IS THIS THING WORKING CORRECTLY?  Uh, oh hello, everyone, let me just pull myself together here. Thanks to Cancer and Leo season, I am in a bit of an indulgent coma as of late.  I’m sparking up a bowl and pulling these cards while a friend (aka my Virgo secretary) is sending me a barrage of messages demanding that I get a Google Calendar and get my life together because if I double book people one more time I am going to get it (if this wasn’t a harsh reminder of Virgo season coming, I don’t know what is).  I hope the confidence you built in Leo is solid because Virgo is going to tear us down like mean girls in hopes that we are really who we say we are.  Holy fuck, Virgo.  When I think about this Solar Eclipse, all that crosses my mind is: pick up your pencils and begin your test!   This is a stark warning to all of you because as you read this, the Aquarius full moon Eclipse in Sun Leo has not happened yet.  The shit that you do not slay during Aqua Eclipse will come back to bite you during this one.  *Puts on some Virgo music (aka Austra) and begins divining*

The Sun (Page of Swords), Moon (Hangman), Saturn (9 of Swords), and Neptune (Empress)-  Imagine it like this: 2016 has been boot camp to the extreme, and this summer has been your final testing rounds before we enter the battlefield of fall.  Virgo is the last inspection before you are sent off, fresh buzz cut hair and shaking knees.  Think of this Virgo as the drill sergeant who makes sure you know exactly how to do your prescribed duties.  The checks that are deployed your way may be harsh (did the bitch learn this lesson yet?), BUT, remember, if you aren’t solid in your new power, you wont make to your destination.  If a soldier doesn’t know how to perform his duties flawlessly (Virgos love that word) and flow with his fellow soldiers, he will die on the battlefield within the first 5 minutes.  This is essentially what I see with the combination of The Hangman and the Page of Swords.  Both hesitate and hold their ground – suspend their ego and analyse a situation to fucking death.  Also, the page of swords is a ball of fucking anxiety and the only way to channel it is through using the over inspection as a weapon; become the activist reporter who kicks the politicians of your life in the teeth with missing details from their speeches.  Show people, and yourself, exactly what needs to be adjusted while suspending your ego from the situation.  Fuck, yeah, easy thing to ask of you, I know, but if you don’t make the anxiety ACTIVE instead of passive and eroding (which is strange to think about during a New Moon) , it will sink you to the bottoms of your emotional waters.  For those of you with issues with anxiety, this moon may bring out the worst in you (Saturn as the 9 of Swords adds to this).  At this point, Saturn will have gone direct again and our little Karma whirlwind will be turned back to harsh judgement mode.   Ugh, all this Virgo and Saturn’s harsher influence just got my stomach in knots.  This New Moon is not whispering, but shouting at me that an ego beating is on the horizon.  But listen; there is power in creating a new ideal for yourself.  All of the things you have learned int he past 6 months, it is now time to start planting the seeds of your ideals (Neptune and The Empress) – the seeds of what you have learned in Virgo the sign of learning.  You’ll hear the New Moon whisperings when humanity calms down from the ebb of the full moon in Aqua.  And just like after any rebellion, it is time to test the ideals of those that rose up to re-take the paradigm.  Remember how I told you to strip down to the reality of the situation before you began fighting?  I hope you did, because if you didn’t, your tower is going to get kicked down again, and you’ll have to wait for the next cycle before you can rebuild with any real strength.

Mercury (8 of Cups), Venus (3 of Wands), Jupiter (King of Wands), Uranus (6 of Wands)-  So Jupiter will be in it’s final degrees of Virgo at this point right before it kicks it into Libra.  This means he is going to be highly motherfucking Virgo.  Our focus is definitely going to be drawn into the realm of Virgo like mad.  There is victory in change (6 of wands), and we will be riding high from the victories of rebellion during the Aquarius Full Moon, but we must now get those lessons into motion.  Your vision that you seek for the future will be found during this time.  You will be speaking to others about moving on, changing things, altering and inspecting things to their fullest extent.  Find the people who want to build and change with you – who aren’t afraid to have those intense, mind bending conversations that leave you both raw and exposed.  This will be necessary at this time.  Without these people and these conversations, the changes that need to happen just wont happen.  You can’t inspect yourself on your own.  You need outside perspective to let you know the things that your eyes cannot see.  And when you get this information, it is best to act on it rather immediately.  Don’t sit and dwell because this is just going to add to the anxiety of this lunation.  Jupiter in Virgo is going to give us his final lessons, which include lessons of drastic humbling.  You have received a lot of lessons about humbling during this Jupiter transit, and they are finally going to culminate in this New Moon Solar Eclipse.  You don’t receive a lot of rewards during Jupiter in Virgo, but you get the little tools that, if used correctly, will help you build an empire.

Mars (The Moon), Pluto (The Magician)-  Here is your power, darlings, and at first the sword that you will be given on the Aqua full moon will feel heavy, but the tests that are coming this Virgo New Moon are going to help you get strong enough to actually wield it and slice people (which is good because Libra season is coming and Libra always makes me want to cut a bitch).  You are going to need to be totally and completely okay with any transformations that are trying to bust out of your subconscious.  Trust me, shit will hit you from left field and you will be like, “What the fuck, when did I want this?” but you have.  Think about it.  Sit with yourself and be brutally fucking honest, because Virgo is watching (fucking emotional torture voyeurs that they are).  Desires that have been secretly ruling you, stuffed deep down into your subconscious by your rational mind and the boundaries placed by those around you, are going to start emerging and you are going to have to start looking them in the eyes.  Honestly, the best way to approach a Virgo is with pure integrity.  If you acknowledge the ways in which you have been a fuck up and decide to actually work on them and learn from these lessons, you will excel during this new moon.  If you don’t perfect yourself and your skills, you wont be able to accomplish the great feats you have your eye set on.  It is this part – the practice and testing portion – that is where most people fail.  Put your hubris aside during this Virgo lunation, or prepare to build a new life based on lies instead of diving into the heart of matters.  This is your crossroad.  Humble yourself and you will hear your directions.


Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Breakthrough

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective date: August 18th 2016

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back. – “Jabberwocky” poem in “Through The Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll

Aquarius Fulll Moon in Sun Leo with a Virgo Stellium = Through empowering, awakening, and liberating ourselves can we can learn how to best serve humanity.  In order to lead, you must first learn how to follow.  In order to make change, you must first learn how to make change within yourself.  Listen, everyone.  I know you have been told this narrative where you and the exterior world are two separate things that do not intermingle.  Whatever you think in your head couldn’t possibly appear in reality.  I’m sorry, but this narrative is simply not true.  We co-produce this reality.  We are sitting in the situation we are sitting in today because we all consciously chose to play along with the collective narrative.  We are Live Action Roleplaying, guys.  We will all wake up tomorrow morning, rub the sand out of our eyes, and continue to carry on the narrative.  We will become entranced by all of the stimuli we are given, all of the false anxieties and fears – about the world and about each other.  This enchantment will throw us back into the cycles over and over and over again.  Here’s the thing, everyone.  Sometimes the greater powers of the universe, systems and cycles more ancient than our little waves here on earth, part the sea and give us a chance to see clearly these cycles and choose to smash them.  The shitty part?  It’s like having a fucking heroine addiction.  It is violent to our physical being to make choices that break our cycles.  As painful as it is to stay awake when your body is screaming for you to go back into the comfort of sleep, you must stay awake.  Grab your vorpal blade and stab the Jabborwocky in the face.  This is your chance.

The Sun (Judgement), The Moon (The Fool), Mercury (Knight of Cups), Jupiter (Death), Chiron (Ace of Wands) and Uranus (The Star)-  This combination is pure fire.  The Sun and The Moon are telling us something is definitely coming to an end, and Death rearing it’s head representing Jupiter solidifies this message.  Judgement day has come, my friends.  Well, one of many judgement days you will have throughout your life.  It’s time to make a decision and start anew.  The Fool is outside of the tarot.  He is ZERO because he looks on at the cycle of the tarot from the outside.  This is your chance.  You have the ability to make a choice that will put you outside of your karmic cycle.  The Sun, our goal in astrology, is at home in roaring Leo, and the Moon in Aquarius lets us change our usual reactions – lets us step away and look at things from the outside.  Uranus will reveal a good deal to us that we couldn’t see before.  He is like a crack of lightening, and the eureka moments will electrify  you as if out of nowhere.  But then you will see.  You will see all the tributaries and how everything connects and how your major cycles have come to a head again.  We will see our goals loud and clear, we see where we need to go, and we will not be able to hide from it.  So what are you going to do?  Uranus is giving us the answer here; choose change.  Hope, healing, and transcendence, the Star, is sitting on the planet of Rebellion.  This Full Moon comes right after Uranus shifts into retrograde, making him more potent than ever.  We will be tested.  Are we willing to fight for what we truly believe in?  Are we willing to rebel against corruption in the world and in ourselves?  It is time to free yourself, and in doing so, free those around you.  Mercury is the Knight of Cups.  Your words will ring true.  Speak your truth, communicate with each other.  We live in a very Aquarian age.  We have these devices in front of us that allow us to communicate with peers like never before.  You can find your tribe, you can speak to them, you can change the narrative together.  Aquarius Moon asks the Leo Sun:  Why, instead of working as a collective, do we continue to choose petty ego games?  Snicker-snack, pick up the vorpal blade.  It is time for you to kill the part of you that isn’t ready to fight.  The Jabborwocky is a figment of the Wonderland characters’ imaginations.  The Jabborwocky is all of your fears and anxieties.  It is a monster created out of pure thought bubbles.  This moon is your vorpal blade, and instead of choosing to bury yourself back in the illusions because you are hurt and scared, use your pain and transcend (Chiron and the Ace of Wands).  We can only learn about ourselves through the reactions we create while interacting with others and our environment.  When you become aware of your influence on the world and others, and their influence on you – and the permeable wall between everything – you can begin to understand the real power of Uranus and change.  If you decide to  do this, I must warn you about Uranus; he either brings breakthrough or breadown – enlightenment or madness.  Your key to all of this is Virgo; the method you take.  Uranus is trine the Sun, meaning any change you take in your life that is aimed at your higher ideals will come with rewards.  That is how you keep away from the madness – be true and stop fucking lying to yourself about what you want.  Stop lying to yourself about the state of the world, our government, and our prevailing culture.  It is time to fucking rock the boat.  Viva la fucking revolution!

Venus (5 of Pentacles) and Pluto (7 of Pentacles)-  From highest to lowest.  Neptune in this reading is the King of Pentacles and Venus is the beggar of the tarot, the 5 of Pentacles.  Venus will also be situated in Virgo while Neptune is situated in Pisces.  Pluto will be pressing Venus, telling her it is time (7 of Pentacles).  For what?  Well, this is a bit of an eerie play on things.  What does Pluto usually do to lovely maidens?  Drags them back into the underworld with him.  The Capricorn full moon was about facing our chains – our devil – and now is our time to run toward the Star – the way out of this forest.  So fucking pick up your spear and fucking run.  You’re not going to get dragged back in this time.  Love, for people and for things that pull you back, will become intoxicating.  You are going to have to fight a very seductive illusion.  It will feel urgent and animalistic.  It’s time for the Maiden (Virgo) to pick up the Spear (Mars squaring her is Justice – do the right fucking thing or else).  This is a time to assert yourself and your worth. Tap into that love/desire combo from the Venus/Mars square.  Become obsessed with your higher vision, and leap.  You’ll either fall, or you will sail like an arrow.  Leap of faith?  Now is the time to change.  Now is the time to transform.  7 of Pentacles.  Don’t let the fruit rot on the vine.  If you don’t pick it now, you’re going to have to wait a full cycle for the next (karmic) harvest.  Through the bombardments we have received this year, we have come to a point where we see clearly because we are sitting in the rubble.  The tower is falling and the way out is clear.  Will you be brave enough to pick up the spear and actually put your ideas to action?    

Mars (Justice), Saturn (Three of Swords) and Neptune (King of Pentacles)-  Saturn is going to fuck with us a little here.  He is bringing some hard as fuck truths, illuminations, but you wont be happy to hear them.  Maybe they will be the trigger you need to move outside of your cycle?  Maybe it will take a stab in the heart (or back) to finally get you to care enough about yourself to rebel against your predicament.  This is where you separate the strong from the weak.  The weak will take this heartbreak, betrayal, shattering of dreams, what have you, and lay down and settle back deeper into the dream.  The strong will take this as a sign that it is time to take matters into their own hands.  The scales are being reset.  Justice will reign down on us whether we like it or not, and we will be judged for the service or disservice we have done to humanity.  Will you swallow your pride and take the hand that you have been dealt and learn to play it?  The illusion is being split and we are seeing the gears underneath the machine.  This is like the nightmare that wakes you up.  Will you choose to go back to sleep or will you choose to allow the frightening to push you back into being an active participant of your reality?  Remember, in the end, you can only ever save yourself.  This is the “coldness” you sense in Aquarius.  We Aquarians ARE humanitarians.  We care deeply for every human being on this planet, but we know, in the end, we can only truly save ourselves.  We must be able to love ourselves to become indestructible.  With the Leo sun looming overhead, empowerment of the self is a huge component of this energy coming in from this Full Moon partial Eclipse.  It tells us that to change the world, we must first change ourselves.  So let’s do it.  Let’s drink from Aquarius’ LSD koolaid (what do you think we carry in that pitcher?), and become active participants in our reality and the revolution that is knocking on our door – begging us to come out and play.

New Moon in Cancer – Life/Blood

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date- July 4th, 2016

“Water: 35 liters, Carbon: 20 kg, Ammonia: 4 liters, Lime:1.5 kg, Phosphrus: 800 g, salt: 250g, saltpeter:100g, Sulfer: 80g, Fluorine: 7.5 g, iron: 5.6 g, Silicon: 3g, and 15 other elements in small quantities…. thats the total chemical makeup of the average adult body. Modern science knows all of this, but there has never been a single example of succesful human trasmutation. It’s like there’s some missing ingredient….. Scientists have been trying to find it for hundreds of years, pouring tons of money into research, and to this day they don’t have a theory. For that matter, the elements found in a human being is all junk that you can buy in any market with a child’s allowence. Humans are pretty cheaply made.” 
― Hiromu Arakawa, Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1

I officially dub this the alchemists’ new moon. I am simultaneous terrified and excited about this one. Being a Uranean ruled individual, I have a love for rebellion and change.  But I also know what un-directed rebellion and change lead to.  Choices, choices, what are we to do? We are being forced to create something, to change something, and violently at that. Cancer relates to the Chariot in the Tarot, another card, like the Lovers, about combining of forces to create something more; something that can get us the fuck out of here. Thankfully, our intuition (Cancer) is in charge of this chemical reaction before we get into Leo season, where we will have to demonstrate everything we have learned. But first, we will be forced to act, forced to bleed for the choices we have made the words we have spoken. It is a time to cast lies aside and meet the forces of nature head on. So, chemical reactions… Are we going to create gold just in time for Leo season, or are we going to create a bomb?

The Sun (King of Cups), Moon (Lovers), Mercury (4 of Cups), Saturn (7 of Swords) and Neptune (Page of Wands)–   So we have a big fucking mirror right here, folks.  All of those pesky anxieties Cancer is so well known for are all clustering up in the same spot.  Resolve, resolve, resolve, this moon screams, and make your choices carefully.  Be very careful, my loves, for this new moon will pit your darkest anxieties against you.  What if I’m not good enough?  Mercury in the 4 of Cups makes me nervous, but it also tells me a very important detail.  In the Waite depiction of this card, a person is sitting under a tree with three cups set before him.  He is deep in contemplation about the 3 cups while a disembodied hand, stretching from a puffy cloud, is attempting to hand him a 4th cup.  We are literally being handed our answers and we are refusing to accept them.  Is something not as ideal as you expected?  Does something shatter your idea of some sort of “rules” you’ve set for yourself?  (btw “rules” are out the window with Uranus and the way he is behaving right now)  We really need to start LOOKING at things when they are presented to us.  Your mind will dodge uncomfortable anxieties, but Mercury in Cancer will force you to bleed out the contents of your heart.  Let’s make our way out of this maze of mirrors, shall we?  The Sun is jolly old King of Cups.  Well if that doesn’t immediately tell me that this new moon will be about other people, I don’t know what will.  Ok, I know, you’re terrified to open your heart to others and tell them how you really feel, because that means things are going to change.  But remember, guys, nature tells us that if things do not change, they fucking die.  And yes, change is scary.  Change means you have to start trying again, and you have to start working on things and untying knots.  As one of my favorite poets, Barbara Chase-Riboud, says “Everytime a knot is undone, a God is released.”  Oh, gods, look at Saturn sitting all smugly with the 7 of Swords in his hand.  FML we are going to get slapped in the face with our selfish choices and have to grow some ovaries to face them.  Cry, my friends, open up and fucking cry.  If you don’t resolve your emotional issues with those closest to you, you are not going to survive Leo season’s wrath (and Leo rules the Heart and The Sun).  You can’t build a persona that is capable of dealing with the hell that life throws at you if you are being a selfish, egotistical fuck.  Your selfish, egotistical fuckness is just going to get worse when we start getting that Leo energy in the air.  An egotistical Leo is a piece of shit Leo, and a Leo who realizes it is really all about the tribe makes a powerful leader.  I hope you all can see the terror in my astral eyes right now, because I am honestly worried about a lot of people.  This reminds me of the time I did ayahuasca and as I was kneeling over a bucket, puking out my brains, this old woman said to me, “If you don’t purge out all that darkness before we begin the ritual, you wont be able to manifest a stable future.  It’s only your bad karma leaving your body.”  Now resolve that shit, guys.  Open your heart.  Tell people what you really mean.  Your heart needs to strengthen, and to do that it needs to be cracked the fuck open first.  The Japanese mend broken objects by filling their damage with gold.  They believe that the suffering item has a history, and thus it alchemicaly becomes something more beautiful.  Now let that sword of truth plummet into your heart, clean those wounds during this Cancerean opportunity, and fill the holes with the gold that is coming straight for us in Leo season.  If you start feeling other people’s hurt during this season, do not panic.  Mercury in Cancer and the Moon in Cancer are doing double work to make us well aware of the wounds of our tribe.  Empaths beware, this is going to be a very heavy season.  Become the wounded healer.

Venus (Ace of Swords), Mars (7 of Wands) and Uranus (The World)–  *Artemis puts on combat boots*  VIVA LA REVOLUTION!  What does it take for a people to change?  Something that attacks their heart.  Kill their family.  Kill their dreams.  Kill that one thing that they really value and love.  New Moons, though, are about inner work (and in this new moon’s case, inner work involving other people and our relationships to them).  What inside of ourselves are we so fraught over losing that we would continue to put up walls in order to protect it?  Is it the idea that we are to blame for something?  Is it facing the fact that we have hurt others with our rage?  Take a look at the cards, folks.  We have the Ace of Swords being held by the goddess of Love herself, Venus.  There is your Excalibur.  There is your key, everyone.  Watch everyone around you.  It’s easy to train your intuitive eye if you follow the patterns.  People ebb and flow like waves.  Emotions are ruled by the moon because they behave in just this way.  Our bodies are primarily water.  Watch as the consciousness rises, the fires get stoked, and the collective gets electric.  Then watch as it dips into new moon season and we fall into a hush.  The great thing is, during this hush, we can actually start to hear things.  This is the best time to get out of the woods.  You can see all the stars, you can see your way out, you can see the minds of those around you.  Now do it.  Open your fucking heart, and do it.  Come on guys.  The biggest and scariest things must be faced so that we can come into our power.  Mars is telling us 7 of Wands, or as Crowley titled the card, “Valour.”  You must do the right thing.  If not for others, for yourself.  You need to settle issues of the heart now, or it will hurt YOU in the long run.  Uranus wont let us get away with it.  You can run, but you can’t fucking hide form a sky god.  You can never tell where Uranus is going to emerge next.  You think you have put up all your safety nets and then, BAM MOTHERFUCKING CHAOS.  So, yeah, you’re going to have to face these things.  You are being pulled to face these things.  You are being put into these situations for a REASON.  In order to progress, innovate, receive flashes of insight, you need to attack the tough problems.  You know all those ideas of who you want to be coming into manifestation during the full moon in Saggo/Capricorn?  Well, now you are going to be tested.  If you are searching for Truth with a capital T, you are going to have to start with the heart.  That’s the secret of alchemy.

Jupiter (9 of Pentacles) and Pluto (2 of Wands)–  There is a hyper focus on material reality that has been permeating the collective psyche because of Jupiter.  Of course a party guy like Jupiter is literally forcing us to enjoy physical pleasures right now.  He is in an earth sign, Virgo, and gleefully floating dangerously close to Libra these days.  Have we at Heretical Oracles told you how excited we are for that transit?  Yeah, pretty stoked.  I digress.  So, Jupiter is reminding us what happens when we get too comfortable in our station.  Every coin has two sides.  9 of Pentacles tells us that our comfort will only lead to boredom and stagnation.  Once you have everything you materially think you need, and once you have exhausted your initial fun with your new toys, you will feel that existential dread set in.  Nothing can be avoided forever, friends.  Nothing.  These things will keep coming back, over and over again, like waves on the shore.  Crabs know this phenomenon and curse it every day, as the waves drive them back and forth.  You can’t avoid the spiritual work.  It’s time to do it.  While Jupiter is lounging around, getting fed grapes by a harem of super sexy women, and a swan (mythology geeks everywhere giggle), Pluto is building our courage.  She is rallying the troops inside of us, and making shock waves.  The 2 of Wands is all about getting that booming confidence back.  It’s about regaining your power and being able to look at the vast world ahead of you.  Pluto is telling us how we are going to get the most out of this new moon.  Here is the trigger point; transformation.  With Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus/Sun/Moon/Mercury in Cancer, the opposition is all about change of heart/ideas/psychology/ideals (I know Helios says it is too “wide” of an aspect for Pluto, but I think the inherent energy of these planets being in opposing signs creates a sort of opposition).  You are being forced to transform, but if you give in to this transformational process, it will be so fucking good for you.  2 of Wands tells us this is an opportunity to really step into our power; our self authority.  To find our strength, we need to crumble, change, and confront.  You are not small.  You are not delicate.  You are a warrior.  And don’t forget; your tribe is fighting this battle right alongside you.

New Moon Leo – Inner Flame

Originally published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

Effective Date– August 2nd, 2016

“But you’re gonna need a bullet proof soul
Think you got it, but you got all the trouble you need
I came in like a lamb
But I intend to leave like a lion” – Sade, Bullet Proof Soul

Yep.  I’m at my wit’s end as well.  I’m dangling by a thread, and my grip is slipping.  Where do we go from here, after this early summer has wrecked us and spat us back out?  We follow glorious Leo, always ready to lead us out of the darkness and into some solar power.  This Leo New Moon is the spark in the dark, the torch to carry on your way through the desolate tunnels.  This summer has gotten fucking bleak and brutal, hasn’t it?  As we write this article, the Full Moon Capricorn is on the horizon ready to put us face to face with our darkness and most rooted fears.  It feels like every time we stand up, we get punched in the fucking face once again.  What can thaw an endless winter?  Ah, the inner flame.  There is nothing like the inner flame.  The only way to grow this inner flame is to love and honor thyself.  You have personal power, so fuck the people who have convinced you that you are helpless and enslaved to their agendas, their love, their support.  A lot of you may be finding yourselves more alone than you ever have been at this point.  This is the charred remains of the double Saggo full moons and the emotionally traumatic New Moon Cancer on the 4th of July.  I can’t express to you guys enough: THIS IS TOWER YEAR.  And you have tribe, I assure you that you do, but this New Moon is going to teach us that… really… we don’t need anyone at all.    I have a mantra to get you through this season and it goes Sah Sekhem Sahu.” (click please)  It means “the breath,” “the source,” and “the spirit.”  It is a mantra used to gain strength, ignite your Solar Plexus, and call on the raw power of the lion headed Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.  There was an endless thirst and rage in Sekhmet, and there must be one inside of you as well now.  The source never runs out of energy and power.  Dig deep and find it.  Now let’s light um’ up and rage on

Sun(Hangman), Moon(Emperor), Saturn (Ace of Wands), Pluto(8 of Swords), Neptune(7 of Cups)-  The only thing keeping me going at this point is a hard headed, relentless natal Mars in Taurus and enough Aquarius in a chart to run off of pure insanity.  I mean, I’m either insane or a glutton for punishment, but I have chosen the hard route, the fast and furious route of the “dark” gods.  I have chosen the route of shattered hearts and slaps to the face.  Do you know why?  Because our time is running out.  We are being pushed to jump.  There is no mistaking it.  Bombs are going off all around the world, and the fire inside is telling us that we must step into our power now or get curb stomped by the hungry forces at our heals.  Get your head right, because the illusions around us are thick as thieves.  Fuck, not only is Neptune the Queen of Illusion but the 7 of Cups is the card of illusion.  The Maya (Grand Illusion) is going to throw us temptations left and right.  What happened to Jesus, the Buddha, and countless other prophets when they began their Work?  Temptation.  They were seemingly handed all of the things they could ever want, and what did they do differently from your average person?  They turned those empty things away and focused on the real Work.  You must stand strong and have resolve.  You know what is not serving you and damaging either yourself or your entire tribe.  Our addictions, be it to things, substances, or people, are beginning to swallow us whole.  Seriously, get the fuck out of your self created delusions before the void hypnotizes you into a miserable “life” and empties your core.  All it takes is a cold, hard choice.  Make it.  You continue to talk yourself in circles with excuse after excuse as to why you haven’t gotten out of your cycle(s).  Stand up, shout, fight, because the illusions set before us aren’t going to let us get out alive.  This is a very decisive moon.  You can lie down and be defeated- really, it’s okay, most people in this life choose this route.  Or you can rise to your power (which, by the way, is not an easy journey or a gentle one).  We have a fucking blind spot when it comes to power games right now.  What’s the best way to combat this bullshit?  Smash things at first red flag.  There is a hesitation.  We may be unsure, blinding ourselves to our own ability to change.  The thing is, when a butterfly builds it’s cocoon, it probably has no fucking clue why it’s doing it.  Allow yourself to take that leap of faith and become that brand new person that your inner flame needs to survive.  If you are in a situation where you have allowed someone or something to overpower you, it is time to take responsibility.  Once we realize we had the power to get ourselves into a situation, we can realize we have the power to get ourselves out of the situation.  Take responsibility for your own power plays and your ability to fool even yourself.  We all enact our past traumas, but it takes a real courageous heart to admit when we have allowed our weaknesses to hurt us and those around us.  Now, remember, you are royalty.  You are a slave to nothing – not even yourself.

Mercury(King of Cups), Mars(3 of Pentacles)-  Okay, Mars is sick and tired of crawling backwards and being stuck in the muck of Scorpio.  He will be back in Saggo at this point and making moves.  His close proximity to Saturn is putting your drive in the hands of your goals.  This sounds like a really fucking good thing.  Channel all that sexual confusion being caused by the Mars/Venus square into your work.  Lay it on thick and see how your momentum will pick up.  Higher pursuits and higher goals are being addressed here, and it’s time to lay the architectural plans for your future- even if it now looks way fucking different than it did back in January.  We are not in lazy, confused Mars time.  We are in active, ready Mars time.  So let him loose, and stop draining your energy doing anything other than what you are suppose to be doing.  We are getting restless from the lies. What’s better?  To be coddled and told everything is okay when the whole world is on the verge of boiling, or to eat the harsh, cold truth?  It’s up to you, honestly.  The thing is, if you choose the first option, you will eventually find yourself living in a glass house of your illusions and someone is going to throw a stone one day and you’re going to be absolutely shattered.  If you take the later choice, it will hurt like knives to the chest but it will be illuminating and stimulating.  Saturn is forcing us to step up and to acknowledge our real inner “grand plan.”  What is your true goal?  Are you deviating from it?  If you are, it’s going to be like quick sand and you talking yourself into the illusion of anything other than your true goal is going to be easy as pie with Mercury and Neptune helping each other out in fucking you.  You’re going to feel a great urge to let things smooth over and to be sweet and kind and accommodating.  Don’t do it.  It’s a trap.  It’s the way you’re going to get sucked back in.  Speak your truth and speak it loudly, because the magnetic pull toward your destiny will be pulling harder than ever.  Fuck, picture that, we are literally being torn in two.  Cliche, I know, but red pill or blue pill?

Venus(The Devil), Uranus(Queen of Swords), Jupiter (5 of Swords), Chiron (7 of Wands)-  There is a Venus Square Mars going on, and this means that sexual desire and love are going to be confused as fuck.  For those of you with a natal Venus/Mars square, the illusion could get thicker than ever.  There is a lot of fire being sparked in our love lives, but we must be very careful and aware if the people we are opening our hearts to are there to enslave with desire or free our hearts and souls.  The devil is all about addiction and power plays.  This card is ruled by “Capricorn” who in turn is ruled by big bad daddy Saturn.  Someone said something to me the other day that has been swimming around non stop in my head and reminded me of this combination, There comes a point when the victim becomes a volunteer.”  Well, it’s your choice.  Do you allow yourself to sit comfortably in your victim label, or are you going to eat the souls of those that try and glamour you into servitude?  Love sets you free, it doesn’t bind you.  Keep that in mind.  If you are feeling enslaved, feel free to walk away.  Uranus in retrograde will be fresh off the runway at this point, and hard, cold truths are in store.  Expect a lot of the heartbreak and severing from the New Moon Cancer to continue full force into this New Moon Leo.  Uranus and Venus are having a conversation in the sky and also in this reading.  The Queen of Swords is ready to slay the Devil.  Let Uranus lend you strength.  It is time for things to change, and it is time to cut out the lovers, earthly delights, and monetary illusions.  The Queen of Swords in Uranus is telling us that, regardless of if we want it or not, the chaos from Uranus is going to rattle our fucking world and bring The Tower.  You will see your illusions.  The only question is, once Uranus gives you that flash of harsh insight, what the fuck are you going to do about it?

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra – Bloom

Originally published on AstroGeek and Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.


“Who dwells at the core of my being? I am calm itself and he is the storm.” – Hafiz

Effective Date: March 23, 2016

This is the final eclipse in a long series of Libra/Aries eclipses. We wont see an eclipse in this sign combination for another 7 years. This, in itself, feels very significant. 7 is the number of Venus, the goddess of fortune and love, and also the ruler of Libra. This may be an especially significant time for those born under the scales.

Libra, the centerpiece of the zodiac, always reminding us that perfection is non-existent and life is in constant adjustment for balance. Like a see-saw, she teeters between hot and cold / dark and light / love and fear / war and peace. Where Aries is exploratory and impulsive action, she is stillness and assessment. As an idealistic air sign, Libra will toil endlessly for a justice that can never be fully attained; bringing to mind Sisyphus. Perhaps this is Libra’s punishment from the gods for being so fucking indecisive. The scale will always tip one way or the other, regardless of how balanced we may perceive it in the moment. The great work is never over.

THE MOON: For the moon, I pulled The Hangman and Sowillo, which is the exact same combination I pulled for the last eclipse. This is auspicious. We have reached the other side, reflecting the last new moon in Pisces like a mirror. We have crossed some sort of strange, dimensional rift, with illumination resting firmly betwixt. Like Libra, the hangman is the centerpiece. He sits smack dab in the middle of the major arcana of the Tarot, suspended between two worlds. This book end situation is a new sort of experience for Libra. All endings breed beginnings, and Libra is consistently stuck in the middle of the story. Both the ideas of starting and ending seem foreign and dizzying. This whole transition from new moon to full moon has been like sitting on a fence; something Libras are very good at. It is finally time to step off and go see the greener grass on the other side. Unfortunately, while Libra has been sitting around contemplating, her Aries neighbor has erected hedge statues and planted gardens and a built one of those stupid fountains. Spring is here, and the scales have finally tipped. Sowillo, the sun, has arrived. The funny thing about the sun, like illumination, is that you can never look directly at it but you see it’s presence all around you. The hangman has lost his ego. He is in a position where you could throw a rotten tomato on him, kick his head, or give him a hug. Who knows. He has taken the leap of faith. It’s time to give everyone the big fuck you and bloom how you choose. You get to be whatever kind of fucking flower you want to be. You inherit yourself.

THE SUN: For the sun, I pulled 5 of Swords and Kenaz. 5 of Swords represents self interest, which makes perfect sense for a sun in Aries. You’re going to have to defend what you believe in. People are going to disagree with you. They are going to fight you and kick you when you are down. Don’t fucking let them. Seriously, punch them where it hurts most and move the fuck on. We have to let things go and become light and fly now. The rune Kenaz, also known as the “torch,” tells us that you will “surpass the master.” This is where we make a choice, punks (sorry, Libra). What is the story you are going to choose to tell? Are you going to keep telling the same old fucking story, or are you going to take what you want? Are you the master of your own fate, or will you allow the illusion to suck you back in? There is also a warning here. This card tells us it is not in our benefit to be wholly selfish. It’s like Libra is scolding Aries. She tells him to do what is right and to do it with the fullness of his unique intensity. I’m sure Helios and I can both agree that there is nothing more glorious to behold than an Aries with a righteous goal at his back. Kenaz represents controlled transformation. It governs apprenticeship, study, and the search for enlightenment. What drives you? What is your end goal? Look beyond everything. What is the sun of your life?

MERCURY: For Mercury, I pulled The Devil and Algiz. This is a fascinating combination. They call Algiz the rune of connections. What kind of connections? In particular, the kind between us and the gods. Algiz represents the higher self and courage. It is used as a protection rune and is charged with giving us courage in the face of fear. People are going to say what they need to say. That’ll be nice, wont it? There is this idea of “personal gravity” which I found interesting when studying this rune. Movement is key, so find your rhythm. Mercury is the planet of communication, so Algiz in this position tells me that the full moon will be a glorious time for getting in your creative zone and just letting work come out. We also have the Devil archetype to deal with here. This card warns us that people (including you) may have an easy time influencing us with their words right now. Listen carefully to the way people speak to you, from the friends in your micro, to the politicians in your macro. What does everyone really want? It’s an easy time to figure this out due to Mercury’s connection to Algiz, the god whisperer, and The Devil, the impulsive egoist.

VENUS: For Venus, I pulled The Star and Hagalaz. Again, a fascinating combination. The Star (card #17) is hope, the light, healing and escape after the collapse of the motherfucking tower (card #16). The Star is Aquarius, who is ruled by the circulatory system. It is the idea of connection at a mass level – the spider who weaves the threads between the stars. This is a great combination. It tells us that we are finally shedding the bullshit, letting the hail storm knock away all that isn’t fastened securely to the truth. Really, guys, this is good. Venus represents what we truly value. It’s time for that to be clear for us. Venus is giving us our speck of hope, and really there is nothing more perceptible in the sky than the wandering star Venus.

NEPTUNE: For Neptune, I pulled The Lovers and the blank rune (fate rune). Neptune rules over our temptations (thus the planet of alcoholism, YAY). She is all the things we cannot see that are creeping around in the other world, influencing us in some wyrd way. The blank rune sure shows that here, standing in for the idea of “fate” itself. There are going to be a lot of magical moments, strange things coming into fruition that we may be blindsided by. You see, Neptune represents that which is barely on our peripheral. She also represents the higher form of love. The lovers in position here tells me that higher connections are coming into manifestation in our lives.

JUPITER: For Jupiter, I pulled Justice and Inguz. So we have the rune of growth in the planet of growth. Hmmm. So what the hell are we growing? If Jupiter is the planet of joy and abundance, it looks like we are growing what we want through righteous action; aka Justice. Inguz rules subtle action, and Jupiter is being ruled by the Queen of Detail – Virgo. There is something waiting for you, a reward to reap, if you focus on the details. Once you find it, there will be an explosion of abundance available to you. Get your flashlights out, guys. This is a good time for workings involving money. Unfortunately, if you have been sowing bad karma along your path, get ready to eat shit.
SATURN: For Saturn, I pulled the The Hermit and Jera. So the Hermit is associated by the zodiac sign Virgo, and Jera represents the harvest, and Saturn has a big scythe he uses to reap. This is a dire warning for us. Saturn goes into retrograde on March 26, 3 days after the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra on the 23rd. When Saturn decides to cycle back through the field, he brings double karma along with him. I’m sorry to terrify you. Remember… the pendulum has begun to swing.

URANUS: For Uranus, I pulled the King of Cups and Gebo. The King of Cups is a highly creative individual with great emotional depth. He sits in the storm of Uranus, calm and composed, his emotions reigned in. This King is aware of the flashes of insight coming from Uranus – the powerful jolts in our day that rattle our very foundation. The important thing is that the King of Cups sees them and becomes aware of them. He then responds in a composed manner. The King of Cups is emotional understanding, and he has a healthy balance between his intellect and his emotions. Gebo is the divine balance. There is great ability for you to make inspired partnerships with the people around you. This is encouraged. Follow the flashes of lightening, and do so generously. Share your fire. There is a lot of reciprocation in this combination. The King of Cups is very giving and generous, and Gebo literally translates to the gift. Get ready for lots of gifts of insight as well.

PLUTO: For Pluto, I pulled the 7 of Pentacles and Berkano. What is with this card? It keeps fuckin’ showing up, left and right, and it’s beginning to make me very curious. The 7 of Pentacles is all about that moment when we decide to change. Something has finally been completed, and now it is time to choose our direction. Pluto is the planet of regeneration, and our lives are very much being pumped with new life blood as we speak. Thanks for the juice, Pluto, because we are really going to need it for all these fucking retrogrades about to beat us down. Berkano shows up for us, under the planet of legacy coupled with the 7 of Pents. This probably means it is an excellent time for money manifestation. You can truly have what you want, you just need to have the guts to change yourself in order to get it. Don’t just sit there. Either harvest what you have in front of you and make something of that, or take what you need and begin your new life. Decisions, decisions. You’re going to be forced to change, so it’s time to choose a route or smash face first into the median (sorry again, Libra).


Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Baptism

Originally Published on Heretical Oracles under the pen name Artemis.

“Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” – Anais Nin

This is it. The last chance you get to rest before the storm. That is, if you can call this a “rest.” It’s like your first time in yoga class when you realize down dog is considered the primary resting position. Honestly, what the hell, right? But how does that saying go… What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?  Have you trained like we warned you to?  Have you exercised your dreams and your capacity to ensure that you live out your true will? Have you grown comfortable with your failures and risen each time, regardless of your haggard state? Near future astrological events are about to fuck our shit up, fam. And if you don’t have faith in yourself and your abilities, I’m sorry to say, you are going to get clobbered by this grand cross coming our way in June. And yes, I know, Astrogeek! Eris is about to go conjunct Uranus [Astro- Spoilers, Morrigan!] and destroy life itself or something… I don’t know. The way he talks about it is honestly a little scary sometimes.

So, sorry, not sorry- I’ve got to tell it like it is. That’s why you read us, isn’t it? So here goes…. Cross your heart, pumpkin. This is your baptism.

 MOON- For the moon, I drew The Hangman and the rune Sowilo. This very spot is where we set our anchor. It is going to be very important – I repeat – very important for us to set a proper anchor right now. We are literally going to be sailing into new worlds after this Eclipse passes. We’ve reached the ocean. Be still. Dig deep into your heart; stop fucking LYING to yourself about what you want and what you will be okay living with. This next chapter of our lives is going to take brutal honesty, integrity to self, and heart crunching realism. The combination of The Hangman and Sowillo reminds me of being perfectly suspended between worlds. It’s watching as the the big ball of fire begins to descend (or ascend) on the horizon. It’s a stasis, a hushed silence in the air before the next cycle. This is our time to be still and listen. The moon places influence on us through her use of gravity; an invisible force. The answers you seek will be whispered from the shadows.  We are shrouded in celestial darkness; our head is going under the water. This eclipse and it’s shadow period will be sending us visions and the word that we so desperately seek. For any magic practitioners, this is a perfect evening for divination. The complete stillness this moon brings will allow you to dive very deeply into your subconscious.

Has there been some sort of portal jarred open or something? I swear, that window that I talked about being open the past full moon has now shred open the entire sky. We are gazing out into the endless sea of stars, and we see all of the dreams that we must miss because we have to clutch somewhere, somehow, to grab at least one of them as they race by.  We have a great many wandering stars in the sign of Pisces at the moment; the sun, the moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron are all transmitting Piscean magick into our realm. This is truly a trans-dimensional time. Temperance is the card I pulled for the Eclipse itself, and she is called “Art” in the Aleister Crowley deck. Crowley explained this card as the card of the Alchemist; to take parts and meld them together, forming something far greater through their summation. The rune I drew for the eclipse is Thurisaz; unconscious forces that are tilling our realm. This rune tells us to combine our abilities – both physical and mental – and use the aggregate of them as a force to take down whatever enemies come our way. Let’s not waste time. Make your final preparations and learn how to re-combine your talents, because once we leave here, we aren’t coming back.

SUN- For the sun, I drew Ace of Pentacles and the rune Berkano.  Aaah, more rooting. Fellow renegade punks, this is where we are going to be casting out together. Everyone else can wave their white handkerchiefs as we sail away (yes, because they gave up like losers and will have to wait until the stars align perfectly again before they can get off that god forsaken island). We are going to equipped ourselves with the best weapons in our arsenal and we are going to get ready to pioneer into a new cycle. New lands, new worlds, full steam ahead! And yesssss, Aries is next and will certainly help propel this adventure along like a rocket. We are at the top of the roller coaster. You know, that bone chilling moment of stasis before we corkscrew into a heart racing, violent scream-fest.
Hey, you can’t say I didn’t warn you….

SATURN- For Saturn, I pulled Death and the rune Hagalaz. Holla at my other diviners out there who trembled at that combination. Sorry for the minor heart attack. I know what ya’ll are thinking, “WHAT THE FUCK, ARTEMIS?! The fucking god of death with the tarot card of death and the rune of destruction?!” Well, I’m about to flip your world around. Yeah, there will be chaos. Yeah, there will be violent change that comes swooping in like a raven in the night, but we are fucking ready for this. Saturn teaches us that all things must die and thus all things must change. He is father time, he is death itself, and he is restriction. If something continues to grow without pruning, we call it cancer and we remove it. You can choose to remain where you are and get crushed by this 2016 year of the tower, or you can move and change. Yeah, I know, change and new journeys are fucking scary, but trust me, a giant tower of chaos falling on you and trapping you in your current state is far scarier.  It’s time for our pilgrimage.  And yes, there will be beasts along the path…

URANUS- For Uranus, I pulled The Lovers and the rune Nauthiz. That rumbling you hear in the distance? We are about to have some earth shattering changes come our way that will be very difficult to handle at first. The world is going to change into something unrecognizable, and we have to learn to meld with it in our own way. How are you going to choose to play your part in the revolution that is to come? It seems like this Nauthiz rune is in direct conversation with the Hagalaz rune I pulled for Saturn; rough times are ahead for all of us globally, and even when it looks like it couldn’t get any worse, it will. What we need to remember is what part we have chosen to play in all of this, how we have all been manifesting it’s existence as a collective, and that everything is going according to plan… War and struggle breed innovation, and Uranus looks ready to shake some shit up. Hmm, what has been tempting you? Could it, perhaps, be your destiny?  Those flashes of insight are surely coming from somewhere.

PLUTO-  For Pluto, I drew the Hierophant and the rune Hagalaz.  The legacy is being passed down to us.  It’s our turn to make the rules.  We are going to destroy the establishment that has been set before us, and we are going to bring the spring.  Traditions and old knowledge have their place, and they are very important for preparing us for where we are going next.  But they must now be changed.  We are building new traditions, for ourselves (in the micro) and for our communities (in the macro).  As above, so below.  The changes you are making in your life have influenced the world around you.  Everything is a domino effect.  Watch your environment after you make a move, because it’s not soon after that things start to shift.  You will be given new ideas/teachings/legacies passed down to you that will initiate great change in your life.  This is your baptism.  Don’t forget, we all chose this.

MERCURY- For Mercury, I pulled the Page of Swords and the rune Isa.  Uh oh.  It looks like we may have spoken something into existence and now have to go on with it.  It’s fine, just remember to keep silent about things that you really don’t want.  This is about your integrity.  With Mercury in Pisces, and the Page of Swords, we are literally manifesting brand fucking new worlds through our language.  Don’t freak out!  Stay still.  A look.  A glance.  A mumble.  The messages from the beyond are all there, and it seems that the influence of the god are weaving it’s way through our language.  Sneaky bastard.  If he can’t force us to do something, he make us think it was our idea.  It’s all good, because we love a challenge. Sing your sonata!  If you are an artist, this is the perfect time to channel some divinely inspired work.

NEPTUNE-  For Neptune, I pulled the 9 of Swords and the rune Thurisaz.  Eek, this is the messy part of the reading.  The world is a nightmare right now.  Yeah, things are fucking ugly.  Every time we think we have woken up from this nightmare, we realize we were asleep again.  We are like Bill Murray in Groundhog day, reliving the same nightmarish visions from the past night after night.  But hey, don’t give up.  Get comfortable in war.  Thurisaz is Thor’s hammer, and you have to make yourself at home in the eternal work.  The nightmare is an illusion, although a steady one that doesn’t seem to fucking budge.  You need to break it.  Take the hammer of the thunder god and smash up the fake shit with the might of your higher love.  The maya is persistent and will make you believe that every flash of insight you receive is a lie so that it can suck you right back in.  Start slicing, because you are trapped in the spider’s web.

VENUS-  For Venus, I drew The Fool and the rune Kenaz.  Oh yes.  This is hot fiery trysts energy.  We’re all ready for something new, whether it’s a new way of looking at the relationship we may already be in or a new adventure entirely.  We feel heated up and inspired in love.  There might be some wires crossed between love and lust right now, but hey, that can be fun, can’t it?  Use the energy.  It’s exhilarating, and Venus is giving us some power to get through this other shit going on around us.  Let her work her wyrd ways.  The goddess is up to something playfully mischievous.  And whatever it is, it will help light our way through these dark chambers.  Grab the torch she is offering.  The Fool card also comes with a warning:  Don’t play blind to the things that are going on around you.  Realize that you are the only thing holding yourself back from the leap of faith that is loving yourself and loving another.  Don’t let self doubt creep in and inspiration and illumination will be your rewards from the goddess. This is also a great time for starting new business ventures and initiating creative ideas.  The winds of Fortune are at our back.

MARS- For Mars, I drew the 7 of Pentacles and the rune Wunjo.  The god of war and sex is forcing us to make a choice and he is hoping we choose joy.  If we do, we will be rewarded with his blessing.  You are proud of your accomplishments, but you are restless.  This is not enough.  This isn’t what you DESIRED.  Don’t worry, the tools that got you here are not useless.  We just need to figure out a new way of using them.  For our next adventure, we have one more weapon given to us from the god of war; Sagittarian optimism.  There is no way we are going to get through the next few moon cycles without this weapon.  No matter how dire things get – no matter how hard the blows or how chaotic the fire gets – we will make it through alive.  Mars isn’t an intellectual.  He tells us to live through our physical body.  Don’t overthink the optimism.  Don’t get to the point where you obliterate it with your prodding questions and your endless scenarios.  Your mind fucking works for you.  You don’t work for it.